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Democrats are united in their diversity of hate.  They are united in their multitude of mass delusions that they are somehow righteous, understanding, and compassionate.  They are united in corruption through their deception of others as well as themselves.

The exposure of Harvey Weinstein as the misogynist pig that the Left all slanders President Trump as being is leaving two-faced liberal smear merchants with their faces covered in filth.  Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred, “defender of women’s rights,” went on George Stephanopoulos’ show, not to castrate Weinstein as a womanizing molester and raping pig, but to excuse his actions as “inappropriate workplace misconduct.”  So Donald Trump is the most vile scum of the earth because he talked locker room man speak with another guy about how women throw themselves at him, but this man who spent his life sexually abusing women, forcing them to prostitute themselves to get an acting job in his movies, is an okay guy.

Everybody Knew About Harvey

STEPHANOPOULOS: Lisa, this is a real pattern, a real pattern of yuk. For over 30 years. This is like textbook sexual harassment, Lisa, your client.

BLOOM: It’s gross. Yes.


BLOOM: Yes. You know, I agree. I’m working with a guy who has behaved badly over the years who is genuinely remorseful, who says, you know, “I have caused a lot of pain” —

STEPHANOPOULOS: Okay. He’s admitted to you he sexually harassed women.

BLOOM: You’re using the term sexual harassment which is a legal term, so I’m using the term workplace misconduct. Telling someone they look like in a dress, for example, is not sexual harassment.

RUSH: (laughing) What does she call it, workplace misconduct? Kind of like what the guy in the Army at Fort Hood, workplace violence. It isn’t sexual harassment. You’re not gonna con me here into agreeing it’s a legal term. It was more than sexual harassment, folks.

It was far more than sexual harassment.  It was serial rape; the kind of rape for which the Left has demonized Bill Cosby, but for which they excuse and even laud Bill Clinton for committing.  And here they are again, excusing and lauding one of their own because he stands for and provides money for all of their corrupt, perverted, degenerate ideology and they think that makes it ok.  Donald Trump, who has never even been remotely accused of any kind of sexual harassment by any of the women who have known him or worked with him, but has been loved and adored, has been demonized by liberal women as being exactly the kind of pig Harvey Weinstein has been known and now exposed as being.  During the campaign the Democrats got some bow-wows to try to make molestation accusations against Trump, but they all fell on their faces when immediately exposed as perjurers.

Liberals are the 20% of whom Lincoln spoke when he said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time.”  They believe the most erroneous, ridiculous, and insane things.  They can be convinced that Bill and Hillary Clinton are good people.  They can be convinced that Barack and Michelle Obama love America.  They can be convinced that Donald Trump is racist and those who campaign on behalf of black criminals are not.  They can be convinced that foreigners who take from America are beneficial to the nation.  They can be convinced that government stealing from the rich will benefit the poor.  They can be convinced that life on Earth is going to end because they drive their cars.  They can be convinced that the CO2 from cars goes into the atmosphere and stays there.  What do they think happened to all those noxious gases that volcanoes put into the atmosphere?  Do they believe there are clouds of sulfur gases floating about?  What about oceanic oil spills?  Do they believe there are clouds of oil floating around in the ocean?  The answer is yes they do because liberals have no more understanding of science than they do of people.  They believe what liars, deceivers, and demagogues tell them to believe.  They believe what they are told to believe without investigation or critical thought.  They believe they are intelligent because some demagogue has them so fooled and panders to them so well that they believe they are good people despite being advocates of corruption.  This all comes from their two-faced ideology and psychological character.  They take a racist stand against America and say they are against racism.  They advocate for criminals and say they are against crime.  They promote perversion and declare themselves to stand for righteousness when they actually stand for all things leftist.  Being two-faced is slandering Trump as a misogynist while lauding Clinton for being a serial molester.  Two-faced is smearing Trump as a racist while praising Obama for his racism.  Duplicity is condemning Christianity as male dominated while promoting Islam that makes women men’s sex slaves.  Deceit is declaring America is racist under Trump but not under Obama.  Hypocrisy is Antifa saying they are against fascism as they practice fascism.  Betrayal is embracing BLM while rejecting the KKK they created.  Treachery is claiming to be patriots while endorsing the anti-American ideology of socialism.  Liberalism is not an ideology of Americans, it is not an ideology of love, it is not an ideology of justice, it is the ideology of dishonest American haters and should not be allowed to be taught in our schools except as an example of what not to be.  People who condemn all men as rapists, but then excuse a rapist because he supports their hate, have no place in decent civilized society.  These people are psychotics and sociopaths.

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