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This is how leftists take a piece of a statement out of context to create their Big Lies.  They did it to George Zimmerman using creative editing to make him out to be a racist, and they are doing it to President Trump on a daily basis.  Lifting MS-13 as their Dreamers suffering under Trump isn’t even like praising Hitler’s SS.  Even Islamic jihadis are not the inhuman filth these animals are.  But that didn’t stop top Democrats from saying Trump was speaking of his grandmother.

“President Trump says all immigrants are animals just like Hitler spoke of Jews.” – Fake News Democrat Media

Laura Ingraham on leftist media propaganda fake news smears of Trump

It doesn’t take two seconds to realize that anyone who knows anything about President Trump that this statement is patently false on its face.  It doesn’t take two minutes to find the actual statement President Trump made and realize this statement was deliberately taken out of context to smear Trump as a bigot of the Hitler variety.  Hitler belongs to the LEFT!  But that didn’t stop the entire liberal media from spending the entire day telling all of their lemmings, who watch their fake news believing everything they are told without question, the lie they wanted to spread.  At the end of the day, at the back of their reports, they mentioned that these reports were all false, that ‘they were mistaken,’ but what liberal fools heard that?  There are liberals who believe to this day that Sarah Palin said she can see Russian from her house.  It’s just like their stories that Trump stole the election with Russian collusion, or that life on the planet will end from CO2 pollution.  Liberals remain liberals because they believe falsehoods and never educate themselves.  The lemmings will never overcome their ignorance, but will believe whatever the leftist media tells them to believe.  Their mea culpa is worthless drivel meant to salvage a modicum of credibility in their own eyes, but those with eyes to see and ears to hear know that this is just one more lie piled on to a pack of lies.  Their deceptions fool no one in possession of a smidgeon of intelligence and morality.

Stupid, lying, POS liberal Democrat media filth does not begin to describe the lying Obama media of America hating traitors who are so lowly that they elevate murdering foreign gang terrorist invaders to nobility as dreamers of the American Dream.  Not surprising when they call lawbreakers dreamers to begin with.  But putting animal scum on a pedestal just proves that they inhabit the sewers of humanity.  Their championing of MS-13, Hamas and Islamic Jihad against Israel, Europe, and America, along with Antifa fascists and BLM criminals, just proves that their hearts are as black and corrupt as Obama’s soul.  They have no excuse for perpetrating this lie.  If they were professional journalists their ethical standards would have required that they confirm the source of any quote.  That they don’t bother, but use whatever they can to smear Trump believing they can apologize after, proves that they are propagandists rather than journalists.  They don’t even qualify as Yellow Journalists.  The National Enquirer has more integrity than any of the fake news media outlets of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC.  ONLY FOX News maintains anything like journalistic integrity, and they are the one the others all tell their lemmings are the liars when they are the only one telling the truth.

Do any of these sh*t for brains liberals realize that Donald Trump’s wife is an immigrant?  But she doesn’t count in their book because she came to America legally, wanted to become an American, became a citizen, worked legally and paid taxes, and she stands with the righteous, with Christians, with Republicans.  In their book that makes her a worshipper of evil because in their book God is the evil oppressor and Satan is the liberator.  This is why America must defeat them.  Not only the evil jihadis of the world, not only the evil socialist dictators, not only the criminals that are on our streets.  We must defeat the Democrats who are the worst domestic enemies of America.  They are not patriots.  They are not Americans.  They ally with America’s enemies and advocate for America’s downfall.  They celebrate whenever jihadi terrorists mass murder Americans, and applaud when America’s enemies stick it in her leader’s faces.  When they are in charge they excuse the attacks and abuses of America’s enemies because they are on their side.

Democrats represent pure corruption of power and are the thieves that steal the wealth for which Americans work.  Obama empowered the Jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow governments in the Middle East that kept Islamic fanatics in check.  And he empowered fascist criminals in America to riot and attack conservatives.  Worst of all he used the power of the federal government against Republicans by spying on Trump and oppressing any who did not bend the knee and grease his palm.  This racketeering by the man seventy million Americans stupidly gave absolute power with which to make socialist dictates from the Oval Office for eight years have paid the price.  Obama used his power to put an iron boot on American businesses, shut down coal mining and oil drilling to make America dependent on foreign adversaries for power, and gave away America’s wealth to her enemies.  Thank God Donald Trump stood up to take America back from the Left.  Now it is up to him to bring them to justice and defeat America’s domestic enemies.  Is it any wonder that Democrats think power in the hands of federal government is always corrupt when they are the heart of that corruption?  We can only pray that Jeff Sessions is actually investigating Democrat crimes and corruption and will unleash the Kraken on them before next election, and not that he is sitting about with his head up his butt.  Pray President Trump rocks this nation to its core by taking down Democrat corruption from top to bottom!

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