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By Frosty Wooldridge

Have you ever experienced a crisis like Lahaina, Maui’s wildfires that demolished a 12,000 residents’ homes and businesses this past month? What about the Marshall Fire that leveled 1,000 homes near Boulder, Colorado two years ago?  Was there a solution that could have been incorporated before those horrific wildfire events?

How do you deal with a crisis, any crisis?  How do you solve it before it occurs?   Answer: you use history and your brains to solve it before it happens.  I’ve heard it as a mathematical equation called a “Bounding Problem.”  (I think that’s the term.) It means along a spectrum, there will be a solution either by humans or by the Natural World.  In other words, if you don’t solve it, Mother Nature will ultimately solve it for you.

Right now, Australia, which I have cycled the entire perimeter of that continent, offers 95 percent desert, scant water, no oil and few resources to sustain its 26 million people.  And yet, big money corporations want to import another 10 million people from overpopulated countries like India, China, many in Africa and Indochina to create “Big Australia.”  They want to force “Exponential Growth” onto a dry continent with no idea of the consequences.  In other words,  push human numbers beyond sustainability of the carrying capacity of the land.

At some point, as they pile an enormous amount of humanity onto that island continent, they WILL NOT possess enough water or other resources to sustain their human horde. In the meantime, everyone’s lives are reduced to human misery.

So, one of my Aussie friends, Mark O’Connor, who wrote the book, Overloading Australia, said, “Let’s bring on the crisis to ourselves faster by importing endless millions of people into Australia, quickly, to completely exhaust our water, oil and resource supplies today…instead of allowing ourselves to bring a slow death to our civilization in the years ahead.”

In the past 30 months of Joe Biden’s inviting millions to break our laws and invade our borders, let’s all support at least 10 million immigrants annually to invade our country. Remember that the third world adds 83 million new babies, net gain, annually.  So, if we open our borders, you can bet, “they will come.”  Let’s bring the crisis to a nasty, ugly, and horrible state of unsustainability TODAY, rather than a slow death in the decades to come.

What blows this journalist away stems from the fact that the American people have said virtually nothing to stand up against this immigrant invasion, not now and not in the last 30 years.  Most of the U.S. Congress has done NOTHING to stop the invasion in 30 months of Biden’s pretend presidency.  Other than NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams, Denver’s Hancock and a few other leaders protesting that their sanctuary cities are overwhelmed, no one else is protesting.

But, if we accelerate the “immigration-poverty-drug addiction-population” CRISIS to engage its ultimate solution in the next couple of years with that 10 million people added annually, we might be able to change the course of history because every American would be screaming to secure our borders. Even the illegal and legal immigrants would be screaming to shut down the borders.

Many say, “We demand Joe Biden stops the importation of drugs that are killing 100,000 of our kids annually.”  Because that’s how many of our kids die annually from imported drugs.

Maybe we need 500,000 or 1,000,000 drug overdose deaths annually to bring on solution.  At some point, you would hear a citizen outcry.  There would be a solution! Impeachment for  starters!

Let’s add that 10,000,000 (million) immigrants annually because that’s how many people starve to death annually, worldwide.  We can save them, their children, their relatives, and their entire country by bringing them to America on our dime and give them food, housing, schooling, medical and “the good life” pretty much like 125,000 Somalians in Minneapolis living on EBT cards or 300,000 Syrians in Detroit living on your dime or 20 million illegals undercutting every law, every job and every school system in America. They’re already costing American taxpayers $150,000,000.00 annually in the past 30 months.  (Source:, Costs of Immigration Annually.)

Let’s accelerate our automobile gridlocked traffic as fast as we can.  I mean, Denver at 2.4 million is slated to reach 4.0 million by mid-century.  Let’s not wait. Let’s build Denver out to the Kansas border to bring on our water crisis, energy meltdown, schools with 100 languages, God-awful air pollution and total loss of quality of life, sooner rather than later.

Let’s accelerate our homeless and drug-addicted populations to quadruple what they are today.  We could easily encourage more fentanyl, heroin, meth, ecstasy, et al., addictions into the millions by offering it free to anyone…paid for by your tax dollars. That’s what’s going on in California where I just visited.  That’s what Biden’s doing as he’s refuses to secure the borders…or should I say, his handlers?!

With every crisis we are facing in America today, let’s make it worse, sooner, by importing more people to make it even much worse, faster.  Instead of 1,000,000 roadkills daily on our nation’s highways, with another 100 million more automobiles on our nation’s highways, we could reach 2.0 million roadkills daily. To hell with all the rest of those other animals we share North America with, let’s run them over so we won’t have to bother with them.  Or how about this?   Have you seen those wind turbines that create our 2.0 percent of electricity?  They chop of over 500,000 birds annually. If we build 100 X’s more wind turbines, we could chop up 5,000,000 (million) birds annually to bring electrical power to our added millions of immigrants.  How do you like that solution?

Instead of only $100 billion annually in shoplifting via the poor people imported into our country, let’s import millions of shoplifters to accelerate our shoplifting crisis. Would $1 trillion in shoplifting wake us up to our crisis?   What would you consider as a reasonable solution?

This column could give you another 100 really sobering if not frightening examples of what we face with “exponential population growth” brought to us by “exponential immigration growth.”  What do another 100 million people added to this country mean in real terms?  It means we double the populations of our 35 most populated cities. For example: New York  City jumps from  8.3 million to  16.6 million? How do you water, feed, warm and transport THAT many people?  How do you do it for another 34 cities with gargantuan populations?

If we don’t get to a rational ultimate solution sooner rather than later, our kids, your kids…are absolutely going to be swimming in a sociological, environmental, multicultural, catastrophic climate destabilization, and gruesome quality of life: NIGHTMARE.  They will face water shortages that are irreversible and unsolvable.  They will face crises that we haven’t even imagined, yet.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to solve a crisis that we can solve before it occurs?  Don’t future generations deserve a chance?  Why not ask the people in Boulder, Colorado or Lahaina, Maui?  Oh, what was the solution?  Easy: Plow the fields west of the cities annually to keep them all dirt for hundreds of yards or even miles so fires could not burn via west to east winds. Without fuel, fires cannot burn.  The leaders of Lahaina should have taken a lesson from the wildfires in Boulder, Colorado two years ago.

One way or the other, a “solution” will be visiting all of us in the years ahead.  Do you think you will like Mother Nature’s solutions?

Frosty Wooldridge is a population-immigration-environmental specialist, a speaker at colleges, civic clubs, high schools and conferences, and a six continent world bicycle traveler, speaker/writer/adventurer.

Web: and Facebook: Frosty Wooldridge.


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