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We expect to hear Democrats and the leftist media speak in hysterical terms about Republicans in general and President Trump in particular. But we don’t expect it from a war hero and senior senator.

John McCain put his foot in his mouth this weekend in two ways:

1) It is unseemly for a government official to bash the United States or its president when in a foreign country. McCain should never have made his comments in Germany, which does enough America bashing on its own. This is not a law – it’s a tradition. But it is an important tradition that McCain should have honored for the good of the country. If he has a problem with Trump, he should talk to him man to man rather than embarrassing the nation – and himself.

2) His comments were ridiculous. First, he claimed that the president was destroying freedom of the press. Then he said that’s what all dictators do to gain power. Then he said he didn’t mean that Trump was trying to be a dictator.

Note to McCain: If that’s true, Senator, why did you bring up the fact that you thought Trump was muzzling the press and say that that is what dictators do in the same breath? I think the answer is obvious. You wanted to call Trump a potential dictator and be able to weasel your way out of having done so if you were called on it.

As Rand Paul said, McCain is deliberately blowing Trump’s criticism of the press out of proportion. Every president has criticized the press throughout history. But, as Paul says, there is a big difference between criticizing the press and passing a law or issuing an executive order to suppress the press. Trump has obviously done neither.

McCain has been mad at Trump since they both campaigned for the nomination. Today he still takes every opportunity to oppose Trump, snipe at him, and try to block his agenda. If he wants to continue to be viewed as a patriot, he needs to get over himself, grow up, and start working with the president. If he doesn’t he will become a footnote in history. Nobody likes an obstructionist.

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