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In a breaking story from FrontPage Magazine and the Associated Press, a puzzle picture of a conniving ex-President trying to stay in power, perhaps unseat a duly elected President, is now coming together in the deepest shadows of Washington, DC.

The plot includes career bureaucrats who remain in place as politicians come and go. Generally they pride themselves on “doing our jobs” regardless political parties. These are the people who enforce the laws, collect the fees, taxes and crank the machinery of government in the bureaus. Apparently Mr. Obama sees them as the source of a force to continue his control and then depose President Donald J. Trump.

Secretary Betsy DeVos is now leading the Department of Education, but Obama-appointed lawyers in the department continue to enforce unreachable mandates for career training institutions. Eventually, these people will be fired for insubordination and malfeasance to face the prospect of never again being able to get a government job, or perhaps any job, but for the time being their boss is Barack Hussein Obama. If they are not aware of their own realities it may only take that awareness to nip this coup in the bud, but it certainly documents the desperation of the Democratic hierarchy to keep power at all costs even if it means ruining many of their own people!

There is a Federal Regulation against employees doing government business by private telephones and email, but there has been widespread use of both doing public business surreptitiously to cover what was done during the Obama tenure. This indicates much corruption according to private watchdog organizations.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius used several secret email accounts in spite of their illegality as Congress wants them to be available for investigations given the potential for corruption. The Obama Administration is on record of having full knowledge of her practice, but made no attempt to put an end to it as if they were above the law!

We recall Mr. Obama promised to make his the most transparent Administration in history, but this, among other, practices puts that promise in the same category as the infamous “If want to keep your plan or doctor” claims for ObamaCare. Pouring a rasher of salt on that wound Mr. Obama declared, “The Freedom of Information Act should be administered with the clear presumption, in the face of doubt, openness prevails.” In other words to those filing such requests, “Go pound that!”

These ways of conducting the public business were so much of the Obama Administration many are numb to his undermining of the Constitution and now it appears he is intent on destroying whatever he was unable to in the final days of his tenure.

Kathleen Sebelius was probably the most frequent lawbreaker and corrupt Obama Cabinet Member with her shaking down operation and dubious charitable groups for large donations to implement ObamaCare. She is apparently in this gag and intends to pay billions of Dollars to members of radical Saul Alinsky inspired groups to join the Obama effort.

The Department of Labor is thought to be another rat’s nest of illegal email accounts. They recently attempted to shake down Associated Press for more than $1 million in exchange for departmental email addresses that are free under existing law. They claimed they would have to scour 2,236 tapes with 50 employees to extract the record. They eventually gave up the records free without comment. They are also notorious for charging conservative organizations for data they gave freely to left-leaning groups.

Where most news organizations are left-leaning the AP has shown enough objectivity to make the Obama Enemies List. The Obama treatment of the AP is clearly a First Amendment violation, but the AP has not objected on that basis. The Holder Department of Justice hacked AP to get two months of telephone logs apparently to identify journalists for their Enemies List. This is but one example of the Gestapo-style tactics of an Obama Operation and a harbinger of Gestapo-style things to come.

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