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I am appalled that this cadre of Politicians has opted to use “abortion” as a factor to win and/or earn votes. How sickening is this? Many are already Parents. They are acutely aware of the precious life they have started. They have observed with joy, with passion, with tears, as they have looked at this tiny little helpless Being. And yet, they become hypocritical when it is necessary for their agenda. Even lying to themselves to accept their own hypocrisy.

No matter how you present it, Murder is Murder. You intentionally take a life, you have committed Murder. You cannot justify it, you cannot excuse it away, you cannot ignore it.

Take a life, you have committed Murder. What will it take to expose the liars and hypocrites among us, who selfishly hide behind the facade of smug excuses to put an inconvenience in their life into the trash, literally.

You don’t want the bother of a child? Don’t indulge your hormonal drive! Exercise self-control. Don’t be so quick to put yourself in a situation where the possibilities are present.

As Human Beings, we sometimes are in situations that are unpredictable; situations that have suddenly come upon us without warning; situations that create dilemma’s; and that is when the long term consequences must be addressed, and decisions must be made.

Do not wait beyond the natural scheme of things. Accept the reality of life. No excuse in the World can obscure these facts; a beating Heart, a functioning brain, are absolute life. You and/or your Doctor have no right to terminate a life.

I understand that mitigating facts come into play. But that aside, it is totally unacceptable and abominable for any person to decide that another life must be terminated for selfish reasons.

It is totally beyond my comprehension how anyone can look at a helpless little being and decide that he or she is not deserving of a chance at life. Their life has already started; you started it, now see it through.

Do not put your own selfish need for power, for authority, for votes, before the future of this precious little Being. You and you alone will answer to a higher authority for your decisions in your own life.

We cannot, and should not, submit the heart and soul of this precious infant to the fate of a political football.

If you don’t believe in a higher authority, then go ahead, take a chance.

“…. .he who does not believe, will not receive ……… he who has the faith, will know the reward ….. “.

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