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Democrat’s 3Ms vs. Republican’s 3Ts.  We have a Statue of Liberty, not a statue of immigration.

Another radical idiot leftist pundit declared that Republicans are racist xenophobes who are against immigration by non-white people.  He asserts that they are against the 3 Ms: Mexicans, Moslems, and the Media.  Last anyone checked neither Mexicans, Moslems, or the media constituted a race, but that is the deliberate stupidity of liberalism.

Tucker Carlson Acosta 3Ms

Trending: Retaliation as a Justification

As is well known, it is not that Republicans object to Mexicans, Moslems, or the media per se as entities, but their ideological beliefs.  Mexicans, Moslems, and the media comprise the bulk of the immigrant criminals and terrorists that are entering the United States, and the media is promoting them!  MS-13 and ISIS are operating in America and Americans are being murdered by them.  That makes them not the 3 Ms, but the 3 Ts: Thieves, Terrorists, and Traitors.  Mexicans are stealing American jobs and living off of taxpayer benefits.  Moslems are bringing jihadi terrorism into America’s heartland, and the media is betraying American citizens by endorsing their anti-American hateful agenda!  Acosta tried to justify his reasoning by pointing out that immigrant labor didn’t cause factories to close or coal mines to be shut down.  No, the Democrats did!  It was high Democrat taxes that made it more affordable to produce products overseas and use the savings from lower wage workers to pay for transporting goods back to the USA to avoid Democrat’s confiscatory taxation.  It was Obama who said he was for “an all of the above” approach to American energy, but who instead arbitrarily and maliciously shut down oil drilling and coal mines.  Had he had his way, well heads and coal mines would have been destroyed completely so that it would take a generation to reopen them.  But legal roadblocks precluded his Executive Orders to destroy American energy infrastructure.  The Stock Exchange, which is supposed to be a reflection of the economy, rose from 8,000 in 2008 to 17,000 in 2016 while the economy was stagnant.  This happened because Obama gave them $800B in taxpayer subsidies every year for eight years.  Since Trump’s election the DOW went up an amazing 5,000 points with zero infusion of taxpayer wealth!  That’s because the rich did hold onto their investment funds while Democrats were confiscating wealth, and now it is understood that business was again in business to produce without Democrats stealing what they make.  When government takes over businesses is when those who produce save rather than spend or invest because socialists steal wealth from those who earn it.  Now for 2020 Democrats are talking about investing in business as if that is what they represent rather than oppressive taxation – anything to dupe the ignorant.  Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is still stealing.  Businessmen do not steal from their employees, they pay them!

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Democrat’s 2018 Slogan – A Better Deal to Demonize Success

Democrats trying to criminalize Trump

Democrats are the extreme America haters who are charging Trump with a fictitious treachery and trying to force him and his associates, whom they are persecuting, to take some action to stop them so they can claim a crime of obstruction.  They are so psychotic that they smear Trump for not being in the military and then smear his new Chief of Staff, Gen. Kelly, for being in the military!  What Trump should do is shut down Rosenberg, Mueller & Company and charge the lot of them with 4th Amendment violations.  There are Republicans like Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain who are working against Trump.  They believe they should be the minority party working with Democrats to establish government power over the people, not help Trump drain the swamp of corruption to make government work for the people because they are that corruption!  They call Trump an isolationist whose voters are nativists and nationalists like unto the German National Socialist Party.  It is leftists who are the ones that want to put the entire world under their thumb.  It would be nice if people wanted the world to unite under American ideals, but half the world wants to be under Islamo-Nazi dominion or atheist Communist rule.  That would be the people who want to be slaves to the elites, people that confuse working for a rich man with slavery, but being under an absolute ruler they delusionally perceive as being beneficial to themselves and they crave that condition.  It is more akin to children who want mommy and daddy to take care of them rather than adults who want to work to prosper.  But this only leads to the confiscation of wealth from the people as Hugo Chavez proved.  The Left says Venezuela is collapsing because of the decline in the price of oil.  So now they want big oil to price gouge?  Their collapse is due only to their embracing socialist greed.

Leftist legal punitive efforts against terrorists

Islamic jihadis in America, MS-13, Black Lives Matter assassins; these people represent the worst criminals and terrorists in America today and the Left insists they must be understood and appeased rather than destroyed.

Rush exposes leftist immigration corruption through Miller’s common sense

Leftists fool themselves in their belief that their ideology is positive and the Right is negative.  They are deluding themselves if they think that Republicans want to kill people while they would save lives.  Believing that the Right wants to kill productive citizens is a sickness.  It is the Left that cries about there being too many people on the planet, that “the herd must be culled” to save them from global starvation or global climate catastrophe.  The Left doesn’t want to stop the evil people of the world, but wants to destroy the righteous people that they perceive as evil because they work against them.  The reason the Right works against the Left is because the Left stands for corruption, greed, envy, hate, and lies even to the point they lie to themselves about what they truly represent.  It is the same as mob bosses who see the law keepers as the enemy.  Corner a leftist when they say global warming will destroy the planet unless they stop it and have them explain their solution.  When they say it is the human population that they believe to be polluting the planet into extinction, and their solution is to reduce energy consumption in the world, ask them to justify why they want to kill people off?  They already do it with abortion.  They’ve done it in the past in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Red China, and for centuries through Muhammadism.  The Left is the negative pole of humanity while the Right is the positive and the two can never come together in unity because they are diametrically opposed to one another.  The Left can only project their flawed, dysfunctional reasoning on the Right, but they can never prove their charges, only shut down debate that exposes their defective thinking.

Al Gore’s newest ‘Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ is loaded with inconvenient lies

Leftists say they represent the oppressed, but Democrats have always been the ones doing the oppressing; from slavery, to the Raw Deal, to union thuggery that was corrupted at the hands of mobster bosses, to the civil rights movement to create the welfare voter slave plantation, to university thugs silencing free speech, Democrats hold the crown of their wannabe dictatorship.  Their efforts to make Republicans their scapegoats is now flailing about hysterically trying to throw whatever they can into the fan hoping something will stick, and their efforts have become obvious to all.  Only the dyed in the wool leftist believes anything they say anymore, which is why they have redoubled their efforts to indoctrinate the young.  The righteous must keep up the info war lest the Left regain their supremacy and take America down.

When Republicans talk like Democrats

Special Prosecutor Rapes Trump’s 4th Amendment Rights

The Psychology of the Left

God Bless President Trump for His Support of Our Military

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