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We need justice and regulatory reform if this country is to survive. If this country doesn’t wake up, we will have more: Branch Davidians, Ruby Ridges, Oklahoma City type bombings, Bundy Ranch and Malheur Wildlife Refuge stand offs, Fergusons, and Baltimores.

As there are problems in the justice system, the real problem can be congress and state legislatures. Members of these bodies need to work together because one size does not fit all. Those with BA degrees need to listen to those with BS degrees and vice versa. People have different experiences and education. Some know the concrete jungle and rain while others know wide open spaces and snow. The country is not even in distribution of minorities. What the state and areas within the state have different resources to use. The law making bodies need to here from the people that are affected by the lawm in some cases only a few.

There are over reaching federal agencies like: BLM (not Black Lives Matter), EPA, IRS, Department of Interior, and Department of Agriculture. The problem is these crimes are by statute and rulings, It is the penalties, interest, court cost and legal fees, above the fine that people complain about. Interest and penalties start at the time the violation occurred, not when discovered. Daily fines are ridiculous when safety should be considered, a quick correction could be worse and even create another fine.
It is court and legal cost again that are a burden on the lower government levels. Violation of some local ordinance; a speeding ticket or speed traps, an equipment violation on a vehicle; selling cigarettes by the cigarette and not the pack; and today having a display of patriotism, it is often just a matter of revenue.

Finally, there is crime with property damage, personal injury and death. There are crimes involving theft and drugs. Drugs can be the crime, the cause, or cure.
The issue of race might never be completely gone, but issues like education and attitude can be as much of a factor. Law enforcement uses the same tactics where minorities are few or even nonexistent.

It is at the court or hearing level that justice often goes sideways. In many ways, it is economics. The power of a judge, and prosecutor is a determining factor. How well the crime is investigated can determine the outcome.

Usually it is better to have more than one person to determine how a case is to proceed. There has been too much plea bargaining. This can be to cut the backload of cases or laziness. The ideology of the prosecutor can creep in regardless of law. The judge and prosecutor determine what evidence is submitted to the jury if there is a jury trial. The distance a court appointed attorney goes to defend their client varies. The plea bargain can have people serving time they shouldn’t, and others serve less time than they should. The poor can’t appeal. Those with some money can go broke on appeals. The law should be equal justice with no one being above the law because of power and position. It has come to the point where each branch of government should be able to bring corruption or other chages against the other branches of government.

There are just enough bad people in the justice system to gum it up. Overall those in the justice system just want to do a good job in protecting the public. The few bad can be found in pockets.

More training can help. Mental and physical standards should be met. Job creation and education opportunities must increase. A newer item is the assimilation of refugees and new immigrants. First and second generations.

Crimes on a person’s own property should be looked at differently, if the people doing a legal act did not have proper ID or paperwork. The mere sight of a gun does mot constitute a crime. Law enforcement can’t always respond wit in five minutes.

Corrupt politicians and those still wet behind the ears because of lack of experience are a danger to our rights. We have a problem in this country with too many politicians representing concrete jungles, and knowing little about what is in the wide-open spaces. It is in the wide= open spaces that we get our food supply, and minerals for energy and development. Taking private and public lands by politicians is not the correct use of eminent domain.

With human age nature there will always be some crime. Life sentences mean tax payer support for life. How can prisoners pay fines and make restitution? What good are sentences over 25 years beginning at age 18 0r 40? Can maiming a person be worse than killing? Should damaging the government be more of a crime then damaging a person? There needs to be some time served fr any conviction, but some common sense needs to prevail. The likelihood to recommit is a consideration. Will just being separated from drugs and alcohol for a period of years be the cure?

All we can hope for is that all the known facts are presented fairly. A decision by three to twelve outside the court or ruling body will give a fair decision.

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