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Mohammed V1, King of Morocco, has broken ranks with most of Islam by saying that “anyone who believes Jihadists will find virgins in heaven is insane”.

His view is that “jihadists who kill in the name of Allah are heretics”. So, as far as he is concerned they are “destined to dwell in hell for eternity”. Any genuine Christian can agree with his last statement.

The king believes jihadists are “led by ignorance” and that they are “not Muslims (and) have nothing to do with Islam”, but violent people who want to “justify their crimes and stupid acts”. He asked “When was jihad ever about the killing of innocent people?”, quoting what Allah supposedly said. “Is it conceivable that Allah, the Forgiver, the Compassionate, would order a person to blow himself up or to kill innocent people?”

Of course, those of us who watch Islam closely, know that the word ‘innocent’ in Islamic teaching does not include foreign armies or anyone who opposes Allah!

However, the king adds that committing suicide (as with suicide bombers) is “prohibited in Islam, regardless of the reasons”. Like his fellow Muslims, he calls Islam a “religion of peace”, saying that jihad is reserved for defence and never to kill ‘innocents’ or to be aggressive.

Alluding to the radicalisation of Muslim youth, the king angrily asked “Can anyone of sound mind believe that the reward for jihad could be some virgins in paradise?” His point was aimed at those who recently killed an elderly Roman Catholic priest taking a service in his own church: “(It was) an unforgiveable act of stupidity, because he is a human being and a cleric, even if he is not a Muslim. Islam has instructed us to ‘show tolerance towards Christianity and Judaism… (which is) supported by the Quran’.”

Finally, the king called on people of “all faiths” to join together to fight the extremist phenomenon. As Morocco is mainly a Sunni Islam country, this is tough talk against the Sunni adherents of jihad. (Quoted from Breaking Israel News).

Sounds good? Yes and no. The king seems genuine in his quest for peace, but to say that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ is patently wrong. As I have shown elsewhere, this phrase has only come about in the past 100 years or less, a phrase meant to deceive the world into accepting Islam. The king might be genuine, but his statements are incorrect, for the Koran often contradicts itself, and definitely calls on Muslims to kill Christians and Jews.

Many Muslims want peace, but to claim that their religion is one of peace is nonsense in the light of what the Koran teaches. Unfortunately for the king, the vast majority of jihadist murderers are Sunni, and they get their zeal from reading the Koran and being taught by imams. Thus, they have EVERYTHING to do with Islam. Far from being ignorant, they are repeating what Mohammed and the Koran tells them to do. It is why they have a ‘reason’ to kill others, even fellow Muslims.

The truth is more stark than the king’s blindfolded view of his own religion; Islam is really a political system based on terror and death to obtain power’ religion is only a thin veneer. Freedom is not tolerated, and neither are other religions – particularly Judaism and Christianity. At the moment Islamists dare not attack Israel in force, but send in single ‘Palestinian’ individuals with knives, guns, bombs and cars, but they have no problem shooting-up Christians, as they work inwards towards Jerusalem (which historically belongs to Jews). As one terrorist said recently – Christians are next!

We can agree to oppose jihad by every valid means, but no man should be fooled by the notion of Islam as a ‘religion of peace’. Islam brings superficial ‘peace’ by the sword, gun and bomb, a ‘peace’ engendered not by heartfelt acceptance, but by utter fear of having your head chopped off.

That a Sunni king should speak out is good, but his understanding of the Koran is selective and does not address the warlike character of Mohammed, or the bloodthirsty desires of those who follow his maniacal violence, based on the Koran. Until all Muslims can see this truth, and physically deal with terrorists, violence will continue. In any normal society the penalty for murder is a swift death, but weak Westerners deny us this basic, God-given right. Meanwhile, though we applaud the king, we must urge complete caution – to accept Islam in any form is to bring down western freedoms and submit to sharia. His idea of ‘peace’ is admirable, but Islam is still Islam, no matter how it is represented.


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