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Most Americans are unwitting victims of propaganda that warps their thinking.  Right thinking people remember the words and actions of the past.  Barack Hussein Obama proved himself the epitome of the pathological liar in declaring that those who disagree with him are liars.  Casting doubt on the truth is the primary defense of a sociopath, but even the most cursory examination of Obama’s past declarations reveals he is as deceitful and as two-faced as the god Janus.  Obama believes he can color the future by repainting the past.

Ingraham Angle – Obama tries to do a reset of history 11-28-18

Fruit of the Poison Vine: Isn’t Obama cool?  Doesn’t he just ooze confidence and regal hauteur?  Aren’t his words just dripping with honey and his demeanor glowing with honesty and wisdom?  Surely the women bedded by Ted Bundy thought that very same thing of him.  Satan doesn’t come to people as an ugly, smelly demon spewing bile.  He is the most beautiful of the angels who speaks with a melodious voice the honeyed words that sway people’s hearts.  He can lie with all the sincerity and confidence of one who knows how easily he can dupe the witless and unwary.  No doubt, right now, there are liberals who are so lacking of wit as they read these words that they believe I just declared Obama to be Satan!  Liberals are so easily confused by words and misled by implications and assumptions.  These are the same people who believe that Russia hacked the election, that Sarah Palin is so stupid she thinks she can see Russia from her house, and that all life on planet Earth will die off by the end of this century because of the fraud of man-made climate change.

“I hope he fails.”  No more patriotic words were ever spoken when America stupidly elected a Moslem socialist to be the leader of the free world at a time when America was winning the war against the leftist ideologies of Islam and socialism.  These are the two systems of government that are diametrically opposed to and waging war on Christianity and the capitalists of the world.  They begin with infiltration and deception and continue by claiming to be victims of persecution as they conduct their own persecution of the infidels and westerners.  That persecution includes inflicting harm on people they seek to dominate and claiming to be victims when those people retaliate.  By this, they justify their actions from deception to terrorism to open war.  They claim they are doing good by taking credit for the successes of others and casting blame on others for their own failures.  Barack Hussein Obama is a case study in Islamic Taqiyya – deception of the infidel.

This last week, Obama just openly and brazenly bald-faced lied to the world at a Rice University forum declaring that America’s current energy boom is his doing!  Do you remember his words during his presidency as oil prices rose as Gov. Sarah Palin said the solution was, “Drill, baby, drill?”  Obama said, “We can’t drill our way out of high gas prices,” that “this is the new normal.”  Do you remember his actions?  Obama shut down off-shore oil drilling, shut down drilling on federal lands, and tried to ban fracking.  Fracking is what has made America the world’s #1 oil producer over the vaunted oil fields of Saudi Arabia.  He supported the bogus claim that it causes earthquakes and pollutes the water table.  Who does he think he’s fooling?  The answer is; 40% of Americans who are easily duped because they lack education, a memory beyond yesterday, and are easily misled by the repetition of the Big Lie.

Everything Obama said on that stage is a contradiction of the facts.  He can easily be debunked by the least examination.  But actual critical thinking and examination of the facts are not in the liberal wheelhouse.  He lamented that when Cronkite was telling the news the country worked on “a common set of facts.”  That’s because back then liberals had a monopoly on the news that was controlled by Democrat propaganda.  Now that the Silent Moral Majority has a voice in media the truth is being told exposing their lies and people have a choice of which to believe.  It is just an unfortunate fact of human nature that two out of five people choose to believe lies even in the face of the truth.  When Obama’s talking points, lauding himself as America’s immaculate savior are examined by morally intelligent people, those who do not look back at his presidency through a drug haze remember everything.  When you remember what Obama said and what he did then the truth of his words changes from honey to poison.

The Mueller Scam is an obvious example of something that is impossible, for an outside government to subvert our elections, yet Democrats are taking tens of millions of dollars to conduct an “investigation” that is taking years when any investigation only takes a few weeks.  This “investigation” has morphed from examining the election to giving President Trump a microscopic anal examine going through his taxes trying to find a crime. They implanted agents in his campaign, not to protect him from Russian agents, but attempting to plant a crime. Then they tried to create a process crime of obstruction.  Now they are just torturing innocent Trump supporters in an effort to flip one to lie about him to smear Trump in the media.  This entire effort has become a symbol of the sickness of leftist deceptions.

The pièce de résistance is Obama’s constant declarations that he and his entire administration were without sin, that there were no scandals and no violations of even decorum let alone the law.  To believe this one must truly have their head where the sun doesn’t shine.  Gunrunning to Mexican drug lords, letting an ambassador get assassinated so he doesn’t blow the lid off of Obama’s arming of the Muslim Brotherhood to create the Islamic State, weaponizing the IRS against Republicans, and funding bogus green initiatives that all went defunct.  Obama stole more than just taxes but added an additional $10T in taxes from future generations making our children debt slaves to leftism.  His infamous claim he never insulted anyone falls flat on its face at the feet of “teabaggers” and “bitter clingers.”

The fact that no one in his administration was charged with crimes is more a testament to the left’s hold over the media’s and educational institution’s propaganda machine and Republican’s fear of it.  This is justified when liberals have been taught to associate the term conservative republicanism with Nazis, murderers, and inhumans.  The first two actually describe totalitarian leftist democratism and their abortionist policies, while the third is pure fictional delusion which is how leftists dehumanize their enemies to invoke justification for their crimes to destroy others.  Republicans studiously avoid prosecuting Democrat crimes so as not to be labeled as tyrants by the media.  Yet Democrats persecute Republicans both when in power and especially when out of power.  This backward justice system is identical to Sharia in which Moslems are justified when persecuting Christians and Jews and exempt from being prosecuted for their own crimes against them.

Liberals are strangers to the truth

Confronting liberals with the truth has become extremely difficult due to their conditioning.  They have been brainwashed into believing that conservatism is Nazism and racism.  This is not hard to understand as terms fluctuate over decades.  The left deliberately uses different terms to describe themselves in order to conceal their nature.  In the 18th and 19th centuries, they were the conservatives who wanted to maintain slavery and establish government tyranny.  Then they adopted socialism with its totalitarian offspring of Communism, Fascism, and Nazism.  They embraced those ideologies until they revealed their true natures in the 20th century and had to be put down.  That’s when the left usurped the name of liberalism that described America’s Founders.  The progression is as easy to see as their climate change scam that evolved from global cooling to global warming to climate disruption to climate change and now calls itself “climate science” to give them unearned legitimacy.

As in all things, leftists take what is right and corrupt it, and they have thoroughly corrupted the titles of Christianity and conservatism in the 21stcentury.  What we are on the right and left are Christian American capitalist libertarians vs. anti-Christian globalist socialist totalitarians, and if they could the left would usurp the title of righteousness as well.  Lucifer certainly saw himself as righteous.  When the left usurped the title of liberalism to conceal their true nature, that left the right to adopt the title of conservatism as now the roles are reversed.  It is liberals who want to be the progressives and turn America away from its Christian founding and heritage, and Christians who want to conserve their newfound way of life in American Exceptionalism.

Notice that both terms, liberal and progressive, began with Republicans and were usurped by leftist Democrats.  America’s greatest presidents that resided over America’s greatest prosperity were all Republicans; Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Reagan, and Trump.  All the greatest Democrat leaders ruled over the nation rather than governed; Jackson, Cleveland, Wilson, FDR, and Obama.  All the presidential assassinations have been of Republicans except for JFK who was the only Democrat killed by a leftist communist for being too much of an American republican.

The left’s anti-Christian, anti-God factions consist of both atheists and Islamists intent on destroying Christianity and the freedom of America.  Trump is the only man with the courage to take them on head-to-head and he is crushing them!  But he is beset by enemies on all sides and cannot succeed alone.  What he should be doing is shutting down the government until they build the wall, initiate federal voter ID requirements, and declassify Mueller’s bogus investigation to uncover the true criminals.  The only reason he doesn’t must be because there are enough RINOs to join with Democrats to impeach him if he reveals the truth of how deeply Washington swamp rats swim in their corruption.

Some NeverTrumper senators got replaced, but some seats like Sessions’ and Flake’s went to Democrats, and more like Romney joined the NeverTrumper arm of the party.  They fight for Washington elites while Trump is fighting for the taxpaying citizens.  That is why the left must slander Trump and his people at every turn.  To believe that Republicans are KKK Nazis is the epitome of mirrored delusions.  Such a fallacy can only be perpetrated by convincing those who can be fooled all the time that good ol’ boys became Republicans and that righteous Republicans became Democrats.  But Democrats remain the party that wants the president to be a king, for elites to rule the masses, and for their totalitarian rule to be unchallenged.  They remain the party that takes to the streets to riot and commit violence and terrorism against Republicans as they have always done.

In their two-faced delusions, leftists easily convince themselves that righteous people are racist bigots while they declare in their own bigotry that Christian white men are the evil of the world.  They can only do this by warping their morality to become self-righteous hypocrites.  Such people are the ones who corrupted the Catholic Church in the medieval era to conduct the Inquisition.  That they modeled their persecution of anyone not a member of the Catholic Church after Islam is unknown to these modern inquisitors just as they have no understanding of how socialism is the ideology that murdered over 200,000,000 people in genocides and wars during the 20th century.  They haven’t a clue that Islam has murdered billions over the centuries through wars, persecutions, genocides, Sharia law honor killings, etc.  They are just told that the Christians invaded the Middle East in a religious crusade without ever being told that Islam had conquered the region and were continuing their wars of conquest from there as they raided neighbors throughout the world.

The failure of progressivism isn’t because the right has become racist Nazis and left Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt’s ideals behind.  Their rightwing progressive ideals are not what is being practiced by today’s leftists.  Today’s liberals are not liberals as defined by America’s Founders.  Socialist commie fascist Nazis have co-opted the term to conceal their true nature.  Today’s Democrats are not Christian American capitalists.  They are atheist anti-American socialists.  What few Democrats identify themselves as Christians like Obama, Pelosi, et al, betray themselves when they declare they endorse Islam over Christianity and abortion over life proving themselves to be false.  Those who are Christians yet support the Democrat Party are those who have paid no heed to the warnings of Jesus and are completely duped by false prophets.

American political divisions based on character types:

I have known many people over my lifetime.  Many are liars, many are honest, and many are confused.  I basically divide them into five categories;

  • Liars – most of whom just want to aggrandize themselves, but some who want to take something from others and will dupe them into giving it to them. They are the kind that when caught will call the truth speaker a liar and demand they prove the lie.  Most of the time they are easily caught.  But the most devious can get away with their crimes for years.  They do so by slandering those who tell the truth and only those who fully examine words and deeds get past their deceptions.
  • Dupes – these are people who are largely uneducated but whose egos convince them to believe liars because of flattery, pandering, or fear-mongering. They are often mis-educated and, like children, believe the first thing they are told and cling to it even though evidence proves it to be false.  They are the ones who can be told Sarah Palin is so stupid she thinks she can see Russia from her house and believe it without ever examining the source of the comment or the actual statement she made that is true.
  • Confused – these are the people who don’t really pay attention to what is going on. They will read the headline and never follow up to finish the story that gets to the whole truth.  They blindly accept the word of one side of an argument without examining the other side.  These are people that can be misled but eventually will figure out the truth often after it has cost them dearly.
  • Educated – these are the people who have learned, often the hard way, about how leftism uses deception to mislead people. They have studied far more than any young liberal who has not yet begun to learn how the world works.  Theirs is the foundational knowledge in math, science, history, sociology, and morality to give them good judgement and understanding.  Rarely can they be misled for any length of time.
  • Enlightened – to reach this level takes years of education, observation, learning, and understanding. These are the people who can immediately see past the ruses and misinformation that is inflicted on the populace by deceivers.  They know the history, science, and pathology of humanity and are not duped by any leftist scheme.  They are the most slandered, impugned, and feared people by the left who warn their zealots not to listen to them lest they hear the truth and potentially have an epiphany recognizing that they have been lied to and duped.

Democrats often say that Republicans are elitists who pander to the rich elites and use fear-mongering to corrupt people such as telling them foreign invaders will steal from them.  They lump people together in groups rather than take them on an individual basis.  The nature of people is always to project their own pathology onto others.  Anyone who examines how Democrats act would understand this.  Democrats take taxpayer money and give it to their rich cronies, donors, and lobbyists.  Where do you think $6,000,000,000,000 in borrowed taxpayer funds went during Obama’s tenure labelled as “quantitative easing,” “bailouts,” and “corporate subsidies?”

Anyone who thinks Republicans are “fear-mongering” over illegal aliens bringing disease and crime into the country is only because they are afraid of foreign immigrants obviously doesn’t understand two obvious facts; Republicans are the ones who support legal immigration, and a very large percentage of illegal aliens are violent criminals and diseased.  It is Democrats who make sanctuaries for these invaders and encourage them.  Those who believe Democrats don’t use fear-mongering on them has a vacancy between their ears when they are told mankind’s pollution will destroy all life on the planet and believe it.  What does it take for the light bulb to go on in those who suffer from living in that darkness?

Believing what is in the past to be good and the future to be bad

People are a funny lot.  They have the darkest view of their own times and the most rose-tinted vision of the past they view with nostalgia.  If only they could talk to their elders to learn what it was really like.  Oh, wait, they can, it’s called reading history and separating fact from fiction.  Just like today the reality is far different than the fictions people believe.  At the same time, they are easily confused by stories of slavery, colonization, and genocides because they don’t examine the facts beyond the headline.  They can be told that Nazis are rightwing radicals when they are no such thing but actually, the farthest leftwing radicals can be.  They think because Russia and Germany went to war with each other in WWII that they are diametrically opposed.  They haven’t an inkling that the two were unofficially allied in a mutual pact the first two years of the war cooperatively conquering their neighbors such as dividing Poland between them.  That wasn’t a case of right vs. left, but of two leftists going at each other’s throat as they are always wont to do just as all thieves always do.

An except video map of WWII in Europe

21st-century warfare has become far too lethal in which to engage, so the left engages in subversion through:

  • Socialist propaganda
  • Unarmed invasion
  • Importing Islamists

The real truth is revealed when you thoroughly examine the words and deeds of people like Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump or someone like Sarah Palin.  Obama’s open contempt for America as the evil in the world, and Trump’s open patriotism and Palin’s love for America as the good in the world is as plain as the nose on their faces.  Obama whose speeches are riddled with narcissistic references to himself vs. Trump’s exhortations of the people.  The left’s argument that America is evil, and that socialism is good, is as patently obvious, painfully corrupt, and as polar opposite as believing that God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator.  The truth is there for those who have eyes to see who are not blinded by the light and ears to hear who are not deafened by the cacophony of lies.  Stopping the left from stealing the nation through voter fraud and educating the people away from their indoctrination by the left will be a monumental task – one for which President Donaldus Magnus Trump is laying the foundation.  It is up to us to teach our children and their children that the ways of the sixties radicals are as flawed and false as the left’s teachings have always been.

Rush Limbaugh defends conservative as it has been smeared and slandered by the left

“Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.”

Leftist progressives always strike at the children who know nothing

California AG goes to war with federal government to help invaders

Swedish school bans Christian play, promotes Islamic myth

California burning out Republicans

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