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The road to domination of a population is the same for socialists, Communists and Islamic world-domination ideologists. Bring the middle class to its knees, promise Valhalla to the indigent and pillage the wealth as long as it lasts.

An Islamic ideologist, Barrack Hussein Obama, is ever so close to fulfilling the Muslim world-domination platform in America and ironically finds himself in an unexpected, never dreamed of dilemma; a Jew nearly succeeded him and would defile the Islamic foundation it took 8 years to establish. Barrack thought he could crush traditional Christian religion from his pulpit and leave the annihilation of Jews here and in Israel to Hamas, Palestinians, Iran and others, when America is Muslim-infested and she has no big brother to protect her. Hope springs eternal in the minds of fools and foolish ideologues. Netanyahu understands the risks and Israel will never be a pushover for cowardly forces of the Mid East. Besides, Bernie strikes fear into the heart of Islam because he is a Jew but they have no rational reason to fear this Communist in sheep’s clothing, based on his past iterations.
This Jew is not cut from the same stripe as a Benjamin Netanyahu; they are as different as Thor and Bernie, the God of Beeswax. Bernie must steal and redistribute the production of beeswax to retain power, should he defy all odds and get some respect from the Democrats. Bernie doesn’t want to kill Islamic Terrorists, he wants to embrace them so they won’t kill him… reminds me of George Soros, who gleefully expelled Jews from their homes and businesses in the employ of Hitler’s Nazi Aryan superiority movement, to save his own worthless skin. Bernie is extolled for telling the truth…. he tells it like it is…except for a few teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy omissions; like after I make you all totally dependent I intend to devour you…Look into my limpid Yiddish blue eyes and don’t pay any mind to my world class glistening yellow fangs while I regale you with tales of fair play and growth by diminishment; an oxy-moron for the ages.
And the imprudent millennials dashed through the woods in leaps and bounds to Grammy’s house for their free stuff, trampling on the graves of those who fought and died for their freedom and the Republic which provided it…$15 an hour for showing up, free college to study a useless “science” for which no job will be waiting when they graduate as indoctrinated, card carrying Socialists…No skills but ready and ever-willing to voice an opinion and utter blasphemous inanities to help elicit a “fair share” from any productivity that may have survived a Barrack, Hillary, Kaine, Sanders influence on a non-functioning Constitutional Republic, claiming democratic process still exists where elections are an international farcical sport. These pissed off nincompoops know they’ve been screwed royally and they certainly have been; but they haven’t a clue as to who screwed them, when or why.
Check out Kaine’s Muslim connection…or Hillary’s or Barrack’s….no daylight between them….Only Bernie is agnostic in that regard because he doesn’t care who’s on the welfare rolls as long as the list is longer than the employment line.
Hillary can steal a close election but not a landslide. Don’t let this be close.
God bless America,

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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