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Unlike ninety-four million other Americans, Johnny has a job. Mary Kay wanted it. In an ideal world, May Kay would have gotten Johnny’s job. Mary Kay is still an American. Johnny gave up on America. His transition began when he was elected to the U.S. Congress seventeen years ago.

Johnny became a Washingtonian, one of the socio-economic elitists who believe that government is a suitable substitute for God. Laverne found that out for herself. Laverne and her husband were friends of Johnny and his family.

Laverne is a dear friend of your correspondent who once asked Johnny about the abortion issue. The question was posed at a social function at Johnny’s house.

Johnny looked Laverne in the eye, smiled and said, “Laverne, it will be all right”, and walked away. She was shocked by the non-answer. His response was typical of how a Washingtonian thinks.

Inside the Beltway, where the Washingtonians meet to plot their assault on anything and everything American, life is good. Unemployment is almost non existent and salaries are high. Washingtonians are a protected species.

Lobbyists, lawyers and special interest groups representing a myriad of interests vie for the attention of the Washingtonians. They get that attention with money. There is no shortage of money in Washington when it comes to buying the influence that Johnny and his cohorts offer to sell.

Johnny was a realtor before he was a Washingtonian. Apparently he got tired of the competition in the real estate business and entered the nether world of politics. He finally made the big time and for the last seventeen years he has proved himself worthy to wear the mantle of a true Washingtonian.

The last time he ran for the Senate, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) included your correspondent in their mailings three times. The NAR owns Johnny. He is as beholden to the NAR as Colonel Sanders was to chickens.

Johnny is not unique in this regard. He is not an exception to how things are done. He is only one of the five hundred thirty-five members of the U.S. Congress doing the bidding of influential, special interest groups.

Those groups know that Congress is the money pit. The never ending flow of cash from the former reps of the American people shows no signs of abating. Mary Kay Bacallao offered hope that sanity could be returned to Washington.

She deserved a chance to try. She got get little if any, support from the state or national Republican Party. They’ve got Johnny. Georgians sent Senator Perdue to Washington in 2014. He transitioned from outsider to Washingtonian in less than a year.

In 2016, Georgians had an opportunity to elect a real outsider. Mary Kay Baccallao, conservative Christian with experience in government at the local level, might be the real deal.

In any case, Johnny should have been fired. That firing could have been done at the ballot box. Early voting, another travesty, began. Johnny won. Johnny and New America are doing well.

Chuck Wade


iPatriot Contributers


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