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Well, if nothing else around us has been happening too well lately, we can all be comfortable in our belief that Liberalism truly is a terrible disease.  That belief is now factual.  We’re witnessing the most idiotic display of lunacy in our entire lives in the United States.

Every single day I wake up to see/read another outlandish example of anti-American rhetoric and actions that turn my stomach.  Even more outlandish is that an awful lot of it is coming from those we actually thought were educated people working in our Government.  It’s gone beyond crazy and entered the realm of lunacy and it’s frightening.

Some of the talk and opinions out there are downright crazy!!  A member of Congress actually wants to impeach the President for using a “vulgar word”?   Okay…maybe not the nicest choice of words (although I thought it quite appropriate for what he was addressing) but how does this rise to the level of impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors?  Damn…he should have lived in the 20’s and 30’s when they REALLY used some choice language.  And what about those Democrat politicians disrespecting our Flag and Country by “kneeling in protest” on the floor of Congress?  Shouldn’t that be impeachable?  At the least…shouldn’t that be a misdemeanor?

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Before I leave that subject regarding Trump’s comment…let me say this.  He was addressing a group of supporters and asked them… “Wouldn’t you like to see an Owner say, get that SOB off the field and fire him?”.  Well by God, YES!  I’d love to see that!!

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Now, one more comment on that.  Whoever the President of the United States of America might be…I would expect that he/she would be the FIRST and LOUDEST person to comment on people disrespecting our Flag and National Anthem.

Our Flag and National Anthem have nothing to do with racial issues and past color oppression.  Those symbols are in reference and honor of all the men and women that sacrificed their lives so that we could live in a free country.  I would EXPECT my President to call out those who disrespect those symbols!

Back to the sheer Lunacy of the Liberals.

Where do I start?  I guess more importantly, where and when will it end?

I’ve lived on this planet for many years and all of it in the United States of America.  But today…I question this is that U.S.A.  This is not the United States I grew up in, went to school in, got my first job, got an education where they actually taught us facts, and found a career.

Today we are witnessing things that I as a youngster only saw happen in uncivilized regions of the world.  The lawlessness is out of control.  And an awful lot of that lawlessness is coming from people responsible for setting those laws and enforcing them!!  The reasons behind this lawlessness are very convoluted.  They’re in direct opposition to what Liberals always preached…which was “tolerance”!

The tolerant liberals were shocked at losing an election.  And for all of us in this country it was the BEST thing that could have happened.  Not just that Mr. Trump won…but for millions of the “duped citizens” to finally see exactly what their “holier-than-thou” Leftists were really like and that most all true America loving people stood up and said, enough is enough.  The Left’s lunacy is now on full display!

There IS no tolerance in the Leftist DNA.  It was simply their word-choice and mantra they utilized to berate those of us that voiced our opinion against their radical and moral changing agenda.  So, they called us names and tried to shame us to keep us silent.

For the past 8-9 years we’ve been inundated with “accepting” things that are not normal, are not moral, are dangerous and certainly not American.  But if any of us America-loving individuals spoke up…we were criticized, made fun of, suppressed, called every name in the book and eventually considered “phobic” about anything and everything.  Not to mention that we are deplorable!  And all because we wanted our politicians to “follow and enforce the laws of the land”.

Now to be honest, many of us during the reign of Obama also called for impeachment.  But our calls were in reference to the Laws of this Country he ignored, subverted and/or broke.  It wasn’t just because he was Democrat or his policies sucked.  We also saw him attack certain fundamental rights regarding our freedom of religion.  His rhetoric was inflammatory regarding institutions and law and order.  One of his first statements early on in his Presidency started setting race relations back, by saying “the police acted stupidly” when they arrested a black man that was observed by neighbors trying to break into a home.

That black man was a friend of Obama’s.  The police only knew that calls came in and they responded.  The man was inebriated, got belligerent, had no ID on him, and eventually the police took him in.  Pretty much standard operating procedure and would have happened to any of us.  But Obama wasted no time in berating our law enforcement and immediately calling this a racial profiling case on live TV.  And off we go into racial discord!  This also brought us the famous “Beer Summit” where Obama was simply covering his ass and trying to look cool.  He “stepped in it” and was simply trying to wash his shoes.  What a farce!!

The next time he showed racism he was defending a drug using, prior arrested juvenile, and again was on TV making statements that “Trayvon could be his son”.  More racial rhetoric for all to see that had nothing to do with white racism!

And then came Michael Brown.  We all know that story.  It caused riots and millions of dollars in ruined businesses and personal property and was the beginning of “Black Lives Matter”.  This “kid” had a prior arrest record, was large bodied, stole from a store, roughed up the clerk, aggressively attacked a policeman in the policeman’s car, grabbed the policeman’s gun, fired it and injured the policeman, then slugged him and damaged his eye socket, and after all that was done he came charging back AGAIN towards the policeman to finish his violence, and ultimately was shot.  Not ONCE did this thug “raise his hands”.  However…the whole country of racists immediately called it racial discrimination and murder of an innocent child.  And Obama did nothing to stop it.

My God…policemen are human and fear for their lives too!  Defending themselves is not racist.  And then our wonderful people of Ferguson, MO decided to start burning, looting and destroying everything in sight…and Mr. Holder of the DOJ did nothing to stop it.

Well, we all know what happened after that.  Black looting crimes were now “tolerated” by the President and Mr. Holder of the Department of Justice and our vastly improved race relations over the years went down the proverbial toilet and the violence has continued in many cities across our country.

Police were on edge and fearful.  Many of them were ambushed and attacked and shot in the streets.  The scene in Dallas during a BLM event was extremely frightening and murderous for Law Enforcement and was a disgrace to our country.  And as a side note…I never heard Obama chastise blacks for what they did.  But by God, the Left went “all out nuts” on Trump for not blaming whites for what happened in Charlottesville.  Hypocrisy anyone??

The rhetoric of the Left and the lawlessness and lunacy ramped up every day for years after that.  We continued to see “non-tolerant” Leftists berate us for not being tolerant as they rammed homosexuality down our throats, changed the definition of traditional marriage, forced religious organizations to go against their beliefs, forced us to tolerate males in female restrooms, support abortion upon demand, punish a 5-year old boy for calling his friend a “he” the next day after the boys’ parents let him think he was a “she”, and the list goes on.  It’s LUNACY!!

And let me say this…racial discourse is not all I’m trying to address here.  When Congressman Scalise was shot…there were white politicians who made despicable comments about his near death…and the shooter was white.  But racial disharmony is top of mind because of the recent antics by those in the NFL with disrespecting America and have once again created a huge chasm of divide the past months.

I for one, am sickened to have to go backwards 60+ years in race relations.  We had made a lot of progress from being color oriented over the years.  For God’s sakes…we elected a black President and with only 15-20% (maybe less) of the population being black…that means a hell of a lot of white people voted for him.  That would NOT have happened in the 50’s folks!!

This is about the Left’s Lunacy on most everything lawful, moral and traditional regarding our country and the divide they are creating and the tactics they employ to split us further.  For God’s sake…our First Lady boards Air Force One wearing high-heels and the Media goes flipping bonkers.  Do these idiots even realize how crazy they sound?  It is NUTS!!

I have many Democratic friends.  We agree to disagree and we are friends.  They are horrified by the statements and actions of those who claim to be Democrats today.  Their tinted glasses have come off and they are witnessing the truly despicable actions/rhetoric of people that have stolen their Party.  Even to them, they see the horrible takeover by these lunatics and the destruction they are causing.  Based on what they’ve seen and have recently told me…many of those friends would NOT have voted Democratic in the 2016 election if they had it to do over.

And this is the ONLY good thing coming from all this violence and horrible display of what I would call Anti-American activities and words!!  Our “non-radical” Democrats are witnessing the total lunacy of their Party and want nothing to do with it.  Only the Media and Fruitcakes without a brain of their own are sticking with the Liberal Democrats.  This is good news for us Patriots!

Nothing the Democrats have thrown at the President and we loyal Americans is sticking.  False narrative, extremely biased Media, crazy acting Dem Politicians (Clinton, Waters, Pelosi, Schumer and many others, including Rinos), Hollywood jerks, anti-everything groups, statue destroyers, all the death threats and depictions of murdering our President, those disrespecting our Flag and Anthem, all the recent “coming-to-light” lawlessness and activities of the DNC with Wasserman-Schultz and others within the Democratic party are on full display.  They are killing themselves with vitriol, lawlessness, and lunacy and America is witnessing all of it.

Take heart my fellow Americans.  Their lunacy is destroying their mission to control everything.  Not only are we true America-Loving people more resolved than ever…those that previously were not on our side are witnessing the horrific lunacy and behavior of their Party and are starting to see the light!  All we have to do is keep vigilant, keep our eyes and ears open, speak the truth when the opportunity arises, defend ourselves with facts, point out their hypocrisy and lawlessness, and Pray!

The Left’s Lunacy is being witnessed by ALL of America…and it will be their downfall!!

May God Bless America!

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Old Woolfy

Old Woolfy was born in Southern California and lived up and down the West Coast States and multiple States in the Midwest. He was a Marketing Director and Business Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies. He has one Daughter and three precious Grandchildren and is currently not married. He is a true "Conservative" who votes primarily Republican but will vote independently when a Rino is on the ticket.due to many GOP's abandonment of conservative core principals. Old Woolfy has authored numerous "Career Training Curriculum's", Corporate Training Manuals, White Papers, Resumes, Cover Letters, Short Stories, and Poetry.


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