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With so much occurring from insults by Donald Trump supporters, while Hillary Clinton supporters project complete doom and gloom to the Hopeful of Evan McMullin, much can be learned from the parties and their idealisms. America needs to step back, take a look at the parties and see which one most closely aligns with their life and beliefs.


The Populist Party, better known to many as alt-right, just PC for white supremacy and fascism has some very strong beliefs. It follows this pattern of the cult of tradition and rejection of modernism. The cult of action for action’s sake, where opposition to analytical criticism and disagreement is treason, while exploiting and exa
cerbating the natural fear of difference, which has a certain appeal to a frustrated middle class. An overburdening obsession with a plot, possibly an international one, where followers must feel humiliated by the ostentatious wealth and force of their enemies. The populist believe Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. It is bad because life is permanent warfare and where it is Popular to exude elitism. Everybody is educated to become a hero and where there is a transfer of will to power to sexual matters. And where the “low-educated” have no real ideas, there is selective populism, where the leader decides what is important. Then there is an introduction and the use of Newspeak, where short syntax and low grammar skills are used. All of these are from the populist and fascist playbook and used by Donald Trump, the supported leader of this new Populist Party. 

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The Liberal Party believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. It is
the duty of the government to alleviate social ills and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. Their belief is that the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need. Liberal policies generally emphasize the need for the government to solve problems. Specifically, they believe in larger government, more government control, and many assets pointed towards the lower income levels of society at the expense of the upper 5% of the earners. You generally see a lack of respect for religious beliefs in return for making all constituents comfortable. The Liberal Party believes that the current Constitution is outdated, and MUST be purged to only include current day PC idealisms. This playbook was seen in the 2016 general election by Hillary Clinton.


The final and most civically conservative of the three parties is The Conservative Party that be
lieves in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. These people today would be more recognized as independents and believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems. The Conservative Party structures their ideas from the Constitution, and strive to be servant leaders where they lead, but do not control an individual. This party believes the citizens know much better how to live their life, bring up their children, and create their own American Dream. This party’s leader is best known for being a late comer to the general election stage, Evan McMullin.


America cannot go backward in the scope of history. America must move forward, and to fail to see the need for a middle of the road between liberal and conservative ideals to be the best option is to not be educated, or researched enough in the fine art of World Politics, world history, and specific governments.


America cannot afford a populist or a single liberal approach to America, for either will take to more division, less opportunity, and more destruction. Today, America is begging for a true servant leader with the youth to understand, the experience to do, and the servant leadership skills to lead a nation beyond its greatest dreams……..


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I love America, and what the Constitution stands for. I love history and am aware of the sacrifices our forefathers went through to make America this free country. I am appalled that any American would desecrate her flag, spit upon her history, or warp her great history for their own greed. I believe the ingenuity and hard work of Americans have never been surpassed by any other society or country. I write what I see Americans are feeling. I do not fall into the trap of political rhetoric, nor do I believe that the Constitution gives all power to one branch as many do today. The civic duty, responsibility, and freedom that America affords each individual and this freedom should be taken seriously for all things that govern the common individual. NOT A REPUBLICAN NOT A DEMOCRAT. IF DESCRIBED, I AM A CENTRALIST WITH A CONSTITUTIONAL BIAS. A REAL PATRIOT. PART OF THE LOGICAL MAJORITY THAT LOOKS FORWARD


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