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If Obama isn’t removed soon he will be dictator by this time next year and America will be a very different place to live. Wake up everybody this Muslim president has all of the cards in his favor. He controls the military with his own people, Muslims are in control of the White House and all of his activities, he controls the boot licking democrats some republicans and he has but one signature to give for martial law, “HIS OWN” If he doesn’t remain in office and become dictator he may be tried for treason. What would you do? The candidates for president are wasting their time and money. Russia’s Putin is X KBG and he is warning all American citizens to not give up their guns, why would he say this? When the Marxist took over Russia they took the guns and slaughtered 30,000,000 people. There are warning signals everywhere but nothing happens. There is more to this than meets the eye. Sorry this is long but need to get the message across. This crazy man in the White House is changing everything Americans hold dear. The final result of this change can be seen in the bible in the form of judgment on America. Read on;

Is America in the bible? Your pastor and all theologians will say no. America is not mentioned by the name America. But be honest with yourself, do you think God would leave out the greatest nation ever on the earth. Of course not, if that is the case He must have covered it in some way, wouldn’t you think?

If any of you have studied the book of Daniel you are likely to remember in chapter 12:4; the Lord told Daniel to seal the words till the end times. Under this lying president and his Godless cohorts we the American people are being led to the gravest prophecy in the bible. A prophecy no one realized was there. The Lord hid it well so it would only be known at the time of the end.
The Lord knew 2500 years ago what America was going to do when he told Daniel to seal those words. What did the lord seal? There were 5 prophecies sealed. One prophecy is the founding of America in Daniel: Independence Day. Another one is what is happening to America this very day in 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 for the mystery of iniquity doeth already work, he who leteth, will let, till he be taken out of the way, then will that wicked one be revealed. We are closer to the end than most think. One of them is Revelation 14:6-13 the judgment of Babylon/America. The Lord also knew when this event would take place. All of this is recorded in the bible and what Daniel sealed has been unsealed. What amazes me is the fact that most people are not getting what is happening in and to America. Most haven’t a clue where we are in bible prophecy and probably wouldn’t care any way. They will though, when they lose their country and that is exactly what is happening today.

From the day Obama stepped into his cushy office we have been paying him to destroy our country. For him that is a great deal, he gets to play golf, take selfies; he laughs when caught in a lie and thinks he is better then and over everyone. It seems he puts everyone around him in a trance as they follow like sheep. It is possible that he is setting himself up to be the Muslims 12th Imam? I could make a list here of the minuses for Americans and the pluses for the Muslims he has accomplished but you all know what they are. If he can accomplish the destruction of America the Muslims would worship him forever.

He has already placed Israel in a box just as the bible says. I am not sure if any of us can do anything about this situation though, as our government has been taken over by him and his Muslim friends and it’s getting to late to change what he has accomplished.

What was so horrible that our Lord wanted the words sealed? The sealing was done for one reason and it was to cover something so horrible it wasn’t to be known till the end times. There are two more prophecies detailing this and these interact with a host of other scriptures that verify the outcome. Folks were very close to the last 7 years and the words Daniel sealed are now unsealed. You will not like what is advancing toward us at avalanche speed but you need to know. What Daniel covered is a nuclear war and not a little one. I cannot cover in detail here what I have to say but for those of you that are not faint of heart you can find the prophecies detailed and the time element which you will know is the work of God by his time stamp of incredible sevens in a book at you will not like what you read but you will be glad you read it. Your family’s future is at stake. The bible states this war mentioned will happen in the middle of the last seven years and were close to the start of those last seven.

If Jesus Christ is not on your “to do” list I suggest you get with it. There is a prophecy that states the Lord at some point will send a strong delusion that you will believe the lie then it will be too late. Washington has already consumed the cool aid.

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