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Obama was shown today stating that Trump was ignorant about foreign affairs and how to keep America safe in the world. Hmmm. Let’s see what wisdom Obama has shown us in foreign policy.

First America should accept the blame for all of the worlds ills. Never mind that we are the world’s largest contributor OF PRIVATE MONEY to true charitable causes around the world. Never mind that the freedom we have in America was responsible for the innovation that has raised the standard of living across the world and saved millions upon millions of lives in 3rd world countries.  Add the trillions that the US government doles out to over 100 countries around the world to and there is no country in the world less to blame than America. People starve in there countries not because of a lack of resources, but because of ineffective leadership or repressive dictators with only their own self interest at heart.

Obama has led us to reduce our military forces to protect our own self interest. His great wisdom is that if bullies see us as less of a threat, they will be less likely to attack us. This of course ignores the fact that we are too rich of a target for the bullies of the world to ignore. It is too late to be ignored, we have a target on our back and there are very strong forces calling for our total destruction. Should we bow down and plead for mercy to our attackers?

Obama has also led the charge to pay blackmail to those countries that threaten us. Again, if we pay a bully to leave us alone, that will satisfy him. This shows a basic misunderstanding of human behavior. Evil is never satiated by acquiescing to its will. It will demand more and more and more until you have nothing less. The 150 billion Iran deal will just be the beginning of their demands.

Obama has shown us that you should leave your allies alone and defenseless. Both nations and individuals have suffered from this betrayal. Israel now faces nuclear war, Christians that supported us in Iran are being beheaded because we pulled out too soon. That is a great way to gain allies in the future.

So let’s see, apologize to your enemy, lower your defenses, and pay the bully money to leave you alone, oh, and along the way sacrifice some of your closest friends as well. This is wisdom? I will take Trump’s ignorance any day.


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