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There is a new “End of the world! We’re all gonna die!” panic push going that is more believable than most as it has happened, ending the dinosaurs, but not the small animals from which we evolved. It is asteroid 3BC2017 due to pass by or strike Earth on June 23, 2017.

Panic pushers say it will strike near Puerto Rico and generate huge waves, killing millions. The only good news is that most of the Democrats live near coasts and it would cleanse America of liberalism. We can deal with the few million leftovers. You can see a bunch of this alarmist madness at:

The other entertaining aspect is that I developed a new concept in fiction writing where a book includes four story paths written for (1) a single man (2) a single woman, (3) a married man and (4) a married woman with the idea of showing what they think and do when the likelihood is real the world is ending. The story is not finished because writing in that format is so complicated and time-consuming. I did what I thought it would take to sell the concept, but I have done nothing more with it as I do not want to become a slave to it, but it has been fun for the few hundred people who have played with it. I would be more than glad to see someone use the concept. See it at:

This incident shows how far our leading science professionals that have been advising the elected ruling class have had their heads up their butts or their brains in their wallets: JFK’s “…putting a man on the moon in the decade!” speech was read by his science advisors and had I been one, I would have said, “Mr. President, this is a really stupid idea,” and made my case and then packed up my desk, turned in my White House passes and gone back to Obscurity, Illinois happy that I had served my nation well and honestly as he would have abandoned that really idiotic idea. “Man In Space” is a total waste. We have no business there.

These giant rocks in space are real and some of them are on collision courses with us. One struck the Yucatan 250 million years ago and another one will in the time of man. It will most likely hit in the seas as they cover 71% of the planet and it will send thousand foot waves in every direction, at 500 miles per hour but no one strike can hit all shores. The most devastating strike would be in the South Pacific as it would take out every living thing for 20 to 50 miles inland for the entire Pacific Rim. The good news is that it would shut off all the Hawaiian music. Can’t stand it! If it cannot land there I want Wisconsin and all the Polka bands.

This situation is conclusive proof that we are ruled by a class of functional morons. They can be potty trained and taught to handle knives and forks, but that is about it. There is a network of amateur astronomers that are finding and tracking all these space rocks as well as advising government astronomers, who are lavishly paid and sent to Europe every year in time for the Truffle harvest, for having put the amateur astronomer data into a million Dollar computer program that computes the orbits of said space rocks.

If we had the national science act together we would have created more astronomer posts to track and predict when these rocks will hit us because they will sure as your socks get holes in them. We could have designed rockets to land on these asteroids and set off a rocket on them that would steer them away from us. We have landed an instrument package on one of them to show that it could be done, but most of the 11,800 Ph.D. scientists working for our government are busy inventing “Climate Change” myths so the Feds can tax carbon-based fuels, build more bureaus and arm their clerks and secretaries to deal with evil Americans who read the Constitution.

Now you should not wonder why every evening, for years, as I said my prayers at the foot of my bed kneeling in my adult-sized, Dr. Denton’s with non-slip footpads asking God to put an asteroid on Washington, DC and he did not listen, or did he and it is June 23, 2017?

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