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What’s coming? I am not sure. But I know for a fact that something does “have to come”. To be more precise would be “something has to give”. We, our Country, cannot sustain nor will we allow the constant and ongoing hypocritical behavior of the Liberal Democrats and those who sympathize with them.

I am over Seventy (70), and therefore feel it would not be wise to personally participate in protests. They are becoming too violent, too nasty, to un-American!! I am so ashamed of my fellow American’s behaving the way they are. It appears that every word uttered by a non-Liberal, or non-Democrat, is racist, and demands an apology.

I can remember growing up; hearing the old folks talk about “the good ole days”. I and others in my generation would scoff at them. Now I understand. I say it myself. But I believe the difference today is valid. We have become too sensitive; too paranoid; too separated as a Nation. Hypocrisy is totally accepted in our Society today; especially among our Government Offices, it is accepted and expected! The problem is, I feel, that we have been putting up with it for so long, we honestly don’t know how to stop it. Many of us have tried communicating with our Representatives in Office. But we have now learned that this is a futile action. They never see our words. The incoming mail is filtered by clerks and assistants. Rarely does it get all the way to the proper desk. Eventually, I believe, someone makes a list of the “ayes” and the “nays” of each issue, and that is the summary information that arrives on the Representative’s desk.

Chuck Schumer has stooped so low in his own hypocrisy that I am devastated and embarrassed to see “New York” associated with his name. He is putting his politics ahead of his constituents; what he raved against four years ago, he is accepting today, and pointing the finger of accusation toward the non-Liberal Republicans and Conservatives. He came down hard back then on the Republicans that rallied against President Obamas practices, and his Supreme Court Nominees. But today the shoe is on the other foot; and now we have the nominee that may very well be remembered in History as the Epitome of Judicial Jurors, and Mr. Schumer is rallying his fellow Liberal-Democrats to do everything possible to block him. I find Mr. Schumer to be possibly the most audacious liar, the worst Hypocrite, and the lowest form of public representative I have ever seen. He, and his followers are sacrificing our National Security for his own personal agenda. Does Mr. Schumer realize that he is encouraging the very activists and anti-American sector that will be persecuting him and his Religious sect in Israel. Does he realize he is aiding and abetting the enemy when he fights so hard against Democracy and the American “way”; when he goes against everything he has taken an oath to uphold. He is not representing the New York way, at least not the Upstate “way”.

Eventually, Mr. Schumer, and his ilk, will dig their own hole, I am hoping. He should know better than to fight a home-grown New York Businessman. President Trump is a work in progress, of course. But he is learning every day the huge difference between a Business Operation and Political shenanigans’.

Nancy Pelosi should be retired with other old battleships. Maxine Waters should be sent to a remote Hawaiian Island with the Lepers. Hillary Clinton should be behind bars. And those that have betrayed their sworn oath to defend our Constitution, should be relieved of their duties, responsibilities, and benefits of Office.

The public has learned, and the public has spoken. Now it is time for all our Representatives in our Capital to listen.


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