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This last week we experienced another result of the liberal insanity that has been forced upon America for the last fifty years.  The hard-left dingbats, there is no other term that they can nicely be referred to as, started screaming before the day was over that the NRA and anyone who supports them have blood on their hands because of the most recent school shooting.  Of coarse they said that about the last several shootings even though none of the shooters have been members of the NRA, possessed their guns legally and, in my opinion, the biggest factor of all, they were Democrats as virtually all mass shooters have been over the last fifty years.

Please don’t get me wrong, this incident in Florida is a tragic example of the failed ideals of the left.  The left is doing what the lefts ALWAYS does, blame conservatives of what they themselves are doing. This was a tactic of Hitler in the 1930’s.  I can remember back to the assassination of JFK and the calls for gun control, gun bans and other acts that violate our constitutional rights.  I saw a meme the other day with Morgan Freeman that stated, “In Africa a man kills a lion and a person is blamed for the killing but in America when a man kills another man, the gun is blamed”.  I have no idea if he said that but it is a common sense statement the left refuses to address.  There is really only one reason the left wants guns banned and it is NOT for the ‘safety of children’ as they are famous for saying.  It’s because they can’t control an armed populace.  If the ‘safety of children’ was really their concern they would oppose abortions and they would demand that school teachers be armed.  Think about that for a minute.

When I was in school students used to have gun racks in their trucks with guns in them.  There was never a school shooting in those days.  Even in the 1970’s students would carry their guns in their cars when they went to school.  In Delaware in 1973 there was a threat of a shooting, so teachers and students retrieved their guns from their cars and guarded the school entrances. A Student and Teacher Guarding The High School In My Hometown In 1973. There Was A Shooting Threat Called In The Morning. Students and Teachers Alike Pulled Their Shotguns From Their Trunks To Guard The Doors Between Classes. 1

Only a fool blames the gun or even the access to the gun as the problem, which is why it is usually only a Democrat complains.  Being fools is their nature.  If the gun and the access to the gun was the problem, then there would have been school shootings going all the way back to the founding of America.  It has only become a problem since the liberal ideology has become predominate within our schools and our society. As history plainly proves, that ideology is a complete failure for not just society in general but individuals as virtually all mass shooting can attest.

The hysteria that surrounds these tragic events sometimes become nauseating.  I was indirectly involved in the Columbine tragedy.  I had a nephew in the library when Harris and Klebold entered.  The boys that were sitting on each side of my nephew were shot.  One of the first victims killed lived two houses away from me. There were 12 students killed and one teacher.  I’m sorry but some of those lost, the teacher specifically, would not have died had the police done what they were supposed to do, protect and serve.  For far too long they stayed outside the school allowing the carnage to continue and the teacher to bleed to death.  There was a video control room in the front of the school that they could have used for a command center, send several officers into the school to take down the suspects and give needed medical are to the wounded.  That is a failure of the system. Pain and simple.  Because there is such a disregard for life in the Democrat Party, abortion at any time for any reason, that disregard for life has filtered into all of society.

As we have seen since the 2016 election, the left has no regard for persons or property when they don’t get their way.  Keep in mind that back in the 1980’s they began to give out ‘participation trophy’s’ because when there is a winner, there is also a loser and they didn’t want to hurt someone’s self-esteem.  God forbid that someone would be better than another or that one must apply one’s self to become successful.  Schools have failed miserably in preparing students for the real world.  We can’t spank a child anymore and now we have classrooms full of spoiled brats. God made the gluteus maximus for a reason, to teach discipline to a child.  The left is so stupid they think that spanking a child is child abuse when not disciplining a child at all is the real child abuse.

Children that grow up not learning respect for others end up confused and frustrated when their ideas and demands aren’t met.  Now days students have to have ‘safe places’ because someone voiced a different opinion.  That is insanity on steroids!  Our colleges and universities used to be places where different ideas were discussed, and the pros and cons of those ideas were weighed for the benefit or detriment of society.  Today’s places of so-called higher education only teach students what to think not how to think.  That type of indoctrination only benefits the liberal left elite, not the common citizen.

The left believes that if they don’t like guns, all guns should be banned.  Conservatives believe that if you don’t like guns, don’t buy one. This is a philosophy the left can’t or won’t wrap their head around.  Our free society has some drawbacks but the benefits to society of that freedom more than out weights the downside.  President Reagan was shot but never entertained the thought of banning guns.  James Brady, Reagans press secretary, who was also shot, however, spent the rest of his life campaigning for less gun violence but their approach was to restrict an American citizens right to own and carry a gun.

Is there too much gun violence?  Yes!  Is banning guns from the American citizen the answer? No!  That approach exacerbates the problem.  Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country, yet they are also the murder capital of the United States.  If gun control laws worked, they would have the least per capita murders.  The national average for murders (no source given for cause of murder, i.e. gun, knife, club) is 5.3 per 100k.  The states that allow conceal carry are the lowest, Connecticut- 2.2, Colorado – 3.7, Wyoming – 3.4 but the states with the strictest gun laws are typically the highest: Illinois – 8.2, Maryland – 8.0.  2

People who think arming teachers is insanity are obviously wrong.  Most mass shooters chose a place where they know they won’t be shot back at.  That’s why Chicago is so dangerous, people who obey the law won’t have a gun.  Criminals ignore gun laws as well as most other laws.  This is another fact that the far left simply ignores. Understanding the mindset of a criminal is 90% common sense, an attribute the left does not possess.  If the coach at the Florida school had had a gun, he might have been able to stop the shooter instead of stopping several bullets from hitting students.  I’m no fan of Ted Cruz but he did make a statement about the Florida shooting that the left really isn’t excited about.  He stated:  “If you’ve got a bevy of armed security officers protecting you, maybe you shouldn’t be trying to strip Second Amendment rights from the law-abiding citizens.”  Senator Richard Blumenthal, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chelsea Handler, Barack Obama are just a few of those cowardly losers that hide behind armed security while telling you that you don’t have the right to defend yourself and your family.

We will either keep our constitutional rights or we will give them up to the elite who demand them for themselves but deny you those same rights.  Remember that in November.

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