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The liberals (Dumocrats) work HARD to paint President Trump as “the worst president in history.” and it IS a “hard job,” since he has done all the things Barack Obama couldn’t do. Obama told us, “Hard times are here. They aren’t going to go away.” Because he had no idea at all about how to MAKE them go away. He told us that those millions of jobs that were lost under “his watch” were never coming back, so we’d better get used to being unemployed and dependent on the government.” Forgetting that, for the government to be ABLE to provide for them, they must STEAL the fruits of their ideas and labors from those capable and willing to earn for themselves, in order to have ANY “income to redistribute.” And it won’t take many years of this looting for those “producers” to realize they don’t get to keep want they earn, and so they stop earning. When that happens, the whole thing goes bust, as it did in Russia, and is now doing in Venezuela.

And, after 50 years of communism in Cuba, is in the process of doing, there. They don’t even have TOILET PAPER, fergawdsakes! Meanwhile, we’re in the middle of the biggest boom economy since Reagan’s tax cuts, and that’s after only two years under Donald Trump. All those jobs Obama said were never coming back have come back, in force. So much so that employers are now having trouble finding people to work for them. Trump has “waived his magic wand,” and companies Obama promised would never bring their jobs back to America, brought their jobs back to America. I don’t envy the liberals in their task to prove a man bad when he is NOT bad for this country. They have nothing else, so they call him a racist when all the racism is on their side. It’s racism against WHITE people. They accuse him of racism without a shred of proof. But that’s their way. Unsupported charges they take as Gospel and tout daily.

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Ray Thomas

Author of "What's Wrong IN America" and "Pay Attention to Politics,: Both available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I intend to spend whatever time I have left telling the TRUTH about what your government is doing to you, with the help of the bureaucracy and the educational system, and the liberal media. Up to now, I have been doing it through my three main blogs, which I update daily. they are: "The Bull Cutter) (, "The Unarmed Citizen" ( and "Ray's Shorts"( Read these blogs to keep up on what's happening that the liberal media refuses to cover, and just ignores.


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