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Lots of Liberal media outlets believed Hillary would win, and tried to influence the election by making their readers believe Trump had no chance. But two of them went way too far. The New Yorker had its edition (with the cover photo of Trump with the word LOSER across his face) on the streets before the polls closed. Newsweek shipped an edition with Hillary’s photo and the words “Madam President” days before the election because they were so sure “their” candidate would win. Trump’s election humiliated these biased organizations.

This was reminiscent of the famous Truman-Dewey presidential contest. In the photo below Truman, the winner, is shown jubilant as he holds up the Chicago Tribune headline reading, “Dewey Defeats Truman”.

92% of all the people who decide what news you get to see are registered to vote as Democrats or Socialists. 96% of the political donations from these same people go to Liberal candidates or causes. Is it any wonder that the news is so biased, and that they came close to getting a despised loser who was under criminal investigation elected? They protected her, hid the allegations of corruption, and trashed Trump throughout the campaign.

American patriots need to make the media fairly report the news. How can we do that? We can vote with our pocketbooks. Stop subscribing to or buying unfair Liberal publications, and stop watching their channels on TV. Even when you view their free websites you are supporting them, because advertisers pay them based on the number of visitors. I stopped my subscription to the Palm Beach Post over 20 years ago because of the unapologetic Liberal bias.

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