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DESPICABLE: Deserving to be despised, worthless, and obnoxious

The word “collusion” has been front page in America since 2016. I believe the majority of Americans now understand the word “collusion” best describes the deeds Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were involved in with the Deep State and the Russians, they were the real colluders. Obviously Muller is ignoring truth and reality.
But it has recently become evident that another top Democrat political figure has been colluding with a hostile foreign power. That would be John Kerry. Kerry continues to further diminish what little reputation he has left by advising the Ayatollahs to hold firm against President Trumps Iran policy. Kerry has been engaged in at least four clandestine meetings with Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif. Kerry’s covert input to the Ayatollahs is treacherously the opposite of President Trump’s Iran policy.
President Trump’s Iran policies are based on the reality of Iran’s international support of terrorism, what Iran’s nuclear ambitions actually are, Iran’s anti-American, anti-Israeli insufferable convictions and Iran’s constant, decades-old hate America attitude. Obama and Kerry’s policies were, let’s just camouflage all the bad stuff and tell lies about how great our “deal” was.
John Kerry a former (thank God) Secretary of State has inserted himself as furtive scheming advisor to Iran. Iran, a brutal, dictatorial, Islamist state that is the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism; Iran, a state that with the assistance of Obama and Kerry, effectively enabled the Syrian Assad regime to conduct vicious chemical attacks on its own men, women, and children, due to the Obama/Kerry lies that “all the chemical weapons had been removed from Syria.” Iran has also without question, been vigorously deceptive on the flimsy nuclear control agreements laid out in the Obama/Kerry lousy excuse for a “deal,” the noxious deal that Obama and Kerry brag about.

Kerry has been advising the Ayatollah’s, “don’t worry, we will stop Trump in 2018, so hold firm.” “Everybody in the world is talking about waiting for Trump to lose power.” “I may run for president again 2020 and Trump will be gone;” now that is an amusing witticism, but a disgraceful flaunt from a disastrous former Secretary of State, playing the role of consigliere to a dictatorial Islamist, anti-Semitic, sponsor of world terrorism. Kerry’s disgusting covert actions in Iran are also “collusion” the same collusion General Flynn was falsely accused of and has had his life ruined by.
But the Iran treachery just another chapter of Kerry’s duplicitous mode of life. A life that is available for all to observe in books written about the fallacious and scheming avenues Kerry has chosen to arrive at who he is today.
Obama/Kerry’s catastrophic surrender to the Iranian Ayatollah’s nuclear ambitions, if allowed to continue, will in a space of just a few short years allow Iran, under the fanatical Ayatollahs, to legitimately manufacture nuclear weapons. If that insanity should be permitted to ensue, the Middle East would almost certainly become a biblical Armageddon. President Trump, despite Kerry’s sedition, isn’t going to allow that to happen.
However, the Democrat Party and our corrupt media (come to think about it, the two are synonymous) have for years desperately struggled to cover up Kerry’s conduct. Didn’t fool the American people during Kerry’s 2004 run to become president, he lost.
Of course Kerry’s recent Iran sabotage is just the first of the many times John Kerry has betrayed his country. In 1970 Kerry went to Paris in his anti-Vietnam War protester mode and met with communist North Vietnamese leaders, who then used Kerry’s disgusting words as propaganda to support their cause.
That meeting was during the war when Americans were fighting and dying in Vietnam. John Kerry’s many venomous anti-war lies were made when U.S. was still battling the North Vietnamese Army, the Viet Cong and had POW’S suffering in North Vietnamese camps (Hanoi Hilton). Many of those POW’S have stated that the North Vietnamese gleefully made those men listen to Kerry and tortured them because Kerry’s statements reinforced their communist lies and our POW’S wouldn’t acknowledge those lies.
John Kerry was still in the Naval Reserves at the time of his treachery. At the time of his meetings with our countries enemies he was on inactive status and tried to use that as a false flag excuse that he was then an American civilian; won’t work because inactive means that you are still being paid, still accruing years toward a retirement pension, still on the hook and available for recall to active duty. Kerry was not, in anyway, authorized to meet or negotiate with the enemy. As a Naval reservist he was responsible for his actions, it was illegal for Kerry to negotiate with representatives of a country we were in de-facto war with. Why wasn’t Kerry brought to trial for his villainy?
Enemy documents later discovered from 1971, show that Vietnamese communists were a part of the international communist groups that guided the American anti-war movement. Kerry’s meetings with the communist delegation in the Paris Peace talks were a part of that infamy. John Kerry and his Vietnam Veterans against the War (VVAW) group were working toward the exact goals set forth in those communist directives.
When news of his obscene meetings with communists made the news, Kerry robustly denied those meetings. But later Michael Meehan, one of Kerry’s top spoke persons, finally had to admit Kerry actually did meet with Madame Binh, the top Viet Cong negotiator in the Paris peace talks. So John Kerry once more exposed himself as a liar. Even today we don’t know how Kerry arranged the meeting, where it was held, how long it lasted. Kerry has firmly kept the details of his betrayal secret.
Kerry and his VVAW cohorts (more on the VVAW later) worked closely with our countries enemies, arranged multiple meetings with the Vietnamese and Viet Cong leadership, and consistently supported their positions, positions that entailed putting American armed forces in danger. Kerry and his radical comrades played a key role in defining the false damaging images of Vietnam veterans as group of psychologically disabled alcoholics, addicted to drugs and haunted by the crimes they had been forced to commit in a “racist” war.
So let’s take a look at the real John Kerry, the repulsive decisions he has made, and much more information regarding why he should never again be in any position of power in our country.
I’m going to start with John Kerry’s family and early life. His father Richard Kerry served in the United States Army Air Force during World War II. After the war Richard became an Assistant United States Attorney. Richard Kerry eventually entered the U. S. Foreign Service as a diplomat and served in Washington, Germany and Norway. Richard Kerry was a left leaning, pro world government career diplomat. As will be shown, Kerry Sr. significantly influenced his son John’s political views and they bonded over politics.
After his retirement Richard Kerry published his political beliefs in a book “The Star Spangled Mirror.” Those beliefs are interesting considering his son John’s current political dogmas.
Franklin Foer, who writes for The New Republic (not a conservative broad sheet), wrote a column about Richard Kerry’s book. Here are just a couple of quotes, but they reflect Kerry’s fathers mind set.
Foer quotes Richard Kerry, “Just as Americans exaggerate their own goodness, they exaggerate their enemy’s badness.” The Soviet Union wasn’t nearly as imperialistic as American politicians warned.” The rest of Foer’s column reveals Kerry seniors “America is the problem” left wing mind set.
In my opinion, reading Foer’s work, one would have to believe Kerry’s father thought the United States, and the several tyrannical states we obstructed from expanding their terrible power had the same sense of moral justice, there was no difference between us and them.
Just a few examples, but why didn’t Kerry senior understand or mention the historical examples of the United States blocking tyrannical dictatorships who were attempting to expand their power, by using our power to stop or contain them.
Richard Kerry said, “The U.S. siren’s song of promoting human rights, falsely assumes that our values and institutions are a good fit in the Third World;” a typical left wing anti-American view of the world. It is apparent Richard and John’s left wing outlook on life are twinned.
Richard Kerry served his country honorably during WW-II. One can vigorously disagree with his ideology or political beliefs but still honor him for that service; his son John, as we will document, not so much.
As a young man, John Kerry was one of the left wing elites who went to Yale University. While at Yale, he was a passionate anti-Vietnam war protester. He was the Chairman of Yale’s Political Union (another left wing organization) and used his commencement address in 1966 to criticize this country’s foreign policies especially in regard to Vietnam. In the spring of 1966, Kerry delivered a strong ant-war oration at Yale. John Kerry was a classic left wing student and those left-wingers were as predominant in Ivy League schools in the sixty’s as they are today.
However, in the 1960’s we were fighting a war and this country was still drafting American men into our Armed Forces.
February 18th 1966: John Kerry finds out his request for draft deferment has been denied. He then asked his draft boards permission to continue his draft deferment, go to France and study in Paris for another year, the draft board refused.
Since Kerry had no desire to be drafted into the U.S. Army, he promptly enlisted in U. S. Naval Reserves, status “inactive,” not the U.S. Navy where he would have immediately been put on active duty. The reason for Kerry’s choice was that the Navy Reserves commitment was shorter and a large proportion of that commitment could be served stateside on inactive duty; Kerry had no desire to be in Vietnam. But Vietnam was in full flow, tens of thousands of Americans were involved and eventually Kerry was put on active duty.

Kerry’s Vietnam War record:
During Kerry’s 2004 run for president, Kerry constantly proclaimed he had served two tours of duty in Vietnam, that he was highly decorated, that he had been in combat and was a war hero. That was a constant theme during all of his political runs for office and was certainly predominant during his presidential run, “I served two tours in Vietnam.” Well let’s take a look at his actual record.
Let’s start with a statement from, Rear Admiral Roy Hoffman, John Kerry’s commanding officer in Vietnam. This statement was made when Kerry was running for president.
“I do not believe John Kerry is fit to be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. That is not a political issue. It is a matter of his judgement, truthfulness, reliability, loyalty and trust, all tenets of command.”
I have never heard, in all my 28 years of service in the Armed Forces of my country, any high ranking officer speak publicly of anyone who served under his command in such a ruthlessly negative manner. Leaders at this high level of command either commend those who have served under them or they say nothing about those whom they feel have not been able to meet the high standards of service demanded. Admiral Hoffman’s description of John Kerry represents his anger and disgust for a man who has betrayed his country, his service and the brave men with whom he served.
During a portion of this essay I will be using some quotes from the book, “Unfit for Command.” This book was written by John O’Neill the Naval officer who took over Kerry’s “Swift Boat” in Vietnam and Jerome Corsi a New York Times bestselling author. This outstanding book is more than just a worthwhile read, if one wants to know who John Kerry actually is, it is a must read. All chapter quotes are from “Unfit for Command.”
Unfit for Command was published during John Kerry’s 2004 failed attempt at becoming President of the United States, and some believe the book was one of the primary reasons Kerry lost that election. The book is a staggering denunciation of John Kerry by his commanding officers and the officers and men who served with him in Vietnam.
I believe that if one wants to understand the true record of John Kerry’s Vietnam service, the man he actually was in Vietnam, read Unfit for Command, it will very possibly astonish you.
Kerry’s first “year” of duty in Vietnam claim: June 1967-June 1968
Kerry’s first year on active duty was aboard the USS Gridley, a guided missile frigate. During that year Kerry experienced zero combat. The Gridley spent most of that year along the California coast, then to Australia, then about five weeks of duty off the coast of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea, then back to Long Beach California. The Gridley, in fact spent less than five weeks deployed off the coast of Vietnam. (Unfit for Command, Appendix B, Page -198)
The Gridley was never assigned to a shore base in Vietnam.
Who the hell can call that a one year tour of duty in Vietnam, well I guess that would be John Kerry, who even then was hard at work bludgeoning his veracity, obviously training to be a Democrat politician; so much for Kerry’s phony claim of two tours in Vietnam.
Kerry’s second tour of duty in Vietnam: November 17, 1968 – March 17, 1969:
(4 months)
The “Swift Boat Volunteer
The Navy first brought Swift Boats o Vietnam in 1966 to control the coast of Vietnam. The high speed, 50 foot boats were specifically designed to intercept and inspect all offshore traffic. In the early days, Swift Boats saw infrequent combat, which is apparently why they attracted Kerry. (Chapter 2, Page-25)
November 1968, Kerry ordered to Costal Squadron One, Costal Division 14, at the U.S. controlled Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam
Kerry’s second tour of duty lasted four months, November 1968 – March 1968, not one year, just another porky by Kerry. There was an interesting reason for that abbreviated second tour of duty which we will get into shortly.
But first we need to address the awards and decorations John Kerry, time and again boasted of, that he used as propaganda, in an attempt to make himself appear heroic in order to achieve high political office.
We’ll start with Kerry’s Purple Hearts:
The Purple Heart Award
“The Purple Heart is intended to be awarded to a member of the United States Armed Forces who has been wounded or killed or who has died or may hereafter die after being wounded in any action with an opposing armed force of a foreign country in which the Armed Forces are or have been engaged.”
I will be quoting words from officers and men Kerry served with concerning his awards and decorations. Here is a quote about John Kerry’s Purple Heart awards from a Naval Vietnam Veteran who served with Kerry.
“Many took exception to the Purple Hearts awarded to Kerry. His wounds were suspect, so insignificant as to be not worthy of the award of such a medal. That Kerry would seek the Purple Heart for such wounds is a mockery of the intent of the Purple Heart and an abridgement of the valor of those to whom the Purple Heart has been awarded with justification.”
(William Franke, Swift Boat Veteran, Chapter 3, page 29)

John Kerry’s first Purple Heart award:
During a training mission with Costal Division 14 at U.S. controlled Cam Ranh Bay, Kerry’s M-16 had jammed. Kerry picked up an M-79 grenade launcher and fired a grenade too close, causing a tiny piece of shrapnel, of one to two centimeters, to barely stick in his arm. There was no hostile fire reported that day.
Back at his base, Kerry went to sick bay to see a doctor, Louis Letson, who said “Kerry had managed to keep that tiny fragment barely embedded in his arm.” Doctor Letson asked Kerry, “Why are you here?” Kerry answered;” I’ve been wounded by hostile fire.” The doctor then used tweezers to remove the tiny fragment which the doctor later said looked like shrapnel from an M-79 grenade launcher, not from a rifle bullet and put a band aid on his arm. (Chapter 3, page 37)
“The following morning Kerry appeared at the office of Costal Division 14’s Commander, Grant Hubbard and applied for the Purple Heart. Hubbard who had learned of the absence of hostile fire and the self-inflected “wound” by Kerry himself, looked down at the tiny scratch (which was smaller than a rose thorn pin prick) and turned down the award since there was no hostile fire.” (Chapter 3, page 37)
When Commander Hubbard was later asked, how did Kerry get a Purple Heart from that incident then? Hubbard’s answer was, “I don’t know it beats me. “ I know I didn’t recommend him for the Purple Heart, Kerry probably wrote up the paper work and recommended himself.” “Kerry didn’t get my signature, I told him no way and to get out of my office.” (Chapter 3, page 38)
Are we beginning to understand the canards Kerry is capable of?
John Kerry’s second Purple Heart award:
Kerry claimed to have been wounded on February 20, 1969 on the Dam Doi Canal, a canal running north from the Song Bo De River. In other reports, Kerry seems to place the location of the incident on the Cua Lon to the west. The operating report prepared by Kerry reflects intense rocket and rifle fire. In his biography, Kerry describes “blood running down the deck.” (Kerry said he had taken a piece of shrapnel in his left leg.) (Chapter 5, page-77)
The officer of the accompanying boat, Rockey Hilderth, states that John Kerry’s operating report is false, and that the intense rocket and rifle fire reported by Kerry never happened. It seems very unlikely that Kerry’s boat could have experienced the heavy fire he reported without the accompanying boat hearing it. Hilderth also reports that there was no “blood on the deck” as Kerry claimed. Moreover, there was no damage to any boat from the “intense rifle and rocket fire reported by Kerry. In addition one of Kerry’s own crewman questioned this Purple Heart and indicated that it was for a negligently self-inflected M-79 grenade round like the one occurring at Cam Ranh Bay (Chapter 5, page-78)
What is beyond question is that Kerry suffered at most a minor wound, losing no duty time. His account of “blood running down the deck” seems exaggerated; an awful lot of blood for a wound requiring what appears to have been minor treatment requiring no loss of duty time. If Kerry did suffer a minor wound from hostile fire on this occasion, this would have been the only time such a thing happened during his four months in Vietnam. (Chapter 5, page-78)
Kerry’s arrogance in demanding the Purple Heart, for at best a minor injury, is an malicious insult to all of those who legitimately suffered grievous wounds or death prior to receiving this tremendous medal of respect from their countrymen. However, as we shall see, these medals were a part of a cunning plan Kerry had in place.
John Kerry’s third Purple Heart award:
On March 13, 1969, John Kerry was involved in his final “combat” in Vietnam. The public has seen it. The incident has been the subject of more than $50 million in paid political advertising and was featured in the 2004 Democrat presidential primary in Iowa, where Kerry met in tearful reunion with Jim Rassmann, the Special Forces Lieutenant “rescued from the water” by Kerry. (Chapter 5, Page-86)
The following is Kerry’s account of the final episode of his Vietnam cameo: “A mine went off alongside Kerry’s boat. Lieutenant Rassmann was blown into the water. Kerry was terribly wounded from the underwater mine. Kerry turned back into the line of fire and bleeding heavily from his arm and side, reached into the water and pulled Rassmann to safety with enemy fire all around. Kerry then towed a sinking boat out of action. (Chapter 5, page 86)
There is only one problem with this scenario: The above recounting is another gross exaggeration of what actually happened and in several ways, it is a total fraud perpetrated upon the Navy and the nation. Kerry’s conduct on March 13 1969 was more worthy of disciplinary action than any sort of medal.
What actually happened was that: “In reality, Kerry’s boat was on the right side of the river when a mine went off on the opposite side, under PCF-3 (a swift boat). The boats crewmen were thrown into the water. Besides the mine exploding there was no other hostile fire and there were no other mines.
Despite the absence of hostile fire, Kerry’s boat fled the scene. The remaining PCF’S, in accord with standard doctrine stood to defend the disabled PCR-3 and its crewmen in the water. Kerry disappeared several hundred yards away, returning only when it was clear that there was no return fire.” One of the other swift boat commanders, Jack Chenowith, went to pick up Jim Rassmann who was in the water. Kerry’s boat returning after the hostile fire had ended, reached Rassmann about 20 yards before Chenowith. (Chapter 5, pages 86-95)
So all the hoopla from Kerry that he was a hero for saving a comrade by pulling him under hostile fire was just more of Kerry’s lies.
In order to fully understand the comment, “Kerry’s conduct on March 13, 1969 was more worthy of disciplinary action than any sort of medal” just read Chapter five, Pages 86 -95, Unfit for Command. I haven’t got the time, patience or desire to make myself even angrier at this point by recounting all of Kerry’s lies and the nauseating details of those pages.
Regarding the action on March 13, 1969, Kerry’s medals were once more a complete fraud. Kerry was never wounded or bleeding from his arm. All reports, including the medical reports, make clear that he suffered a minor bruise on his arm and minor shrapnel wound on his buttocks. The minor bruise on his arm would never have justified a Purple Heart and is not mentioned in the citation. (Chapter 5, Page- 87)
That leaves only Kerry’s rear-end wound. This wound like the Cam Ranh Bay wound was of the minor tweezer and Band-Aid variety. How did Kerry receive a shrapnel wound in his buttocks from the explosion of an underwater mine, as his report suggests. Many participants in the incident state that neither weapons fire nor a mine explosion occurred near Kerry during that incident. (Chapter 5, Page-87)
Here is how Kerry’s butt wound really happened according to Larry Thurlow, the swift boat commander behind Kerry’s boat on March 13th reports it. Thurlow recalls that “Kerry had that morning wounded himself in the buttocks with a grenade that he set off too close to a stock of rice he was trying to destroy.” (Chapter 5, Page 87)
To back that information up, a Boston Globe Reporter wrote: “At one point Kerry and Rasssmann threw grenades into a huge rice cache that had been captured from the Vietcong and was thus slated for destruction. After tossing the grenades, the two dove for cover. Rassmann escaped the ensuing explosion of rice, but Kerry was not as lucky, thousands of grains stuck to him.” Chapter 5, Page 88)
Another John Kerry lie. Kerry didn’t give a damm about anything but getting that 3rd Purple Heart and here is why.
Now let’s get to John Kerry’s cunning plan. Why was Kerry so intensely motivated to rapidly acquire three Purple Heart Awards that he made himself look a disgusting, lying, despicable boob to those who served with him?
Well here was Kerry’s motivation; almost all personnel assigned to Vietnam served at least a one year tour. Somehow Kerry had discovered or had been advised of an obscure regulation that permitted early release of personnel with three Purple Hearts.
None of Kerry’s Purple Hearts were for serious injuries. They were for minor injuries and scratches at best, resulting in no lost duty time. Each of Kerry’s Purple Heart decoration was very controversial, with considerable evidence (and in two cases, with incontrovertible and conclusive evidence) that the minor injuries were caused by Kerry’s own hand and were not the result of hostile fire of any kind.
Once the men in Kerry’s unit found out he was leaving under that obscure rule, the general feeling was:
“We went out to operate and survive. We had no time to deal with the crap of John Kerry. We weren’t thinking of self-promotion like him; just survival and doing the job. We didn’t want him around and were glad he was gone.” (Chapter 5, Page-92)
As one who has retired from a career in our Armed Forces and a tour in Vietnam, I find it difficult to record John Kerry’s deceitful actions in Vietnam. It sickens me to record them. I thank God I never ran into anyone like John Kerry in my career.
I am not going into Kerry’s Silver Star and Bronze Star awards, believe me, not because they were any more justified than his Purple Hearts, those awards were both seriously challenged by those who served with him. If you are interested read about them in Unfit for Command; but enough of Kerry’s Vietnam deceit is enough.
I’ll close Kerry’s Vietnam ruse with a portion of the testimony directed to John Kerry by his fellow Swift Boat Veterans and stated in their book, “Unfit for Command.”
“It is also our collective judgement that upon your return from Vietnam, you grossly and knowingly distorted the conduct of American soldiers, marines, sailors and airman of that war (including a betrayal of many of us without regard to the danger your actions caused us). Further we believe that you have withheld and or distorted material facts as to your own conduct in this war.”

John Kerry the Anti-War Protester
Vietnam Veterans against the War
When John Kerry returned back to the U.S. he was an organizer of the VVAW. However the man who first put that group together was, LeRoy Wolins. Wolins has an interesting background. He was a Communist and a leader of a communist party front organization, “Veterans for Peace” prior to his forming VVAW. Wolins was a one- time registered agent of the Soviet Union. In fact we now know most of the schemers behind many of the anti-war mass movements were communist (KGB) backed.
John Kerry used the radical group, VVAW and other radical anti-war groups to advance his public image in anticipation of entering politics and I believe that was always the reason he went to Vietnam, his political ambitions.
The VVAW and other far left, communist and Maoist organizations were responsible for bringing out hundreds of thousands of people to mass anti-war rallies. In the April 1971 anti-war protest, John Kerry appeared at that protest as a VVAW leader along with VVAW leaders like Al Hubbard, the VVAW Executive Secretary. Let’s take a look at the type of people John Kerry had aligned himself with:
Al Hubbard: Al was a radical activist with ties to the Black Panthers and the Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice, another radical group. Hubbard told the world he had spent two years in Vietnam (sound familiar) and had been a USAF pilot and Captain. Al also announced he had been wounded by shrapnel in his spine while flying an aircraft that crashed in a landing at Danang AFB, Vietnam. Al tried to set himself up as a real hero.
Then the sky fell down and truth came out. All Hubbard was not a pilot and was not a Captain. He had been in the USAF but his highest rank was E-5, a Staff Sargent. Al Hubbard had never served in Vietnam, unbelievable; his “wounds” were actually old sports injuries.
However even though the truth about Al Hubbard had come out, his lies had become public knowledge, John Kerry was still content with good ole Al serving alongside him as a leader of VVAW for another year. Well a couple of veracity challenged folks like John and Al, of course they got along quite well together.
Not all VVAW members were as deceitful as Al Hubbard, but there were many who were indoctrinated and followed a far left ideological bent and many who found them-selves being warped into communist front acceptance. Before anyone starts to react with disbelief about the anti-war movements and the communists front organizations that were so involved in that movement let’s take a look at some of them:
• Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice – a direct descendant of several Communist Party USA (CPUSA) movements.
• Spring Mobilization Committee to end the War in Vietnam – CPUSA.
• The Strategic Action Conference – CPUSA.
• National Coalition against War, Racism and Repression – CPUSA.
There were many more, but the far left anti-war movement was so embroiled with and financed by communist fronts sponsored by the KGB, that anyone who doubts that involvement can easily research the facts.
Example: During that period Congress found the KGB’s influential hands manipulating the anti-war demonstrations was profound. The FBI openly described several key Soviet KGB fronts operating in the anti-war movements. John Kerry was up to his eyeballs in some of these movements. John Kerry had many contacts within those movements, had their ideological information and propaganda at his disposal and used it. It is undeniable that John Kerry knew who he was politically in bed with and yet he continued to wallow in that morass because he believed the anti-war publicity was politically profitable for him to do so.
The Winter Solider Speech
John Kerry’s infamous Winter Solider speech was a carefully orchestrated event arranged by Teddy Kennedy, at a private Democrat fundraiser. Kennedy as the country would learn was another far left man who was destined to exhibit many repugnant behaviors in his life. Kerry’s speech was to be made to the Fulbright Committee. Senator Fulbright’s committee was formed to have a firm anti-war agenda. Senator Fulbright left no doubt where his beliefs stood on the Vietnam War he was against it, so Kerry had a very receptive audience.

The Winter Solider Speech
John Kerry lied in his “Winter Solider Speech.” Many of Kerry’s lies were leftist propaganda funded primarily by the traitor Jane Fonda. None of the Winter Soldier’s “witnesses” Kerry cited were willing to sign affidavits, Kerry’s gruesome stories lacked the names, dates and places that would allow their claims to be tested. The Naval Investigative Service found that several of the VVAW members that also made statements at “Winter Solider” were in fact imposters using names of real veterans.
Before you read this speech you may want to have some anti-nausea medications handy. Here is the most revolting portion of Kerry’s infamous and shameful speech to that committee, where he lies about his fellow American warriors by excerpting some information from a Soviet anti-American disinformation document; more on that later.
John Kerry, “They told stories at time they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Kahn, shot cattle and dog for fun, poisoned food stocks and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravages of war and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.”
Here is what a famous man, Lt. Gen William Boykin, a founder and original member of the U.S. Army’s elite Delta Force had to say about Kerry’s lying Testimony:
“Kerry never saw those things. He was only perpetuating the myth the far left needed to convince America that our young men and women who served in Vietnam committed barbaric acts. It was all a ploy to draw attention to him for political purposes and it worked. It is long past time for John Kerry to come clean and apologize for the lies he told.”
To this day Kerry never has, his corrupt mental state will never allow him to. With those lying comments Kerry disgraced himself, betrayed his service, his country and all of us who served, fought and died in the Vietnam conflict.
To make matters much worse for Kerry’s reputation, if it could get any worse, several years later some truth came out that parts of Kerry’s winter solider speech were plagiarized from a Soviet disinformation publication about U.S. forces in Vietnam.
Here is what Lt. General Ion Mihal Pacepa,. A man who actually worked on KGB disinformation operations during the Vietnam War under the then KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov, wrote about Kerry’s testimony in 2004. “Although Kerry never revealed the source of his accusations, I recognized them as being a part of the product of a KGB disinformation operation I worked on.”

So significant parts of Kerry’s accusations came from a document manufactured for a Soviet disinformation campaign written to disparage American troops in Vietnam. Now isn’t that just precious?
John Kerry continued to demonstrate his shallow understanding of America and what America means. Prior to his Senate election, Kerry put on his ludicrous throwing his medals away act. Playing to the our political left wing, trying to curry favor with the anti-war groups, Kerry supposedly threw his medals over the White House fence, in an effort to denounce his Vietnam service. Of course with prepositioned T.V. cameras running and an anti-war crowd purposefully in place. It was intended to make him look of great consequence to that movement, but was later revealed to be just another of despicable Kerry’s phony acts when it came out the medals Kerry threw away were not his medals at all, but some he must have purchased somewhere for that lousy P.R. event. What a Guy.
Let’s move on to John Kerry’s reign as Secretary of State. I firmly believe that Barrack Obama wanted Kerry to be his first Secretary of State in 2009, not Hillary Clinton. John Kerry’s past history of villainy to our countries traditions was just the type of man Obama wanted and needed to help him to attempt to “Fundamentally Transform America.”
However President Barrack Obama, just beginning his presidency, didn’t have the huge political power needed to confront the “Clinton Crime Family,” the Clinton’s still had tremendous power in D.C. and Obama couldn’t have wanted a ferocious fist fight with the Clinton’s that early in his first term.
Hillary absolutely knew after her defeat by a relatively unknown dude like Barrack Obama, it was imperative that she have a position of significance in Obama’s government. Hillary had to keep her face in front of America if she was going to have any chance to run for president after Obama. Hillary must have demanded the highest cabinet position in Obama’s administration; the Secretary of State and President Obama had to concede.
Obama’s concession allowed all of Hillary Clinton’s calamities as Secretary of State to occur. But this article is not about Hillary, it’s about Kerry so let’s move on.
John Kerry’s record as Secretary of State
A recent study finds that John Kerry was the worst Secretary of State ever. Foreign Policy magazine published the results of its Ivory Tower survey of 1,615 international relations scholars from 1,375 U.S. colleges on that question. Of the scholars responding, Kerry got exactly two votes! To put that in perspective the winner as best Secretary of State, Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger, received 32.21% or 520 votes , from the 1,615 international relations scholars responding. John Kerry’s two votes are a scathing revelation of his reputation among people who should know what they are talking about.
Let’s take a look at why John Kerry was so adversely perceived in that important office.
1. John Kerry and Israel:
On his first trip to Israel, Kerry landed in Tel Aviv with the over confidence and naiveté of a show off and a braggart. Kerry’s words, “I have a plan that is bigger, bolder and more ambitious than anything proposed since Oslo more than 20 years ago.” Wow, that sounded like Kerry was going to bring peace to Israel and the Palestinians in like maybe a week.
What Kerry was trying to do was sell his ground breaking 4 billion dollar give away plan (read bribe) to President Abbas and his Palestinian Authority/Fatah government to start peace negotiations with Israel.
Here was Abba’s reply to Kerry. “The Palestinian leadership will not accept economic benefits.” “We will not accept that the economy is the primary and sole component.” In fact what President Abbas demanded was the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital and the right of refugees to return to that state; so much for the bribe John.
In other words the same PA/Fatah position Abbas had demanded after Obama’s stupid, destructive 1967 borders speech in 2009; the same position Israel had rejected with not only a no, but a hell no.
Of course given the fact that this is the Middle East, there was a big pile of money involved and Abbas is known to have some very warm relationships with bankers in Switzerland, maybe some of the 4 billion now resides in the Abbas account in Zurich.
I guess President Abbas might have had a hint that if he held out there was much, much more money to be had in Obama’s coffers. Four billion to the Palestinians was just small change in comparison to the Obama/Kerry give away of the 150 billion plus to the Iranians.
Seeing his wonderful “Peace Plan” going down the drain, and now looking like a fool, Kerry pronounced, “It is now or never for the Israelis and Palestinians to reach agreement on a two-state solution.” “If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic, it cannot be both.” I can only imagine Benjamin Netanyahu and his friends sitting around with an adult beverage and laughing their asses off at that one.
Now fast forward to the last abomination to the Israelis by Kerry and Obama. That would be Obama/Kerry decision to allow the United Nations vote to betray the best ally we have in the Middle East, Israel. If you had the unfortunate experience to listen to his speech you know it was an hour and a half of BORING MISINFORMATION, DISINFORMATION HALF-TRUTHS, DAMMED LIES AND NONSENSE.
John Kerry’s record as Secretary of State is filled with a series of blunders, lies and attempted deceptions. Syria, where Kerry and Obama promised they had taken action to ensure there were no more chemical weapons in Syria; they lied, Syrians died; Israel and the Palestinians, more treacherous deceptions in favor of the Palestinians; abandoning countries who could have assisted our efforts against Islamic terror; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Kurds; the Obama/Kerry miserable lack of support and effort in the Ukraine and Kerry’s biggest disaster as Secretary of State, the Iranian nuclear betrayal.
Regrettably, John Kerry is still politically with us and still has the ability, through our far left corporate media, to have his biased left-wing political views widely disseminated. My hope is that now, after his lengthy and dishonorable career, Americans understand, John Kerry has long ago sold his soul for the rewards of a corrupt and dangerous ideology, he will never change and must never again hold a position of political power in our country.

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