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The Democrats have taught us much over the last few years much of which has been extremely creative. I didn’t know what I didn’t know until our progressive friends Barack, Hillary, Bernie, and Nancy showed us what we’ve been missing over the last decade or two:

American citizenship is not worth much, which is why there is no problem with open borders or sanctuary cities. It is also why progressives don’t want to see voter ID used in voting.  There’s not much value there to begin with.

Whites in American are largely racists but blacks aren’t and in fact can’t be. “White privilege” actually exists -today – and reflects the negative character of America.  America’s adoption of slavery is apparently unique in world history but its early rejection of the institution is not.

Neither nuclear power nor GMOs have any place in the land of the free but we can run the economy on wind and solar power.

Our incidence of taxation, where the top 20% pay 70% of income taxes, needs to be made more progressive, as the rich “don’t pay their fair share”.   At the same time, it is utterly reasonable to structure our tax program to where the bottom 50% pay no taxes whatsoever. There is no moral hazard in this approach, just kindness in action.

There is not enough fraud waste and abuse (not to mention duplication and redundancy) in government spending to make it a worthwhile effort to root some of it out.

We can release $100B to Iran as part of JCPOA, ignore their testing ICBMs, their continued “Death to America” rallies and the apprehension of US Navy sailors in the Gulf and not risk significant future problems in the world. The JCPOA is a triumph of hard-fought smart diplomacy.  It is not provocative to tyrants when we cower before them.

Islam has given a lot to the world, whereas Israel is an apartheid state and deserves the BDM movement.  “Christianity” is a synonym for intolerance but Islam is all sweetness and light.

America deserves the contempt of the Arab/Muslim world. Because slavery, oppression and imperialism.  And oil.

There is a war on women in the US that is on the order of the war on women in those areas of the world captured by Daesh or Boko Haram.  There is a “rape culture” on our campuses.

We do not have an entitlement problem. These programs do not require reform. We don’t have a spending problem either, we just don’t tax the American people enough. Especially rich people.

The ACA is a triumph. It has insured half the people it set out to, many of them on an unreformed Medicaid. It has the insurance companies that participated reeling financially.  It has driven up deductibles and premiums and caused enormous consolidation of small medical practices in the country.  It is unlikely to turn any of this around.  But in spite of all that, it is a triumph because we say so.

Free speech is a luxury when people are going hungry, a luxury that needs to be trimmed back. Or when it hurts people’s feelings. Especially when it hurts people’s feelings.

Only “gun nuts” believe in the Second Amendment, and most of them are crazy, dangerous radicals, usually just one argument from a mass shooting.  We need to severely restrict people’s access to “assault weapons” and force our cops to use “smart guns” against criminals who are happy to use dumb ones.

Mankind is responsible for most climate change, and this requires that we consolidate political power more than ever, as well as totally abandon the energy policies that brought us modernity. We need to favor technologies whether or not they’re “ready for prime time” or capable of ever scaling to contemporary energy needs or becoming self-supporting contributors to our civilization.

Clearly it is much better to disavow the technologies that fuel the modern world and even to avoid converting from coal to natural gas, rather than allow a gradual shift to renewables as they mature. Once again, the government must drive this, markets simply will not overreact on demand.  And there is no role for nuclear energy even though it emits no CO2 whatsoever and new designs are fail-safe.

Public sector unions are precious and necessary since the government employers are all penny pinching bastards who would mistreat their employees given half a chance.   Government employees are not overpaid or provided excessive medical programs or retirement benefits.

American blacks are the victims of racism writ large in American society, especially by rogue cops who murder young black men with impunity on a daily basis. The incidence of gang violence, drugs, poverty, lack of education or employment is all the direct result of American racism, and has nothing to do with out-of-wedlock births in the black community or the general collapse of the black family in America.

Making people prove their eligibility to vote through free government-issued ID cards is racist on its face.  There is little fraud in politics, who needs to ensure that the voter rolls are secure and up-to-date?

President Obama’s going to the UN instead of the Senate for his “non-treaty international agreements” (the JCPOA with the Iranians, and today’s Paris agreement on “climate change” reflects the obstruction of a Republican Senate and is utterly justified.

There are policies being adopted by Barack Obama in his last year that are simply remnants of an unenlightened time.  Of course we need to ignore the word “jihad” in our counter-terrorism efforts; of course we should have women on combat teams, and we promise (pinky swear!) not to reduce specifications for their training; we should ignore the discomfort of young girls to accommodate the 0.7% of our population that suffers from gender dysphria, that’s only fair.  We should hold gay marriage in the same esteem as heterosexual marriage, anything less is discriminatory and the Bible is utterly wrong, cannot provide moral guidance in this area.

The border is secure; Iran can be motivated to be a force for stability and balance in the middle east; Daesh is a “JV” team; getting out of Iraq when we did was not a mistake; we can trust the North Koreans to honor their word.

And we wonder why we’re getting the government -and the world – we are.


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