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Until you realize that Democrats consider American patriots to be their enemy you will remain confused by their behavior.

“We know there’s no such thing as fake news. We live in a time when people don’t believe facts – and if we can’t, uh, convince people that facts are facts, that’s a very difficult situation.” – Cokie Roberts, perpetrator of fake news.

This is like saying we know that liberals never lie, but we live in a time when people don’t believe the truth that liberals speak – liberals like Barack Obama, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and every last Democrat along with half of the Republicans.  That’s uproariously funny considering how many times they have said the stupidest things and told the most outrageous lies on camera only to be exposed with the most famous being, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” and, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor!”  The first defense of the pathological liar is always to accuse those who reveal their lies to be liars in the hopes that those who are ignorant can be fooled.  Liberals want you to believe they are incapable of lying and are 100% honest.  These are the people who say all police are corrupt pigs, all soldiers are psychotic baby killers, all Democrat politicians are honest, and all Republican politicians are lying thieves who want to kill your children.  They say there is “no fake news,” yet we have stories this week about Comey being fired and Trump spilling secrets to the Russians that are nothing but manufactured lies presented as factual news.  All of the people said to be involved in these stories have come forward and proven that everything reported about them was a lie, yet leftists say it is the masses who refuse to believe the truth according to their reporting that are the ones who are mentally deficient.

Obama’s Watergate and the liberal media colluding with the Democrats to dupe and distract the public with empty charges against Trump is the real story.  As the leftwing media becomes more frustrated that their lies are not having the total effect to force a change of public opinion they want they are becoming more desperate, more shrill, more outrageous, and more obvious with each passing day.  They won’t admit that Trump won the election because of substance of his ideas and right thinking policies, that Hillary was rejected, not because of racist bigot sexists, but because Obamaism and Democrat policies were wrecking the country.  They are so desperate to turn the people against Trump as they did to Bush that every piddly little election becomes a national referendum on the Trump agenda in their deluded minds.  They don’t report on what the story is, but on what they want the narrative to be.  That Democrats keep losing makes their heads explode!  Worst of all for them is that Trump keeps rubbing their noses in it with his tweets!  I say, Tweet away, Donald!

Separating fact from fiction

How do you know who is the one lying?  Take a “fact” like “Comey was fired because he asked Trump for more money to investigate Trump’s Russian connection more deeply.”  The fact is that the FBI is fully funded and does not ask the President for money for a particular investigation – it is not a “pay as you go” organization.  The liberal media then reported that Deputy Director Rosenstein threatened to quit over Comey’s firing rather than take his place, but he said he did no such thing making that report a lie.  Then they said Trump either stupidly or treacherously revealed top secret national security info to the Russians, but everyone in that meeting said he did no such thing.  All of these stories were pulled out of some liberal’s a** and thrown into the media fan as true to see if the splatter could stick to anything.  They were all presented as factual reports when they were nothing but fake news – and that’s just in the last day.  Liberal media vomits out thousands of lies every day and Americans are so inundated with them that they don’t know what to believe.

Indoctrination: How the ignorant are being overwhelmed with propaganda

The only reasonable explanation for the beliefs and actions of Democrats boils down to one of two things; either they are completely irrational, stupid, or insane; or they see the rest of us as their enemies and believe they have every reason and right to deceive us in order to defeat and destroy us.  If you can understand that, when Democrats say Republicans are the ones who stole from them, that they are stealing it back, then you will begin to understand why the Left endorses criminals, allows foreigners to invade, why they corrupt American culture at home, and why they assist America’s enemies abroad.  If you can see this in more black and white terms, this is part of a spiritual war wherein the Right sees God as Love and Satan as the Deceiver, while the Left sees God as the oppressor and Satan as the liberator.

In their blind rage to destroy Trump the Left has lost all credibility as purveyors of any sort of information.  Journalism is dead in liberal world.  All they do now is smear Trump and the GOP ad infinitum ad nauseam.  The Left no longer has anything intelligent, relevant, or sane to present to the public discourse.  This is the difference between the Right and Left in their hearts and souls.  A leftist is a control freak who believes their way is the best way regardless of how their ideology harms others.  So long as life is good for them they believe that makes life good for all and those who are their slaves are deserving of their fate for opposing them.  Being without a moral compass they cannot tell the difference between a righteous society keeping criminals from bringing harm to others in their selfishness.  They are the criminals who believe it is not right for society to tell them they are wrong in their pursuits for personal power over others results in the rights of others being violated.

You are seeing the Left translate their dysfunctional thinking into irrational action transitioning to maniacal rage.  They are seeing the destruction of their ideology as it dies from its own corruption and are behaving like cornered rats.  They want Trump dead.  They want the GOP, conservatives, the Right, and all Christians dead!  This is how the Left achieves their self-righteous delusion that genocide is justifiable.  So long as they are in control, so long as they are in power, so long as others are forced to live by their decrees they are stable.  But they are not happy without unlimited power.  Now that they have lost it they behave like rabid animals ready to destroy all life that does not submit to their will.  And like all insane people they project their demented logic onto others accusing them of being what they themselves are – evil destroyers.

American Jihad – Vote Fascism or Die!

People typically project their own thoughts and motivations onto others.  That’s why leftists all believe the Right wants to steal their money and kill them, and that’s why the Right doesn’t understand that the Left wants to deceive them in order to have power over them.  If you understand that the paradigms of the Left, that the center is righteous and the right and left are extremes, and they believe themselves to be the noble center, then you will begin to see.  When you realize that the paradigm of Right vs. Left isn’t too extremes that should meet in the middle, but that one is right and the other is wrong, then you begin to comprehend the wisdom found in truth.  People on the Right believe in free trade and personal responsibility, while people on the Left believe in power over others to benefit themselves and are willing to steal and threaten to kill anyone who stands in their way.  That’s likely why Republicans are so reticent about standing up to Democrats in Washington – because their families are being threatened.  This has been the way of gangsters and tyrants throughout history.

Leftists live in two worlds of their duplicity

Leftists claim Trump is working with the Russians and either stupidly or treacherously revealing top secret information to them.  While Obama was meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House and giving them money and weapons to overthrow the governments that kept jihadis in check they kept it quiet while applauding his efforts.  Leftists idolize the worst people in history who made slaves of others – Pharoahs of Egypt, Muhammad, Genghis Khan, and on down to Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.  They approve of Communist regimes like Castro and Chavez.  They hate America and have from the beginning when they demanded that slavery be left in the Constitution.  The righteous fought a war to end slavery in America, but Democrats have fought and conducted a war of subterfuge and corruption to twist American culture to make it a slave nation again.  From democratic voting to the New Deal to Civil Rights to welfare; everything they have done has been to subvert the people and make them dependent on government and make government power under their rule absolute.  Now, with Donald Trump trying to undo their machinations that have been so successful for the past century and were to be cemented under Obama and his successor, Rush Limbaugh rightly says, “We haven’t seen Democrats this mad since Republicans took their slaves away.”

The many lies of the Left are generated by miseducation, the media, and computer hackery.  They teach our children lies about capitalism and socialism to warp their minds.  Then they inundate them with more lies through the media and entertainment via subtle infusions of wrong-headed thinking.  And they use computer generated people to present their lies as the truth and present their opinions as if they are the opinions of the majority.  One liberal can use a computer to generate ten thousand posts and make themselves appear to be the majority of the population.  The liberal news reports the actions of the 20% minority that are liberals as if they are 60% of the population.  They create “fact check” sites that give erroneous data depending on how easily a liberal lie can be found out.  (For example, you will find they report climate change frauds as true and proof of the fraud as lies.)  The lies of the Left begin at the foundation of their ideology and mushrooms through corruption and technology.

You have to investigate and examine facts for yourself, determine who is honest and who is lying, and learn not to trust those who deceive you.  Understand the difference between making a mistake, being fooled, and those who deliberately deceive you.  When someone tells you not to listen to FOX News or MSNBC or Rush Limbaugh or Barack Obama because they lie then you should listen to them, investigate what they say and find out if it is true so you can figure out who is actually lying.  When you take someone else’s opinion as a fact then you are allowing yourself to be misled.  How many times have you had other students say this teacher is bad or this teacher is great and found the exact opposite to be true?  This doesn’t mean truth is in the eye of the beholder.  People lie for a vast assortment of reasons.  If you can’t tell the difference between the truth and lies then you will fail in life.  If you know the facts then you will never lose an argument with a liberal who is always in possession of falsehoods and, when you reveal their errors, always get mad at you for exposing their flawed thinking.  Leftists never debate opposite views.  They will not tolerate dissent from their opinion.  That’s how you know they live in darkness because they cannot tolerate the light.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality producing the soul of hypocrisy living in denial while projecting their dysfunctional thinking on others.  They claim they support life, but the lives they would save are those of murderers they say are being unjustly executed.  They endorse killing babies in the womb to the count of over fifty million by saying they favor women’s rights over their own bodies.  Then they make morality laws forbidding women from prostitution.  But they support their use of drugs when they aren’t prohibiting alcohol.  The extremists among them, the Islamists, make it legal and righteous to rape women and kill them as prostitutes.  Theirs is an ideology at war with itself.  They want to use censorship rather than open debate to determine the truth as they see it so that others cannot speak assuring that they cannot be disproven.  Liberals are so duplicitous they can’t make up their minds from which side of their mouths they want to speak.  Credibility for the Left is built on the fallacy of their truths.

Liberals believe so many lies they don’t know what to think

Some simple rules in life to help:

  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • If it sounds ridiculous it probably is.
  • If it doesn’t sound quite right then it probably isn’t.

If someone claims to tell the truth and you later find out they deliberately lied then you know they are deliberately attempting to deceive you.  Learn who to trust and who not to!  Be willing to forgive mistakes, but remember that being fooled twice is to your own shame.  Trust should always be earned, not freely given.  And learn to understand your opponent.  If you believe Democrats love America and see them working to undermine and destroy it then you find their behavior confusing and maybe the result of incompetence.  But if you understand that Democrats want to conquer and subjugate America then their actions and motivations become crystal clear.  Be skeptical and optimistic, not naïve and pessimistic.  Pay attention and remember!  It is always better to be a realist who dreams than a dreamer who is oblivious to reality.

Finding the truth between the Right and the Left

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