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There always seems to be nonsense from the leftist Democrats after an election.

Now the lawyers from the Dem. Party are pushing to have the “…Illegals’..” votes counted in the Florida recount. More proof that lawyers will do anything to win a case, even go against the Constitution or change it. Add that reason on top of the popular practice of letting the guilty be returned to Society, just to win the case, and you have one of the major problems banging on the door of our Republic. Sometimes I liken the “win-lose” attitude of the Legal Society to that of the “win-lose” statistic within the Major League Baseball!

How did these “Illegals” get to the voting machine anyway??? And is Florida the only state where this is happening? New York and California have so many Illegals it would be almost impossible to weed them out. Maybe it is time to start ‘weeding’ out the unscrupulous lawyers!
Why do we not have a National ID card, with a photo? Wouldn’t that solve a few problems? I refer especially to a situation where a Muslim woman could leave her face completely covered, except for her eyes, for the driver license photo!!!! I would call that illogical stupidity.
That could have been avoided if any lawyer had the fortitude to try a case that would possibly border on racism for arguing against a “minority”!
Ohhhh!!  For the good ole days where Americans had a spine!!!!!
But I digress. My main opinion today is to express my disgust in the ongoing complaints about an election. Notice it is mostly the Democrats that make such complaints.
They ignore the indiscretions of their comrades, and yet always jump at the chance to go after others that do not agree with, or support, their agenda.
The Republicans always seem to depend on the Law or go the route of questioning ethics of behavior, or any other bureaucratic means to thwart the childish and sometimes criminal behavior of these self-indulging, anti-American individuals that seem to be absorbed with their own agenda.
Each day I am leaning more and more toward agreeing with the harsh and honest vocalizing and Tweeting of Pres. Trump.
How else could one deal with a rebelling, spoiled brat? One whose words are so untrue, whose actions and opinions are so hypocritical, who aids and abets those among their ranks calling for vicious and violent recourse toward the others that go against them; spreading their violence toward the innocent members of the families and consider them collateral damage!!!
They are encouraging the “so-called” caravans. It has already been proven that these people are encouraged and supported by outside, anti-American forces, and in collusion with a home-grown conglomerate of very wealthy persons, that want total control over this Nation.
I believe that Donald Trump, being one of the ‘very wealthy’ in this Nation and beyond, has been engaged by other wealthy persons, not aligning with any conglomerate, who are trying desperately to stop these outside forces and maintain the America that our Founders envisioned.
Donald Trump is not a diplomatic leader, and I do not feel we need such a philosophy at this time. We need a strong person, one who has the best interests of our Nation and its people at heart; one who can make the hard decisions, and one who will not allow others to take advantage of our own National wealth, resources, and compassion.
Donald Trump spent the first twelve years of education in a private military academy; and pursued his formal education in a highly respected business institution of learning.
Those are two venues I am aware of personally, and I have the highest respect for them.
With that knowledge and perspective, I will follow President Trump with support; I will accept his demeanor knowing he is acting with the best interests of the people of this Nation in mind, and the ongoing legacy of the Forefathers and our Constitution. I can forgive his lack of appeasement and apology in his diplomatic encounters. He has much to “undo”, and it must be ‘undone’ immediately. Those attempting to gain control will leave no stone unturned. We must do the same in protecting our freedoms, our liberties, and our rights.
Stand up America! Protect what you and your ancestors have fought, died, and worked hard for over the years. Leave a good World for your children!!!

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