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“People Who Think Corruption Started on Jan. 20, 2017 Are Fooling Themselves.”

Comedian and Podcast host Joe Rogan is a passionate libertarian and he hates the left and their ideas. However, he’s no fan of most Republicans either, and he recently had a liberal friend (and another podcast host) on his show to talk about the state of politics today.

You’d think, with a liberal and a libertarian on the show that the GOP would be the targets of their ire… but you’d be wrong.

Instead, Rogan and his guest, Jimmy Dore, spent their time railing against the obvious corruption and criminality that flows out of the Democrat Party.

It’s a glorious take down of the leftwing bad guys.

Jimmy Dore: Barack Obama’s entire cabinet came from an email from CitiGroup, so people trying to say that somehow corruption started on Jan. 20, 2017 are fooling themselves. And that is what I am fighting against on my show.

Joe Rogan: And you’re one of the only people who are doing that, one of the only people who are online that you’re not obligated to shill for the left, you’re not doing it. But everybody else seems to be… There are so few that are calling out people in the Democratic Party for what is really going on. I was infuriated when people that I knew, that I am friends with, try to tell me that Hillary Clinton was a good choice, that she is the sane choice. Look, I don’t know if she’s murdered people, but I know that I’m worried she’s murdered people. That’s a real concern. This Seth Rich shit?

Jimmy Dore: You don’t even have to go there. There are so many other things that we know for a fact.

Joe Rogan: The Clinton Foundation, for instance.

Jimmy Dore: I’m old enough to remember the Iraq War, when voting for the Iraq War was a disqualifier in a Democratic primary. That’s where I’m from. That’s why she lost to Barack Obama the first time she ran. Now Joy Behar says that was a long time ago, forget about it. Why don’t you go tell that to a soldier’s mother. Why don’t you go tell that to someone whose kid died in an illegal war. Why don’t you go tell that to a couple hundred thousand Iraqis who are dead. Get over it, it was a long time ago!

I remember also: Bill Clinton was no friend to the working man. He started the demise of this country. Ronald Reagan scared the shit out of the Democrats so much that they decided to become like them. What Bill Clinton did was get in bed with Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, big pharma, and the Koch brothers. He started a thing called the Democratic Leadership Council with Al Gore. They had the Koch brothers on the Democratic Leadership Council.

They completely turned their backs on the working man. And what happens when you have two parties who are in bed with management? You get Donald Trump. That’s exactly what happened, they gutted welfare at the same time they exploded the prison population, called black kids superpredators, at the same time they signed NAFTA. And then they deregulated Wall Street, which crashed the economy within ten years. That’s what Democrats did. Democrats did shit Ronald Reagan could only dream about. George Bush couldn’t pass NAFTA, it took Bill Clinton to do it. Bill Clinton gave the cover to the corporate Democrats to go along with it. So that was the beginning of the end for the working class in America.

I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, and that is why a lot of people on the left came after me.

Joe Rogan: It was confusing to me that you were saying, ‘If you want to vote for a real progressive, what about Jill Stein?’

Jimmy Dore: Here’s a program you actually agree with: The Green New Deal…

So we all know for a fact because of the WikiLeaks that Hillary Clinton had a thing called the Pied Piper Strategy, which was she told her minions in the press, please prop up Donald Trump. Why did she want Donald Trump to be propped up? She wanted to run against Donald Trump, because she knew she was so repulsive that she needed someone who was more repulsive than her. Turns out that was a bad calculation. It was called the Pied Piper Strategy, and that’s why when you turned on [MSNBC’s] Chris Hayes, he was showing Donald Trump’s empty podium for an hour instead of Bernie Sanders, and then he wags his fingers at people with no money and no power for not voting for a corporatist warmonger like Hillary Clinton.

Why do you think the people in Michigan wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton? maybe because she put half of them in prison, because she passed NAFTA, and Barack Obama was trying to sell TPP at the top of his lungs at the same time Hillary Clinton was trying to get working people to vote for her. They knew what was going on.

That’s why half the country doesn’t vote. But you’re going to wag your finger at the people who actually do vote, who come out and vote their conscience, and they don’t prop up evil. You know what voting for the lesser of two evils gets you? Donald f*cking Trump…

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