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It isn’t fear-mongering when they are actually striving to destroy you.  Leftists of the world, from United States democratic socialists to leftist liberal fascists, to South American Latino-communists, to Middle Eastern Islamo-Nazis, all are uniting to subdue Europe and destroy Christian capitalist America.  Democrats are subverting the republic by giving the vote to felons and foreigners to take away the rights of American citizens.  If all the methods of their voter fraud to remake America into a corrupt democracy were exposed, whereby they could make themselves hereditary rulers, then Democrats would find themselves in a permanent minority.

Democrats fight against voter ID laws for one simple reason – it would nullify their ability to commit voter fraud.  They cry voter suppression at the idea of voter ID being established, but what other way is there to keep people from voting multiple times through fraudulent ballots and using the names of other people?  Democrats allow felons and non-citizens to vote as well.  How is this righteous?  They can pass laws in their own states allowing this, but they are in violation of federal law that governs all states.  They are stealing from other states.  An ID with biometrics of picture and thumbprint matched with their physical ballot, not computer records, would put an end to their frauds.  They would be forced to forge IDs which would make them liable to prosecution much more readily than the case can be made today.

When Democrat-controlled precincts regularly report more ballots than registered voters, there is no doubt that the Founders were extremely wise in establishing the Electoral College for the presidency to combat ballot box stuffing.  But that doesn’t apply to congressional elections where Democrat’s voter fraud overthrew Republicans in almost all districts in blue states.  Citizen’s votes were nullified by illegal aliens, criminals, and voter fraud all sanctioned by Democrat governors and legislatures.  States like California, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois all had their Republican districts disappear this last election due to their massive voter fraud.  They would have their media say that it is because Republicans are disgraced and disgusted with Trump.  But we know that to be a lie as Trump is the only president in thirty years who not only do what he says but is fighting against the Washington swamp rats to make America better for the taxpayer rather than the tax parasites.

In addition, Democrats fight for open borders with the Latino-communist countries of the south and import Moslems from the Middle East as “refugees,” all from wars that the Democrats under Obama fostered.  New York is suffering heavily from Moslems who take to the streets to “pray to Allah” blocking traffic around their mosques.  This deliberate disruption of the city is meant to incite the people to respond in anger, and when they do then Moslems cry that they are the victims of persecution and justify waging war on the infidels.  People who have studied and understand Islam recognize that this is Muhammadism in practice and how the Prophet began his war on Mecca.  This Grand Jihad, as explained by Andrew McCarthy, continues around the world to this day as the means by which Moslems subvert a region and take control through thuggery, terrorism, and judicial overthrow until they become the governing tyrants.

The “Communist Manifesto,” “Mein Kampf,” and “Rules for Radicals” were all based on the teachings of Muhammad on how to subvert and overthrow governments.  The lies of the left about Islam are easily exposed to a mere cursory examination of simple facts:

  • If Islam is so tolerant, then why are there so few churches in the Middle East and why do they have laws saying they cannot be rebuilt if destroyed?
  • If Islam is so peaceful, then why is the Middle East the most violent region in the world rife with terrorism, genocides, and honor killings?
  • If Islam is so advanced, then why is their region a third world rather than the most advanced civilization like America and Europe?
  • If Islam is so enlightened, then why are they invading Europe to colonize them through oppression and terror attacks?

Muhammad’s commandment to his fanatic death cult was, “Make the world Islam.”  As the word Islam translates into “submit,” that means Muhammad was calling on his people to wage war on the infidel until they make the world submit to his god or die.  Despite the extreme lack of understanding of atheists who believe Islam is descended from Abraham just as Judaism and Christianity, Islam is the opposite of Christianity.  Leftists have always condemned Jews who did not become Christians by conveniently forgetting that Jesus is a Jew.  Muhammad spat on the Covenant of Jesus and turned away from the Prince of Peace to become a warmonger of revenge.  It takes the justice of Avengers to stand against the crimes against humanity committed by dedicated Islamists.

It is because of liberal-fascism in America today that promotes propaganda, such as making word searches that equate Republican with Nazi and racist, that is the cause of America’s decline.  Lying Democrats and their lying RINO allies have made America corrupt.  This last election cleaned out the leftists in the Republican Party to reveal the true nature of the left’s power base.  Americans have been twisted by leftist ideology for decades resulting in the leftward slant of Congress.  That reality has been exposed and action needs to be taken to reverse America’s progress down the road to hell.

Republicans have been having trouble passing the American agenda to lower taxes, build the wall, strengthen the military, and get our foreign affairs in order.  The reason has been RINO leftists who work with Democrats.  Democrats will soon take control of the House and the old guard of global elites are going to have to contend with their new breed of socialist militants.  Democrats want America to be under their control, but the truly radical leftists want America destroyed.  Latino-communists would make America a third world toilet like their own countries, while Islamo-Nazis would make America a third world hellhole like the Middle East.  Trying to unwind Congress when Democrat voter fraud controls so many states and cities in the nation is a monumental task.

The border wall fight between Trump with Schumer and Pelosi and Ryan can never be resolved by negotiation.  Leftists will not build the wall unless Trump yields to them absolute power.  An adult negotiates, but when faced with a greedy, power-hungry opposition, he knows when to walk away and put the screws to them.  Children want to control and will use any means by which to take it including extortion by throwing tantrums and lying like Schumer and Pelosi who don’t negotiate unless they can profit from it.  They want control over America’s treasury and their idea of “negotiating” with Trump is to give him a fence in exchange for a trillion dollars in their pockets along with ten million illegal votes.

In refusing to submit to their extortion, Trump proves himself to be the adult concerned with border security protecting the people.  Democrats prove themselves to be greedy thugs more concerned with fattening their own bank accounts.  That’s why American patriots elected Trump, and that’s why Democrats hold Americans in such contempt.  That’s also why they can put a pathological liar like Michael Cohen in front of TV cameras saying he is now telling the truth when Mueller is holding a jail sentence over his head.  The man who said he would take a bullet for Trump was very quick to turn state’s evidence in Mueller’s fraudulent investigation.

The Righteous Prosecute, Leftists Persecute

Leftist pollsters try to say Trump’s approval rating is low with Republicans, but that’s only because he’s not stopping and prosecuting Mueller, Obama, and Hillary.  His approval will never rise with Democrats who are inflicted with Trump hate in the media 24/7/365.  Democrats say voter fraud is not possible when they are caught, and in the same breath say that their fictional Russian hacking of the election actually occurred.  They slander voter ID as voter suppression because they know that it would stop them from getting away with their fraudulent voting and they would become a permanent minority of criminals and America haters.  Such people should never be allowed to be in power.  Democrats have stepped up their efforts to disarm citizens in the face of gangs, violent leftwing protesters, illegal alien criminals, and terrorists, so they can establish their tyrannical socialist dictatorship.  It is an unfortunate fact of life that the left throughout history always corrupts was is good and decent in the world because Satan cannot abide a Christian heart in his domain.

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