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We all know that liberal billionaire George Soros is a fervid fan of Hillary Clinton. The Donald Trump-George Soros Connection!!!

But were you also aware that George and Donald have been partners more than once? These partnerships show the George Soros we are familiar with, illegal activities paid with the almighty dollar, but we also find that Donald played the game exactly the same, and it cost him financially.

It all started with a simple loan between billionaires, but one is known as an avid socialist who is out to destroy the American way of life, while the other, well the other is following in the socialistic perspective, and has partnered with George Soros when he was in need of money. In 2004, George Soros made a $160 million loan to Donald Trump to build Trump Tower in Chicago. The $160 million Soros investment came in the form of a so-called “mezzanine loan.” (A mezzanine loan is like a second mortgage that charges a higher interest rate than the initial construction loan.)

Additionally, in 2008, Trump and Soros found themselves named co-defendants in a major lawsuit together…Leslie Dick Worldwide Ltd., which filed a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) lawsuit against 17 parties, including Trump and Soros. Leslie Dick accused Soros, Trump, and Deutsche Bank AG among others, of having concocted a scheme to win the 2003 auction for the General Motors Building in downtown Manhattan. This is known as bid rigging. It is illegal! In fact it is so illegal that in March of 2016 CEO Aubrey McClendon was indicted for the same — he’s suspected of “conspiring to rig bids to buy oil and natural gas leases in northwest Oklahoma.” Not bad, Donald Trump can play in the big leagues or illegal activities! On Jan. 6, 2009, U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones dismissed Leslie Dick’s request for entry of a default judgment, ruling that Trump and the other defendants had already begun to actively litigate the case. Other than that, coverage of the suit has since been minimal and it remains unknown as to whether or not it’s been resolved. Later in 2009 – on Christmas Eve, in fact – The New York Post noted that Trump attended a private party with Soros and infamously liberal Hollywood director Oliver Stone. So we have RICO act, George Soros, and Liberal Hollywood directors!!!

Yes, this plot thickens more. Donald never learns. It took him 3 business bankruptcies and a few chapter 11s to learn not to overextend for too long… Of Donalds original 160 million dollar Mezzanine loan, Some how Trump did not have to worry about paying back the majority of his mezzanine loan. A special group of lenders came in and erased a significant portion of this obligation. That group was the original mezzanine loan lenders: Soros, Fortress, and Blackacre; all of whom decided to forgive Trump’s future interest payments on the loan, selling it to him at the massively reduced price of $48 million. To put that in starker terms, Soros and the others effectively gave Trump possibly hundreds of millions of dollars in debt forgiveness, while cutting down the principal of his loan by $82 million.


160 million loan Footnotes: *Two articles quote the total for the mezzanine loan at $130 million, however, due to the limited coverage of the deal we do not know at this time which is the true figure.**Given the original figure of the $160 million principal, this would be an approximate $112 million giveaway on the loan’s principle to Trump..according to

This is only a beginning of the sorted business dealings that Donald Trump has been involved in which include racketeering, money laundering, and mob connections partners. Another case of the wrong person at the wrong time for the Wrong position in America. The question still is, why would you ever vote for a criminal and liberal that tries to portray republican stances, while partnering with liberal billionaires, and crime lords?


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