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Do you remember 2012? Things seemed pretty bleak back then. Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you read the housing report or employment report the Obama regime had doctored and manipulated but most people from the upper middle class almost all the way down could feel the dark clouds over our lives. Mitt Romney’s stellar performance as the biggest beta cuck on the right in a sea of beta cucks ensured another 4 years of the same and the same was arguably worse than better. Like a month after the election when all those union workers got laid off or a few months later when the then exposed housing drop was blamed on winter. We were told that things were never going to get any better and after 8 years of leftist ideology, enough manure to fertilize an industrial farm, and with the overwhelming support of the media we started to believe them. Some who grew up during those times had become so accustomed to failure that they came to believe success was some kind of demon. They had never experienced success in their lives so who could blame them? For the young eight years is a very long time.

Enter the most well know billionaire in America who became famous for chasing skirts, firing people, and saying and doing stupid shit. Yeah, Trump’s always been a bit of a trip but we have know that for decades. We also knew he was a very kind man who did wonderful things for everyday people like finishing New York City’s public skating rink after the city failed for years (on a skating rink) and couldn’t finish it or the time someone changed the tire on his limo and he paid off their farm when he found out they were facing foreclosure. There are many more examples of Trump’s extreme generosity with people whose lives have taken a turn for the worst beyond their own control. He’s complicated.

It’s already been 2 years can you believe it? The economy didn’t collapse, the Russians didn’t take over, America didn’t go to war with North Korea, people aren’t dying in the streets (at least not any more than usual), and no one has been executed so based on these facts alone Trumps presidency has been a lot more successful than the Democrats could have ever imagined it could be.

You might think given Trump’s success in somehow resisting to urge to do all these things the Democrats would put an end the witch hunt of the President, his family and anyone who ever smiled at The Donald but you’d be sadly mistaken. Two years and millions upon millions of dollars of the people’s money and it is still going on. Hey, it isn’t their money it’s yours so fork you.

But enough with the weirdos on the left let’s have a look at what Trump has managed to accomplish during his 2 years of witch trails and baseless accusations by the Democrats and the press.

First off Trump didn’t crash the economy, in fact, things are presently looking pretty good for America even after Trump levied sanctions and tariffs against several nations who haven’t been dealing fairly with good ole Uncle Sam. Unlike the great economy of the autumn of 2012 (just in time for elections), most of us can actually see and feel the better times around us. Some of us are working for the first time in years and some for the first time. If any of the issues with foreign powers who have been dealing unfairly with the United States gets resolved, the economy rising even more and if Trump manages to resolve them all ….. well …… the sky is the limit.

America finally has a president who slaps around those know it all Europeans who know it all so well they just gave their countries, traditions, and heritage away to foreign invaders. And they call American’s stupid. These clowns have been leeching off America’s coffers and America’s military might for so long they think they own us. It is refreshing to see an American President who isn’t afraid to tell these twerps to screw off and take America down America’s path and not theirs. We owe them nothing and they owe us everything and it is they who should crawl to us not the other way around.

Speaking of foreign relations it is also refreshing to see countries Trump visits roll out the red carpet for the leader of the Free World. Even more refreshing to see the leaders of those countries bow to him as they well should instead of watching 44 do the bowing.

And then there is North Korea the scourge of the Orient. Two years and no one has dropped a bomb on anyone yet and I haven’t heard any saber-rattling since the leaders of the 2 countries met. There actually seems to be some respect and goodwill between these 2 leaders and things look bright. Quite the contrast from the previous 8+ years which involved regular saber rattling and the occasional nuclear detonation. How times have changed.

On the home-front hundreds of sickos are facing federal prosecution for sexually abusing and trafficking in children and young people on a scale our nation has never seen before. Since many of these arrests happened in California it might be argued that because of these arrests Hollywood actors and actresses started to believe someone might listen to them and began exposing the dark sicko underbelly of the movie and TV industries.

These are just a few of the many things Donald J. Trump has accomplished in just 2 years and he has done this with Hollywood, the press, the Deep State, and the Democrats doing everything in their power to thwart everything he does. Even some of The Wall has been built. He’s shown us all that what we had been told by the Obama regime and the press about how those manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back we wrong and maybe lies. Trump showed America what a man with hands-on experience in business and the press can do against incredible odds and it has to be on everyone mind how much more he could have accomplished if so many hadn’t fought so hard to try to remove him from office.

In two years America has become great again with a booming economy and is once again both respected and feared across the globe. If the next 6 years are anything like the last 2 years have been, we might actually start having to pave our roads with gold like the 3rd-worlders think we do.

One thing is perfectly clear though. Electing Donald Trump President of the United States has turned out to be one of the best decisions the American people have made in a very long time.

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