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What has the United States come to? When the politicians who run the country are lying so blatantly to the American people, hasn’t America become a tyranny rather than a Republic? In my humble opinion, as a 10 year U.S. Army and combat veteran, America has absolutely become a tyranny! No longer does the government serve its people, rather the new America expects the people to serve its government. A prime example of this is the supposed “Russian Hacker” narrative, which is both categorically and literally false.

A rather disgusting person and former competitor of Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican primary, Senator Lindsey Graham, claims that this “new evidence” released last week shows that Russia is guilty of the hack.

“It’s time not to throw pebbles but to throw rocks,” Graham said. “I wish we were not here. If it were up to me we would all live in peace? But Putin’s up to no good, he better be stopped, and the president-elect better listen.”

Unfortunately for all of these “Russian Hack” promoting idiots, there STILL is no solid evidence showing that Russia “hacked” anything. The false narrative has been given a misleading name, and the mainstream media outlets keep claiming that “Russia hacked our elections.” In reality, the elections were for sure not hacked and they know that. What WAS hacked was the server for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and these false narrative pushing criminals are lying to the American people just about the basis of their investigation. Some moronic Americans are walking around repeating this false narrative that “Russia hacked the elections,” even though the government knows for a fact that this did NOT happen.

Now, I will concede that the DNC was hacked; however, again we find that this was not the Russians. Vladimir Putin had nothing to do with the DNC being hacked, and even if he did, the results of that hack only showed how corrupt our politicians are, so remind me again how this negatively affected the country? It didn’t, and they know that. What the American people are witnessing is the defeat of power-hungry elite, whom are literally crying over the defeat of the Democratic Party. Most Americans see this, and they are adamantly rejecting the “Russia” narrative, however all Americans should be concerned over the fact that such a dangerous lie has been perpetrated against them. Corrupt war-mongers like Lindsey Graham say it is time to throw rocks…and I agree…although it is not time to throw rocks at anyone other than the corrupt power-hungry elite in America. It is time to throw rocks, and by that I mean that it is time to begin holding these people accountable for their actions.

Julian Assange came out today and he calls the “Russian Hack” narrative embarrassing for the United States, and I would be inclined to agree with him. It is dumbfounding to know that such utterly corrupt liars have made their way into positions of power throughout the United States, and now the American people are forced to listen to such people try to drag them into a war because they are unhappy about the results of an election. It is embarrassing to know that the leaders of my country are such liars that they would mislead the world in such a way as this. It is rather disturbing actually, to know that leaders, who are supposed to be representing me, are telling such ominous and blatant lies.

“It was not an intelligence report,” Assange said. “It does not have the structure of an intelligence report. It does not have the structure of a Presidential Daily Brief. It was frankly quite embarrassing. It was clearly designed for political effect.”

What Assange is saying, is that this new report being touted as the proof that Russia “hacked the elections” (which is alone is categorically false) is nothing more than made-up nonsense provided in different format and procedure than it would normally be presented. The entire narrative is being used for “political effect,” and with this I agree 110%. Assange has also come out and said many times that the DNC hack was not conducted by Russia, that information had been leaked by insiders from inside the beltway.

While the Democrats and establishment Republicans go around blaming Russia, there are at least 65 million Americans (Trump voters) whom know that this narrative is entirely false. This is why they have not been able to gain traction on this topic in recent weeks. If they had their way, and the American people did not stand up and say something, I would venture to guess we would already be at war with Russia. But because patriots have stood up and pointed out that it is false, they are beginning to back off of their false predication for a large shooting war with Russia based on false information.

Assange, who is not an American, is someone whom I consider an American patriot. He did the right thing for the people of the United States in showing them what their “leaders” are up to in Washington D.C. Assange did a service for the American people, which had it not been done, America stood a chance of having a very tyrannical near-future. The Democratic Party has lost its way from helping the American working class, and now they are involved in corruption up to their eyeballs…and the American people deserved to know this.

“Even if you believed that hackers of some kind illicitly obtained the Podesta emails and the DNC emails we published … what are we talking about in terms of impact?” Assange said. “…What was discussed are the words of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and her team revealing unethical practices, corruption, hypocrisy, etcetera. Should the American people have been denied that true information?”

So there you have it folks, the so-called “leaders” in America are willing (and able via the lying mainstream media) to lie to the American people. They have been caught with their proverbial pants-down, and now they are blaming everyone but themselves for the outcome. It appears that Donald Trump came along just in time, right when the American people found out how badly they are being misled and misinformed. Like a knight in shining armor, Donald J. Trump has burst onto the scene looking to clean this mess, and for the sake of America, I hope and pray he succeeds in this mission. Drain that swamp Mr. Trump…DRAIN THAT SWAMP!!!


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