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The primary reason that liberals gravitate to Democrats is their lack of understanding of human nature, ignorance of current events, and knowledge of history along with their inability to see through lies, penetrate subterfuge, and recognize propaganda.

Obama continues to promote the illusion that his administration was scandal-free.  This is true only if you understand that his regime was rife with corruption born of malice toward America, and that all of his “scandals” were actually treasons against the American people, and not just blunders or mild corruption.  The same Democrats say Trump’s administration is one continuous scandal, which likewise is true only if you believe the multitude of false accusations and assume them to be proof of anything rather than just unsubstantiated frauds meant to smear him in the eyes of the ignorant.  The reason Democrats want the voting age lowered to 16 is not because young people are savvy, intelligent, or wise, but because they are naïve and more easily duped.

Young people lack both the experience necessary to make wise choices and a fully developed adult brain to make logical, rational decisions based on facts rather than acting on emotional impulse jumping to conclusions.

Top 5 AR-15 Lies Debunked

History is important to learn for three reasons:

  • You can’t know where you’re going unless you know from where you came.
  • People today think with the same attitudes as people did in history.
  • If you don’t learn from the mistakes of those who came before you then you are doomed to repeat them.

Why do liberals believe socialism is a beneficial ideology in which the government treats everyone the same and all people benefit equally?  History proves that socialism is the ideology of authoritarian totalitarians who are genocidal, enslave the masses, and benefits only the elites.  Socialists always achieve their Utopia by slaughtering those who stand in their way.  Not criminals and tyrants, but moral, educated citizens.  To understand why liberals don’t understand this one must know some of the little things that people have twisted throughout history.

A few quick lessons from the past in what people get wrong today:

  • Middle finger – When Americans shoot someone “the bird” they use just their middle finger. This gesture originated in the Medieval period during the Hundred Years War.  Whenever the French captured English longbowmen, whose weapon was capable of taking down mounted knights, they would cut off their middle fingers so they could no longer draw their bows.  At the Battle of Agincourt the longbowman stood in the front of the English army and in unison raised their hands holding up both the index and middle fingers to let the French knights know they were f***ed.  That gesture is still in use in England and France to this day.  But Americans, being an ignorant frontier lot who didn’t use bows, when they learned this gesture involved the middle finger, neglected to extend the index finger also.  Thus it became just the middle finger in America.
  • Huzzah – Some movies like “The Patriot” (one of my all-time favorites) have colonials cheering using the word, “Huzzah!” The reason for this is because when liberal historians read Old English the lower case ‘r’ as written looks like the modern ‘z’ and thus believe the word is “Huzzah” instead of the still used “Hurrah.”
  • The Sun doesn’t heat the Earth causing climate change says the party of “science” – Liberals utterly reject all causes of climate change denying that the Sun is a stable, not a static source of heat, or that volcanoes spew so much pollution into the atmosphere as to alter the climate. The Sun changes constantly with cycles of sun spot eruptions that increase and decrease its solar output.  Volcanoes are erratic eruptions that can be insignificant or massive.  Liberals reject all the science in favor of their junk science that climate change is caused by mankind’s CO2 pollution that accounts for 5% of the planetary CO2.  They claim that this is in addition to what is natural and therefore the planet will alter the climate as a result rather than the ecosystem reacting to any change by growing more greenery that absorbs CO2.  Their erroneous belief that heating the Earth, a water planet, will cause the land to dry out while the seas rise from polar ice melt is founded in their complete lack of understanding what causes deserts, rain forests, and polar ice caps.  They also fail in understanding that science doesn’t have all the answers, such as evolution being a theory and not fact, and that no scientist can explain why the planet has gone through multiple ice ages of about a hundred thousand years with ten thousand year warm periods in between.

These are few examples of how easily a little ignorance can change history and people’s attitudes, knowledge, gestures, and words.

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

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