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After spending the last few weeks hearing about “fake news” and Russian intervention, it’s nice to hear a Democrat speak to the real issue with their 2016 campaign loss. The simple truth is that the Democrat Party picked the worst possible candidate in 2016, a year where the majority of Americans said they wanted “change.” The Democrats chose the one candidate who is the epitome of establishment, and the antithesis to political change. In doing so they snubbed their noses at the American people and proved that they cared very little for the average working class American.


When CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Biden to explain how the Democrat Party has lost the middle and working classes, Biden chooses not to condemn Clinton specifically but does condemn his Party for choosing her nonetheless.

Jake Tapper: Hillary Clinton lost in part because of how incredibly poorly she did a voting group that is one of the groups that you speak for and have historically. People used to call you middle-class Joe, son of Scranton, and she got clobbered with white working class voters. You’ve said post-Nunn you might be the only democrat elected to the senate that won white men. Why do you think she did so poorly with white working-class voters?

Joe Biden: Well first of all I don’t think that we as a party we spent-look I’m really proud of what Barack and I are, or what the president and I were able to do in the economy.

But if you noticed the last two years in the present state of the union there’s been a shift in focus now that we got the car out of the ditch and on the road and running, on really focusing on the real inequities that exist and still exist for working class, middle class people who are left behind. And what happened was that wasn’t a central part of the campaign moving forward in my view.

Now I said at the convention when I introduced Hillary and praised her, I said we don’t show enough respect to that group that has been in fact left behind. And these are people who had good, decent jobs. My dad used to have an expression, for real, he said ‘remember Joe, a job’s a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about your dignity. It’s about your respect.’ And as much as we’ve come back there’s still a segment of people who had good, decent jobs five, ten, twelve years ago and they’re having trouble looking their kids in the eye and saying honey it’s going to be ok. I feel certain about where we are now. And we’ve got to speak to those people.

You know globalization has not been an unalloyed asset to everybody. Some people are left behind. There’s ways to deal with that, but we never got a chance to speak to it in this election, and I think we paid a price for it.

You can see the entire interview below:

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