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If one would take their time and really figure out who will make a great president between the main three parties on the ballot in 2016 they may come up with Gary Johnson.  He may be the right man for the job at the right time.  I’m not telling you to vote for him, I’m just here to get his message out.

Gary Johnson, alias Mr. Veto. would get in office and veto anything that was not cost effective. Electing him would be sending a message to congress with great results making both party’s work together.

In the meantime President Gary Johnson can do wonders for the country just like he did for the state of New Mexico where he was the Governor for eight years.

As a bonus Gary Johnson ran a border state and holds a peaceful solution to the immigration problem.

Since many have never heard of Gary Johnson and those that have, think he has zero chance of winning, and nobody really wants to waste their vote, let’s see if we can prove the experts wrong by participating in this  grass roots project.  Let’s put all our efforts in all 50 states to get his message heard and let the cards fall where they may.  Keep in mind he only needs the majority of votes in the following 11 states for him to become the next President of the United States of America.

California (55 electoral college votes)
Texas (38 electoral college votes)
Florida (29 electoral college votes)
New York (29 electoral college votes)
Illinois (20 electoral college votes)
Pennsylvania (20 electoral college votes)
Ohio (18 electoral college votes)
Georgia (16 electoral college votes)
Michigan (16 electoral college votes)
North Carolina (15 electoral college votes)
New Jersey (14 electoral college votes)

If you are thinking of voting for the lesser of two evils check out Gary Johnson’s opinions on the issues of our times.  His opinions may be found in the World Voting Exchange.  If you find one you support then make that issue your investment for the future.  Welcome to project World Peace In Progress.

I created the World Peace Political Center which has 3000 seats available for virtual politicians to play the online board game World Peace In Progress.  Virtual politicians are rewarded in many ways.  To become a player start your journey by voting on an issue that you strongly agree with Gary Johnson on.  You can find the issues and place to vote here.  After supporting an issue you will receive one unit of virtual currency known as a fantasy vote.  Use your virtual currency to takeover a location linked to a fantasy angel and parlay your wealth.  When you lose a location you will receive more virtual currency that may converted to cash or get back in the game and secure more locations in the World Peace Political Center.

Let’s think outside the box in  this grass roots initiative.

Over a million people voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 when he ran for President .  Lets see if we can get his message out this time.  If you agree that he is the best person for the job I urge you to vote for him in 2016.  Like always it’s best to vote for the candidate you agree with.

Your reward for helping to get Gary Johnson’s message out will be making money by controlling seats in the World Peace Political Center.  There are only 3000 seats available with 500 assigned to each of the six political families.  Each political family represents at least eight states each.  If Gary Johnson can carry the right 11 states thats enough to win the election, but lets work on making you some money by way of free enterprise .

Think big while playing the game and let’s see how many people we can get to play before the election.  Just start the ball rolling by casting one opinion vote in the World Voting Exchange.

A two dollar investment in your opinion will lead you to prosper and spark free enterprise as a tool for world peace.  Voting can get you a marker on the game board representing a seat in the World Peace Political Center.  If you lose your seat to another player you will earn virtual currency that may be redeemed for cash or used to acquire a new locations on the board.  While playing you will learn how to put a famous person from the past to work for you while trying to make a fantasy a reality.

There are over 300 million people in the U.S. and only 3,000 seats in the World Peace Political Center housing the top 3,000 famous people from the past known as fantasy angels.

Even if Gary Johnson loses the election which many say is sure to happen we can still have fun making some money supporting one of his opinions.

All Super PACs are welcome to bury money in the seats of the World Peace Political Center to be used as buried treasure for the players.  Just go to the outside forces page or the buried treasures page for details.

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