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California, in recent decades, is notorious for electing hard-Left Democrats to national office. From Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, to Dianne Feinstein—a senator who actually said during the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court confirmation hearings that she was troubled by Gorsuch’s originalism when it comes to the Constitution, California has proven to be worlds away from the state it once was, the state that brought us President Ronald Reagan.

Possibly the most blatant example of this occurred in last November’s election, with the two contenders for the U.S. Senate being both Democrats. Former CA Attorney General Kamala Harris won the open Senate seat and has, unsurprisingly, acted as a hard Leftist and has been trying to raise her national profile in egregious ways, such as raising questions regarding climate change in the confirmation hearings of CIA director Mike Pompeo, even though that has nothing to do with the job he was being confirmed for. But it gave her Leftist brownie points, so why not?

But yesterday, during a hearing with Secretary of Homeland Security, General John Kelly, Harris showed herself to be the radical she is in an awfully disrespectful manner. Kelly, a gold-star father, had a testy back and forth with Harris during an exchange about President Donald Trump’s policies on sanctuary cities.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, Harris cut Kelly off to state that Trump’s administration forces cities into a “Hobbesian choice,” making these cities choose to comply with federal law or forfeit DHS funding for counterterrorism.  Harris kept rudely interrupting Kelly’s answers, as well.

The exchange was as follows:
Kelly: “[We told city officials that whatever they do within the law], we’re willing to work with them. So—”

Harris: “So are you aware that there’s local law enforcement—”

Kelly: “Could you at least let me finish once, before you interrupt me?”

Harris: “Sir, with all due respect.”

Kelly: “With all due respect, senator.”

Harris then asked if Trump’s administration was advising local enforcement that they could overlook government requests on detainment.

Kelly: “We talk to them about whatever they’re comfortable with, whatever they think they can do within interpretation of their local attorneys general, as an example, or local lawyers—”

Harris: “So when they’re instructed—”

Kelly: “Could you let me finish once, senator?”

Harris: “Excuse me. I’m asking the questions.”

Kelly: “But I’m trying to answer the question.”

The next time Kelly got a question, he asked Harris to assure him that she would not interrupt.

“If it’s responsive to the question, of course,” Harris replied.

The disrespect shown by Harris was despicable. She seems to care more about protecting illegal immigrants, a principle staple of the Left, while ignoring Kelly and the DHS, who are trying to keep Americans safe.

Mark Levin said this on his radio show last night as well, stating that Harris is so obsessed with advocating for illegals and that the Democrat Party cares more about foreigners here illegally than American taxpayers.

But the Harris-Kelly exchange exemplifies much more than just disrespect to DHS. It demonstrates the Left’s contempt for Americans and for grieving parents whose children have been murdered by illegals, such as the parents of Kate Steinle or Sarah Root. The list is endless.

The issue for the Left is a worldview issue. It doesn’t stop with illegal aliens. It is about a worldview where the rule of law, and the United States as a country, falls by the way side. America needs to be taken down a notch, and the Left will do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if people must die in the process.

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