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THE VIEW - The new season of ABC's "The View" premiered today, Tuesday, September 8, 2015. "The View" airs Monday-Friday (11:00 am-12:00 pm, ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Lou Rocco) WHOOPI GOLDBERG, MICHELLE COLLINS, JOY BEHAR, CANDACE CAMERON BURE, RAVEN-SYMONE´

Whether you like the man or not, (Donald Trump), you must respect the Office he holds as the President of the United States of America, and the responsibility we have put on him. If you think the election was unfair, then back up your statements with fact. Popular vote is not to be counted as the criteria for winning. It is part of the process of election, as put forth in the constitution, with the Electoral Board initiating the final vote, as per Amendment XII, ratified June 15, 1804.

You, and your fellow members of the TV show titled “The View”, should perhaps read thoroughly the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and all articles and amendments therein.

Your constant rude and vicious bashing of the President is having a very disruptive and influencing effect on our young. If you want to criticize him and his staff, as you of course may do, I only ask that you research the facts, and express your opinion in a fact/full, honest, and mature manner. As a public forum, I believe you have an obligation to maintain a civil responsibility and not play into the hands of those bent on taking down our Democracy through any means.

In the manner of which you proffer, of voicing your opinions, it appears to me that you are subtly re-enforcing the actions of the “enemy with-in” which is to silence all opposing views and Conservative opinions. Freedom of Speech is being attacked in our Society today. Anyone disagreeing with the Socialistic Liberal Democratic view is prohibited from speaking on many public venues, especially our Universities. And yet, burning our Flag, a treasonous act, is labeled a “freedom of speech”.

My fellow Americans, please stop and see the signs. You may not like the outcome of the recent National Election; but please, show your maturity, your acceptance of the Laws of our Country, and support our Government. Your words of disagreement and the anger in your voices,  are immature, and quite unfounded in a rational sense. You, and your words, are not unlike high schoolers that are not getting their way.

It is way past time to come together, as only Americans can do, and realize the enemy is not only “across the pond”, but right here within our borders. The very biased Media is adding fuel to the fire. I have noticed, however, that slowly and quietly, they are beginning to change their actions. I see more honesty in the headlines. I see less and less of the “leading” words at the lead of an article. Tolerance is important, yes, but not of our enemy’s tactics. Absorb all the news you can, and make a decision, based on your intelligence, on your maturity, as you have experienced and learned from our History. We cannot be divided, we must act as one. It is time to come together and fight for our American values, for our American way of life.

Freedom of Speech is a basic American value, as tolerance is also, but not in accepting as ours, the laws of another. Sharia law is the most profound opposite of all freedoms. Sharia law is blatantly and boldly against women’s rights. Sharia law is blatantly and boldly against Religious freedom. Sharia law is only for followers of Mohammed. Many Social venues will be annihilated under Sharia law; as will all non-believers of the Quran.

I believe we must patiently accept, protect, and support our Government. It is inherent and necessary to maintain our Democracy, our Republic, as our Founders gave to us with their blood and perseverance.  

I strongly ask you, ladies of The View, and other such public and professional forums, to ease up on the vicious venom in denouncing our Government. If you truly feel that way, then I respectfully suggest that you move to another Country as some of you have threatened. Did you honestly believe that many Americans would allow your threat to sway their vote?

President Donald Trump is not a die-hard Politician. He moves swiftly with intent and purpose. Perhaps you and your kind cannot keep up with him. He operates as the assured and confident Professional Businessman that he is. His is not “politics-as-usual”, and therein, I believe, is what is throwing off your views. If you are not accepting of ‘change’, then I proffer that your maturity is lacking; your political mindset has gone astray. It is time to return to our basic principals and values of our Nation.

Be individuals; not Party “lackies” that go along as little puppets.

God bless our Nation, our Flag, and our Government.

Jean Frances Coulard        4/25/17

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