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“You don’t sh*t where you eat.”

Brainwashing is conducted through media by bits and pieces.  TV, movies, music, and media cut into the American psyche through innuendo, implication, and insinuation warping the thinking of young adults.  False premises lead to false conclusions.  Subliminal messages twist the facts and corrupt righteous thought.  Most TV shows, movies, and music tell people not to trust Republicans, conservatives, or Christians, but that socialists and Islamists are good.

This is how petty and violent are liberal Democrats

Liberals say Trump is too emotionally unstable to have control of nuclear weapons, which is what they said about Reagan who went on to win the Cold War without firing a shot!  But the Democrats happily gave nukes to Iran, the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, in addition to arming and funding the Muslim Brotherhood that is the founder of ISIS.  That liberals believe Reagan was bad and Obama is good is a testament to the power of propaganda and the poor education of America’s youth via the leftist campaign of misinformation.

A deceiver of the caliber of Obama, who has convinced millions of people that a sh*t sandwich is the new steak, has proven that some people can be fooled all the time.  Electing a man that is no more qualified to be leader of the free world than a monkey is to be ringmaster at Wringling Bros., or a raw recruit to be General of the Army, is the pinnacle of irrationality.  That he is a Moslem to boot making him Commander-in-Chief of the army of freedom while America is in open war with Islam is the ultimate in cowardice.

Leftists deceiving people by declaring that Obama is not a Moslem just because he says so does not fly with those who pay attention to reality.  Just because a person says they are honest does not make it so, which is why you have to pay attention to their past and present actions.  Donald Trump is the same man now that he has been for the past forty years he has been on the national stage, and Hillary Clinton is the same woman she has been for the same period.  Trump has always been a go-getter, an entertainer, a philanderer, and an honest man, while Hillary has always been a shady dealer, a backstabber, a greedy swindler, and a liar.  Leftwing smears of Trump over the past weeks pale beside the actuality of Hillary’s lifetime of corruption.

Democrats are the party of hate, self-hate as well as hatred for others.  They call Republicans haters for wanting people to obey the law, which is not surprising since most lawbreakers are liberal Democrats.  America is not a nation of immigrants, but a nation of citizens.  White privilege is an invention of the Left to instill guilt on people over sins that they have not committed.  No one alive today has ever owned a slave and no one alive today has ever been a slave, yet they label all white people that are not Democrats supremacist oppressors of blacks.  Blacks today have the same rights as white people, but black culture has been so corrupted by leftwing liberal Democrats that their families have disintegrated and their children encouraged to turn to crime.  If there is any white guilt it belongs 100% to Democrats who started out enslaving Africans, spent a hundred years oppressing free blacks, and the last fifty years corrupting them.

Bigotry is born and raised on the Left in their anti-American and anti-Christian ideology and contempt for all things righteous.  Obama and Hillary have committed numerous crimes and betrayals of the American people.  It is time for these two who have done so much damage to America to pay the piper.  They try to dissociate themselves from their crimes, but they cannot.  The leftwing media may provide cover for them, but the free speech of the Internet shines the light on their deceptions.  Republicans who worked with Democrats over the last eight years did no good works for the people who elected them to stop the leftist sabotage of our nation.  That is why a Donald Trump rose to the need of the nation and calls on Americans to drain the swamp of corruption that D.C. has become.

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