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Yes, he is MY President, and he is YOURS, and that of every other Citizen of this great Country.

It is time to respect and cooperate, with the inhabitant of the Oval Office. Our Constitution decrees it. Our Forefathers practiced it, and set the example. Many of our fellow men and women, over the years, have given life and limb to protect it. Stand up and be counted, or sit in the corner and shut up!

I send the foregoing message to all Liberals, Democrats, turncoat-Republicans, One-World G. Soros supporters, and anyone else that decries the American way of life and our Democratic Republic.

You are shaming our Country with your constant childish complaints. I am convinced there is nothing that you won’t complain about, regarding the actions or words of President Trump. He was put there legitimately, by the people, through our Electoral College system. Respect our laws.

The positions within our Government that many of you hold, should indicate your intelligence and love of Country. But it appears to be just the opposite. You should know that your constant bickering over President Trump is becoming much like a “mosquito on a hot August night”. Your actions and words are inciting the violent protests. You are enabling the discontent within our Citizenry, and the blood is on your hands. If you think that you will cause him to retreat, or give up, you should know his strength will not allow that to occur. He has faced much adversity throughout his life and career, and I think he is well geared for your childishness.

You complained recently that he did not name certain perpetrators in the Charlottesville, Va. riots. Did it ever occur to you, oh high and mighty Attorneys of the Legislative Branch of our Nation, and the others in the Washington D.C. “swamp”, that he could not. He had to wait for the officials to name and reveal those involved. Had he named them without official word, he would have been criticized for that. Your actions, and your attitudes, and your words, seem to enhance your ignorance and your naivete. One can get the impression that you will not stop until you put this Nation into a violent, armed conflict (civil war), like never before seen on our shores. And you, of course, will blame President Trump for the event.

I have always wondered if, somehow, someway, someone has been able to brainwash all of you, perhaps by a sublimation suggestion, or drugs, as your actions are so “out-there”, it is hard to comprehend your attitude and behavior. Do any of you realize how often you contradict yourselves? You are not representative of the America I grew up in, nor lived my life these many years. Maybe those supposed “aliens” landing in New Mexico, were real. Did you know there are several members of “the swamp” that were born very near that day; don’t scoff, look it up. The supposed event was believed to have occurred very early in July 1947. I do not subscribe to the UFO theory, but this recent revelation about the birth dates sure got my attention.

This morning I woke up to more ranting and raving from the anti-Trump coalition. Do they ever find anything positive about the current administration? Do the reporters from the Media ever cover the stories of the positive accomplishments of the current administration? One would think their Editors and Supervisors should realize they are not doing their job of covering both sides of any story. Why are they being paid the “big bucks” only to cover one side?

I agree with Commissioner Bernie Kerick  of New York, that BOTH sides of the violent protests that we are seeing, are acting like lunatics. And now the honorable (????) Mit Romney gets into the fray contradicting Pres. Trump. (Gee, I wonder what he is doing in 2020). Looks like Mister Mit (the Liberal Republican in Conservative clothes) is gearing up for a run.

One can only pray that our Country returns to normalcy. But I doubt that can occur at this point; and I tremble to think of the alternative.

The anti-Government Fascist, Liberal, Soros-controlled Democrats are at a fever pitch. So fearful are they of losing what they perceive to be a very acceptable position in life, afforded them by previous administrations, along with the “entitlement” faction that will lose all the ‘freebies’ that have been handed to them; and more so the weak-minded, spineless, and self-ingratiating members of Congress who would rather see our Republic go down the tubes, than lose their lofty position.

My fellow Americans, we, those of us on the side of the Constitution and our beloved Flag, must stand shoulder to shoulder. It appears some of these anti Government and anti Trump people are trying to step up the rhetoric and the violence. They are now arming themselves. I blame Senator Schumer, Minority Speaker Pelosi, and yes, Maxine Waters, who many consider “off the mark mentally”; I also blame John McCain and his fellow Rino’s. They have all yet to see the ‘forest for the trees’!  We must, I am afraid, see to the protection of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

An American civil war has been predicted for some time, and I fear it may be coming. If so, it will be of a long and bloody duration. I fear that many of us will not live to see the outcome, mostly due to age, and we can only pray that God is on our side.

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