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On July 12, 2018 Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “fired for effect,” which is Navy jargon for shooting all the torpedoes or cannon if you are confident your guns are correctly aimed. So here he is in full Howdy Doody mode, charming all the Democrat elected folk.  (Note the lady in the lower right corner.  She is ready.) Rosenstein was declaring his authority by making the dramatic announcement of the R.S. Muller IIIrd’s new indictments.

He flashed his patent “Swampster Smile” in preparation for a July 2018 testimony to the House Judicial Committee.  All Deep State denizens appear this way before the elected folk while believing they really run the place and these “temporaries” don’t realize the power is in the bureaus by 24 million to 535 as the bureaus have their boots on the necks of the American people 24/7.  That smile is pasted on, because he thinks we don’t think what he thinks matters, but he is really in charge!   Not only does power corrupt; it deludes.

The Robert Swan Mueller III indictment of 12 Russian intelligence operatives is yet another stupid maneuver by America’s Prosecutor Clueseau.  He pulled a similar stunt in San Francisco in the 1970’s and lost 18 “slam dunk” drug running cases against the Hells Angels. a more surely, guilty looking bunch you could not drag into a court and convict, but Mueller bungled the case by overcharging and mishandling evidence.  This has been the “SOP,” Standard Operating Procedure for the entire career of Robert Swan Mueller III Esquire.

Robert Swan Mueller III, is Philadelphia high-born, high-educated, war-hero with Purple Hearts for battlefield Bandaid(tm) fumbles moved on to Boston where he employed Mafia killers as snitches while convicting four innocent men who spent 40 years in jail thank to Mueller tampered evidence and errors that were discovered!  The two living men remaining were released and got $115 million in “malicious prosecution” court awards of taxpayer money.

It has long been the practice of the FBI to align with one Mafia family at the expense of others by using their “soldiers” as snitches.  This practice greases the skids to convictions in spite of collusion with known criminals and is rumored to have informed the FBI about the “911” attack one year in advance, but the FBI was working with the wrong side and did not want to lose their sources so they let the preparations for the “biggest gag of all time,” go to execution and kill thousands of the citizens they were sworn to protect!  Such is the ethic of the FBI!

There is also speculation the FBI knew of or participated in the JFK assassination and it is in the Warren Report material still sealed in violation of the announced release date as it would destroy “The Bureau.”  That any of it was sealed in the first place told the world “Something is rotten in The Bureau” as the FBI is called by “special agents” who wear brown suits and shoes, hats and drive four door Plymouths.

Mueller also fumbled a “slam dunk” case on a nuclear physicist who had been stealing and selling weapons secrets.  He walked as a result.  He then convicted virologist Steven Hatfield on defective, faked evidence.  Hatfield eventually proved he had no access to the Anthrax virus as accused and falsely imprisoned.  Hatfield sued and won $5.8 million for “malicious prosecution.”  There are more, but these are typical Mueller case outcomes.

Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) wrote the most complete of all tell all articles on Robert Swan Mueller III, 14 pages, 15,000 words available at: <>  It is a stunning indictment of the man who is now investigating our duly elected President Trump with the objective of removing him from office.

Director Mueller is a Deep Swamp example of the perfect DC bureaucrat as he is a screwup and beholden to superiors who know where his bodies are buried and can break him in a minute. “Bob” is the perfect swamp rat.  He is straight out of Central Casting, ingests measured amounts of food and drink, walks like Gary Cooper with his left hand in his pants pocket.  He speaks precisely, presenting all the BS that works for The Swamp.  He was perfect for directing an FBI that would never find anything wrong done by an elected person.  He has become wealthy by protecting elected people.  He is the key to the Deep Swamp.

The new indictments are worth less than the first set where Bob showed his “screw-up” system was still in gear.  He indicted ten Russian citizens not realizing that any with significant international business would have to respond in order to get bank clearings on  transactions!  Any first year law or MBA student would be aware of this so “Bumbling Bob” really blew it!

Defendants have “the right of discovery.”  They have the right to see what Bob has and he is now doing a tap dance in a DC court as he has nothing!  It is a good bet he has zero on the Russian intelligence officers and where they are not engaged in international commerce needing bank clearings Bob thinks he is safe.

It is probable he is not as the only thing Bob is really good at is screwing up.  Bob does not realize that The Swamp, like any primitive society makes sacrifices and it appears Bob is “on deck.”  Rod Rosenstein made the mistake of showing his hand and this game is one with lethal table stakes.  Keep smiling Rod!

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