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In a nefarious plot to destroy America, “Educators” developed “Whole Language” teaching.

Why this is wrong:  In this world, in order to learn things and understand people one must communicate meanings.  This is done by using words.

If Joe, communicating to Bill, and receiving communication from Bill, is NOT using words with an agreed-upon and understood exact same meaning, then each will not know exactly what the other means.  Therefore it is wise to know what the words mean in order to know what the other is saying.  But if Joe and Bill have different meanings for the words they use, then it is impossible to duplicate and understand for each to the other.  There is a way to overcome this.  Both Joe and Bill look up the words in a dictionary, and then know what each other means.

Whole Language teaches that Joe and Bill each avoid the dictionary and make up their own meaning for each word.

Try to communicate or read on that basis!

No wonder Joe misunderstands and grows to dislike Bill, and vice versa, and both are illiterate!  [I can explain more about this, but look up the words first, if you are confused.]

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