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We’ve had skyrocketing gun sales in recent years, mostly fueled by fears that liberals will enact more and tighter gun laws. But the gun sales that we should be worrying about are NOT those LEGAL gun sales. It is the ILLEGAL gun sales that take place in the back alleys of cities we need to worry about, because it is potential CRIMINALS buying them. And STEALING them. This rise is mostly fueled by the hundreds and hundreds of criminals Barack Obama has released from prison on various pretexts, plus the Islamic terrorists he has also released. Obama has put THOUSANDS of illegal gun-wielders on the streets, many of them doing violent crimes to get money to buy dope. He CLAIMS that he is only releasing drug violators, but those drug violators commit crimes to feed their habits. Additionally, the Islamic terrorists he released go back to their terrorism in foreign countries, while many of them come right back here to do violence “in the name of Islam.”

Obama seemed dedicated to INCREASING violent crime in this country. He will deny it, to his dying day. But it is true. There can be no other reason for releasing so MANY violent criminals of both kinds, all the time CLAIMING to be trying to REDUCE crime. Obama has seen to the release of more criminals on the public than ANY previous president. He says he is “being compassionate” to those criminals–but what about “being compassionate” to their victims? As ILLEGAL gun sales rise, the anti-gun fools will not make a lot of noise about it, because there’s really no way to chart those sales, so nobody will notice them–until more criminals victimize more citizens. Legal gun sales may mitigate that, to some degree, by “leveling the playing field” for those who have them. But the anti-gun fools spend every waking hour (and some even DREAM about it) trying to find ways to take away the right to self defense and to buy and use the means to that end, a gun.

Trump can’t do much about those releases, because of the way the law is written, So you can look for crime rates to skyrocket, too–and it will be dutifully blamed on Trump, although it will be a result of OBAMA’S foolishness. But hopefully there will not be any more mass releases of criminals under Trump, and hopefully, the cops will keep an eye on those criminals he released, and put them back in prison where they belong when they commit new crimes, as they will–hopefully before they kill anybody–but I’m afraid that’s a forlorn hope. Somebody needs to keep track of the number of those felons Obama released who commit new crimes–but I doubt anybody will–unless Trump sees to it. In any case, there is going to be a big increase in gun violence, fueled by Obama’s actions. One can only hope those LEGAL guns can get rid of some of the ILLEGAL gun wielders so as to then REDUCE gun violence.

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