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Queens Democrat candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has ignited a firestorm of debate in the country.  The Left is promoting democratic socialism as the greatest benefit and freedom that people could enjoy.  They believe it has been successful in other countries in delivering prosperity to all the people by having government provide everything for them.  When the reality of where the rubber meets the road is examined, their gumdrop schemes and rainbow dreams go ‘poof’ in a flurry of fairy dust.

Voters for democratic socialism are oblivious to reality

Leftwing media Democrat fairy tales notwithstanding, liberals don’t have the first clue what government does, how business works, or what socialism has destroyed, let alone what other people would have to pay so they could have “free stuff.”  None of these liberals know from where all the money would come to provide them “free education,” “free healthcare,” “free housing,” “free food,” and “free income.”  One stupidly tried to answer the question saying, “Well, some of it should come from taxes, but the government should pay for it.”  Where does she think government gets money?  From the magical money tree behind the Capital building?

Some said the rich should provide it.  Really?  So, if you started your own business because you wanted to make a million dollars a year to provide better for your family, rather than the twenty thousand dollars you could have been paid working for someone else, you think the government should take that money and share it equally with fifty other families so that you all have the same?  Even if you are working eighty hours a week and none of them are bothering to get a job?  How is that fair?  This is why socialism is the ideology in which all the people live the same, not in prosperity, but in poverty.  The living examples of socialism is what liberals don’t want to think about, such as what happened in Venezuela, because they can’t face the reality of what socialism begets.  They must live in denial, so their fantasies can rule over good sense.

The fact is that most Democrats are completely ignorant, which is why America was founded as a republic.  The problem is that the Left corrupts everything, and they managed to corrupt the electoral system to make it more democratic.  The problem with democracies is that they all fail because people are easily corrupted to vote for benefits for themselves through legalizing theft, so government can steal from those who work.  When their system finally fails and falls apart is when leftist elites seize power and control to make everyone obey the law so that no one is taken advantage of or can take advantage of others.  While this sounds as reasonable as the Right’s demands that laws be obeyed there is a profound difference.  The Right leads by example, while the Left dictates by force.

Socialism promises everyone equal outcomes regardless of how much effort they put into working.  Capitalism guarantees everyone equal opportunity and allows you to prosper from your efforts.  Liberals believe people become rich by stealing from others or winning life’s lottery.  They believe those who create businesses profit by stealing from their customers and they got the money to create their business by taking from taxpayers.  They are so confused and oblivious of how business, government, and taxes actually work it is no wonder they have such infantile and erroneous beliefs.  They believe what they have been told by leftwing socialists and have not spent any time learning for themselves.

The voting system in America needs to revert to what it was designed to be under the Constitution.  Only taxpayers should be voting how government operates in spending their money.  People who do not contribute to the nation should not profit as parasites by taking from those who work to earn their own money.  Being welfare voter slaves only inspires them to ask the government to steal more for them.  The party of greed and envy is what is tearing down America, and they resent President Trump rebuilding the economy so that Americans can prosper by their own hands once more.  Democrats need a dependent class of ignorant voters, which is why they are flooding the nation with illegal invaders to take away the rights of America citizens.  Without a collapse how can they seize power?

They appeal to the ignorant by calling the righteous racists, thieves, and sex offenders, so the oblivious lemmings follow them into fascism believing the lie that they are the ones fighting evil.  You would that after five years of watching BLM riots, police assassination, and Antifa assaults, combined with the likes of Democrats like Maxine Waters and Corey Booker calling for their followers to conduct assaults on Republicans in public, that they would realize they are the fascist thugs in America.  It’s not like there isn’t a century of history of socialism that killed two hundred million people and enslaved three billion more.  The most dangerous group in America are the vacuous fools who follow lying Democrats down the road to Hell and they should not be voting for the rest of us.

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