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Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender rights do not exist. The right to say, to claim one is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender is an exercise of free speech covered by the first amendment. Saying or claiming whatever, doesn’t make it so. “Carrying on,” doing whatever LGBT individuals do in their bedrooms or homes is mostly a right protected by the fourth amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated….” Those are rights possessed by people around the globe, from birth. Very few governments recognize those rights, but all individuals retain them nonetheless.

Parading around, demonstrating lewd acts in public is not a right possessed by anyone. Laws have always existed in nearly every civilized culture against such acts without regard to the sexual identity of those “acting out” in public. Somehow LGBT advocates claim such acts of public indecency as a right for themselves. If no one else possesses the right to perform in public what is considered improper by the majority; the acts are not rights to be acknowledged by the general public. They are in fact demands for a special privilege by the LGBT community, rights not possessed by any other individual on the planet.

The demand, likewise a demand for special privilege, for acceptance of gay marriage by government, the Church, pastors, and individuals as a right is likewise misguided. The institution of marriage has always been regulated, taxed, and “infringed” by all cultures everywhere. No one ever thought of marriage as a right until a group of people demanded a special privilege to be included and the US Supreme Court declared a right where none existed before. In fact the Court wrote a law, passed it, signed it, and then ruled on its constitutionality in one fell swoop. Two thirds of both houses of Congress were bypassed. Three fourths of the states’ legislatures were likewise ignored. The President did not affix his signature. But true to form the Court ruled, pretending they possessed a duly ratified marriage rights amendment upon which to rule.

Then there is the expectation (rising ever closer to a demand for the right) of the LGBT community not to be criticized, preached against, judged, or ruled against by their opposition. The pressure is on for social media to censor articles and comments rejecting LGBT rights and causes. The right to vilify those who object, calling them homophobes, without Christians (and Muslims /sarcasm) being allowed to defend them self, is rising. Inclusion in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, seminaries and church denominations of LGBT tokens is also an increasing demand. Objections to men who identify as women and women who identify as men “occupying” restrooms are being squashed by Target, Budweiser, some cities, and courts. States who defend their bathrooms from sexual predators and the confused of gender are threatened with boycotts from other states and cities, and also suits by our Justice department. All of these rights claimed by the LGBT to say whatever they want, while claiming those who object have no rights to say what they want are demands for special privilege, a privilege they want no one else to possess. If only you can do what you do, or say what you say, then no one has a right to do it or say it. Rights possessed by some and not by others are not rights. They are demands for privilege.

The LGBT do possess some rights. The rights they own are the same as the rights of anyone else. The imaginary rights the LGBT claims as its own, much like an imaginary friend, doesn’t really drink the tea set before him. The imaginary friend doesn’t really get on a bus, go to school, fail a test, go to court, or win a case. He is simply a delusion, until his host awakes or grows up, whichever comes first.


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