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I recently wrote of the discovery of floor tiles in the Temple Mount precincts that prove beyond doubt that the Second Temple occupied the Mount until it was destroyed by Roman forces in 70 AD.

Previously, I also wrote about the actual descendants of king David who, by legal right, ‘own’ the Mount and all of Jerusalem.

Now, the Sanhedrin itself is demanding an end to Muslim rule of the Mount and for it to be returned to Jewish hands (Source: Breaking Israel News, 8th Sept). A strongly-worded letter has been sent to UNESCO, who recently blatantly said Muslims have unique and total control over the Mount, against all historical and archaeological proofs.

This activity is not new but is dated 12th August, about the time the tiles were discovered. Kept under wraps because of anticipated trouble from bloodthirsty Palestinians, the letter has now been made public. The world need not resort to saying UNESCO is ignorant. It is not – it is blatantly trying to rewrite history in Islam’s favour. To make matters even worse, UNESCO is calling for all Jews to be banned from the Mount, though it belonged to Israel long before Islam was devised.

UNESCO did this because it has ‘fallen for the lie’ that Israel is an “occupying power”, thus acting against the international legal right to the land given just after WW2. Arabs agreed to the arrangement! In July, UNESCO turned tail after an international backlash, by people more honest and not determined by political terrorism, and talked of combined Jewish, Christian and Arab involvement in the Mount. But, this is just a weak sop – Islam has no historical input whatever, except by theft of land and title. The letter is strongly worded:

“The Jewish people demands that UNESCO and the European Union stop dealing with this anti-Biblical manifesto. According to God’s command, the people of Israel conquered the territory of Judah and the Temple Mount from the Canaanites under the leadership of Joshua the son of Nun and later by King David. These areas were sanctified for the people of Israel and for the construction of the Temple as a place of prayer every man.”

The letter points to the “incontrovertible archaeological evidence” that claims both the Mount and Israel itself belongs to the Jews. Conversely and vaguely, Muslim claims go back no further than 636 AD. Therefore, the Sanhedrin demands that a ‘neutral’ committee be set up, of scientists and archaeologists, to “establish the facts”, leading to the regaining of Jewish sovereignty over the Mount.

The letter to UNESCO is comprehensive, stating that “This [Muslim] occupation ended with the establishment of the State of Israel. The followers of Islam must therefore immediately vacate the premises and return it to its rightful owner.” More than that, the Sanhedrin claimed that the rise in terrorism relates specifically to the UN warning Jews to stay away from the Mount. The letter continues:

“The centrality of the Temple Mount in the life of the Jewish nation has a central role in preserving world peace. Only by following the word of God and fulfilling his will as presented in the Book of Books will salvation come to all people and nations… Rejecting the heritage of the existence of the Holy Temple in its place directly supports terrorism, ISIS, and the dream of setting up a bloody Muslim caliphate.”

Meanwhile, UNESCO is playing dead as a dodo, to pacify Israel and keep Muslims quiet. But, it can’t keep this quiet for much longer, as Jewish demands increase and Muslims worldwide get what they want by brute force. The facts of history, Bible and archaeology cannot be disputed!

Obviously, there will be a massive backlash by those who have deceived the world for years. But, Israel is no push-over and is a strong military country. On the other hand, since when have Islamists bothered with legality and history? Like bullies in a playground they take lunch money by force and beat up the victim if he complains. I don’t think Israel would be much bothered by such a backlash. Islam beware!


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