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The Dems and RINOs know they have nothing…nada…nill. Yet they refuse to let go of the bone. If the first “investigation” doesn’t bring them the results THEY want then they’ll “investigate the investigation”. And if that one is still fruitless, I’m sure they’ll “investigate the investigation that investigated the investigation” and so on.

The main goal for them all is that they want their lies and innuendos to remain right in the face of the American public. They NEED their propaganda to stay in the headlines for as long as possible on television and the internet so more and more people will eventually start believing these lies and innuendos…which is Propaganda’s purpose.

If they can brainwash enough people over to their side or force them into sleep again with all the repetitious rhetoric, they believe they’ll be able to oust OUR LAWFUL PRESIDENT and then put in the person of THEIR choice without too much hullabaloo from the ‘unwashed masses’.

If that doesn’t work, however, they still have an Ace in the Hole by keeping President Trump and his people so caught up in this sham of an investigation that not much of anything else will be accomplished by this new administration. Then, in 2020, they’ll point out all the things President Trump DIDN’T do while NOT mentioning that THEY were the reason for this. All they have to do is keep this new administration busy defending itself for about 3 1/2 more years…something they can do quite easily. (Look at the Benghazi “investigation”…four long years that concluded with “nothing found”.)

However, looking at things from a different angle, these Dem and RINO traitors in D.C. might actually be trying to get us to rise up and declare Civil War on them…which will most likely happen if they force our lawfully elected POTUS out of our White House. Maybe they believe that there will still be a country once we all get done fighting. Or maybe they don’t care if there’s a country here anymore. Maybe having NO country will be easier for them to bring about their North American Union.

No matter what route they decide to take…the long term propaganda route of brainwashing and mass somnolence, the blocking of Trump’s promises until 2020, or a quick oust resulting in Civil War…their goal remains the same: They MUST have a person in our White House who will continue their progressive plans for a North American Union and a One World Government.

They cannot allow the USA to remain a sovereign Superpower with its OWN Constitution and laws. They MUST combine the USA with Mexico and Canada into the North American Union…a plan which Mexico’s and Canada’s leaders are already on board with.

Right now the ONLY reason our country still exists as a sovereign nation is the fact that WE stand in the way of those D.C. traitors. Why do you think they’ve been trying so hard to take our guns away from us?!

They do NOT want any nation to be able to govern itself independently of their One World Government. A sovereign Superpower would be able to provide sanctuary to anyone disagreeing with that One World Government’s laws and actions. Heck, after a bit of time other countries might become disillusioned with the One World Government and decide to JOIN that Superpower, reducing the mighty One World Government to “Government of Some” instead.

Oh, almost forgot: there could be another way for those D.C. traitors to oust Trump and put their choice into our White House…by assassinating him. And don’t think for one moment they’re not weighing this option. All the hateful mock assassinations of our president in plays and on the internet are being allowed under the guise of “Free Speech”. But this is not FREE speech, it’s HATE speech. It’s hateful traitorous ACTIONS that, in the past, would have gotten these people arrested and locked up. Yet I don’t see AG Sessions going after ANY of them. WHY NOT?!

Oops…forgot…AG Sessions is more concerned with a person smoking a joint than he is about stopping the fostering of a growing ‘assassinate the President’ mentality spreading throughout our country. After all, one assassin won’t really do much to help fill the several privatized prisons AG Sessions owns nor help increase the value of the Shares he holds in this lucrative business. It’s all about ‘priorities’ for this career politician, and you can be sure his wallet WILL take priority over the welfare of you, me and even President Trump…although Trump might not see this just yet.

When we elected Trump to be our President, we believed we had taken the first and most important step in taking back our country. Obviously we were wrong. All we did was jam a wrench into the gears of the Progressive Machine, and now they’re trying to dislodge it.

While I, myself, do not understand and am unhappy with some of President Trump’s appointments and nominations, it’s important that we all stand together and fight back alongside our President. We rose up once in order to place OUR choice for President into our White House, and we had better rise up again, letting all of D.C. know once and for all that we’re not going to stand for any more theatrical BS nor threats from them…and that we will NOT allow them to oust our president!

Let’s get busy and burn up the phone lines and flood the email sites of these D.C. Dems and RINOs once and for all.  It’s important that we MAKE our voices heard because if we don’t, the only thing left for us to do will be to physically fight for our country’s life…and that HAS be the Last Resort.


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