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What in the world is going on in the Obama administration? President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have spent months telling us how bad Vladimir Putin and Russia are and how evil Assad and Syria are… and now all of a sudden Kerry is saying that if not for Russia Muslim terrorists would be running Syria?

That’s what it sounds like from a recent interview that Kerry gave.

Sec. Kerry told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that Russia (and Iran) had SAVED Syria from being taken over by extremists. Which should beg the question… then why are we not helping Russia in Syria? It seems that the Obama administration has decided that toppling Assad is better for the Syrian people, even if it means that ISIS would be completely in charge. Which seems insane to me…

Listen as Kerry tells America that the Obama team may prefer terrorists to Assad:

I believe there is an exhaustion setting in, sometimes timing is everything in these kinds of negotiations. And I believe that there is a possibility over the course of the next year that the parties could come forward. It would be on a different plane of leverage, a different kind of outcome than some people might have anticipated. But there may be possibilities of trying to move forward…

There is no military solution to the problem of Syria. When President Putin came in, he came in partly to prop up Assad, but also because ISIL/Da’esh was gaining huge ground. The radical extremists were gaining huge ground against Assad, and Assad was in a very fragile position. And so together, Iran and Russia had to prop him up, and save him from the possibilities that the extremists might take over the country.

And I will say, that was not something that we weren’t also concerned about — that there was a gaining foothold of al-Nusra, and Da’esh, in their ability to push towards Damascus. And the regime was on its heels. Did Putin make an enormous difference in that? Yes, along with Iran and Hezbollah and the entities that basically overwhelmed some of the forces available to the opposition. But that doesn’t end the war. Nothing that he has done is in fact going to obviate the need to get to Geneva to have… a real negotiation that resolves the political differences [in Syria]…

That’s a hard road to get to, no matter what Putin has done.


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