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While on vacation in Cloudcroft I was amazed at how many fallen trees littered the beautiful mountainsides. I asked a local why? They said logging was illegal now so fallen trees just accumulate, making a mess. I thought of all the books that had gone unmade, leaving poor children illiterate and unable to advance in a modern world, all the rockers that never got to hold our precious senior citizens on their front porch, all the homes that were never built for the homeless, all the toothpicks that never picked teeth,  all the ships that were never built to bring food around the world.

Then I thought who is responsible for this wasteful practice, akin to leaving your food out on the table and waiting for the flies and bacteria to clean your dishes, and tree hugging liberals came to mind.  So, using liberal reasoning one can deduce that liberals hate education, hate children and keep them ignorant, hate senior citizens and would leave them crouched on the floor, hate providing shelter for the homeless, wish us all poor dental health and want the world to starve.

Now most liberals would cry foul here but this is the exact line of reasoning they use to attack responsible, mature individuals who disagree with their fallacious logic. Disagree with Obama and you are a racist, want to keep your preschool girl from seeing a man pee and you are prejudiced. Disagree with global warming and you want dirty air and squalid water. Point out that natural gas is cleaner than batteries and you are just stupid and support evil big oil. Point out that every major world religion declares that homosexual activity is a perversion, and you are a homophobe.

Will we ever be able to just discuss the issues with our liberal brethren and come up with real, common sense solutions? I just can’t help but think that two reasonably intelligent people, given a clean slate and no previous bias, should be able to recognize these ridiculous arguments and move past them.

But maybe that is just unreasonable thinking.

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