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“Southern Democrats became Republicans and Northern Republicans became Democrats.  That’s why Republicans are now the party that is against brown people and Democrats help minorities.”

Liberals live on lies and tell a thousand lies every day, which makes it impossible for anyone to keep up with them all to refute them.  Everything they have said about Trump has been proven a lie even when they claimed Trump lied.  Much of their accusations, like racism, sexism and molesting, all bounced off of him and landed in their laps as liberal Democrat after liberal Democrat has gone down in flames when it was revealed that it is they, not Trump, who are the racists and sexist molesters.  That makes it imperative that each of us grow a brain, develop a moral compass, and learn to separate fact from opinion, truth from fiction, and critically examine events with a logical mind rather than leap to conclusions based on erroneous evidence.  Liberals thrive on implication, innuendo, and assumptions via false premises and dysfunctional thinking.

Sixty years of life experience and listening to media propaganda have taught me to take the old adage, “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you read,” and apply it to Democrats and Republicans.  Believe none of what Democrats say and only half of what Republicans say because half of them will ally with Democrats.  Nothing the Left says can be trusted, and even if it appears to be true, delving into the facts virtually always proves it to be a false conclusion usually based on their desire to shape opinion rather than present the facts so people can form their own.  That’s why, whenever a Democrat wanders off the plantation like Kanye West did by seeing the truth of Trump rather than listening to the propaganda, they wage a campaign of oppression to bring them back in line.

Rob Schneider chastises Alec Baldwin’s hateful SNL Trump impersonation

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