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The mindset of most Muslims concerning women disgusts me. They say the way our women dress disgusts them, but they don’t mind raping them. I think I’ve figured out why Muslim women willingly wear those “tents” around. They don’t want to get raped. But they do, anyway. They sell women and little boys and girls into sex slavery. and they don’t do it in just one country. It is common in many Muslimrun countries to do it. ISIS does it to support their terrorism. It’s done in many Arab countries. Boko Haram KIDNAPPED hundreds of young women and sold most of them into sex slavery after raping them, themselves.

In Iraq, one time, a Muslim COP was found to be screwing little boys and keeping them chained to his bed to keep for future rapingand we were advised by the Iraq GOVERNMENT not to do anything to him because raping little boys (and even sometimes making their mothers watch) was “a cultural thing: and we shouldn’t interfere. Muslim old men “marry” little girls as young as SIX, and that’s LEGAL on many Muslim countries. The FATHER of the Muslim religion was “married”{ to a NINE-year old girl! Wherever Muslim “refugees” are admitted, the rape numbers go up. Muslim men roam the streets in search of women to rape.

And sometimes they do it, right there on the street–and they get away with it by terrorizing the women, threatening to kill her AND her whole family of she reports it. Outside of rape, their very TREATMENT of women disgusts me. In most Muslim countries, all women are treated like slaves. Made to wear what can best be described as a TENT. And if she shows so much as a bare ANKLE, any Muslim man may beat her, with impunity. In Muslim countries, it takes FOUR eyewitnesses to prove rape, and if any woman reports a rape, SHE can be prosecuted for “sex outside of marraige,” never mind the sex was FORCED, by someone bigger and stronger than she..

A woman cannot even GO OUT without being accompanied by a MALE member of her family. In Saudi Arabia, she cannot drive a car. And don’t even THINK about voting, or ever holding political office. Yet even WOMEN’S groups in the United States champion Muslims. All this has NOTHING to do with religion. We criticize them because of their MINDSET and their ACTIONS, not because of their religion. Their religion is what bids them together and makes them think their treatment of women is right and proper, and ours is “degenerate.” I dislike ANYBODY who abuses women, and they do it as a CULTURE. I don’t dislike ALL Muslims, and I don’t dislike any of them because of their RELIGION, but because of their ACTIONS.


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