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Oh, so many issues. The issues are in at least three groups: national, personal, and voter perception. There will be some crossover with in the three groups but they are still separate items.


Take 100 points and divide them between all your issues. There could be up to six issues having fifteen points, or one issue could have the full one hundred.

Now take the issue of job creation.  Job creation for all. Job creation for the refugee. Job creation for women. Job creation for men. Job creation for minorities. It is all job creation. With all of the new technology there is more fines required and less strength. Where should the level of experience and responsibility be placed on the wage amount?

Energy is something everyone deals with. Travel, home heating and cooling, power to manufacture. Some energy is for fixed objects, some for moveable objects. Producing energy has an employment element. Should the country become self- sufficient in energy?

National and personal security have many components. People that are just illegal aliens or refugees, or ones that commit other criminal acts.  We have had some terrorist attacks, and some domestic riots and demonstrations. Murder of good and enforcement. Good and prosecutors and judges. Gun free death zones. Attacks on gun rights, when bombs, knives, and brute force or other weapons are used.  Response time for the law can be greater than twenty minutes, Sanctuary cities and refusal to pass Kate’s law. Security is both domestic and foreign intelligence.

Immigration is tied to the above issues. It deals with a path to citizenship, anchor babies, welfare, retirement, building the wall, visas.

Financial matters: spending, taxes, the debt, cost of social services, government regulations and enforcing those regulations. Obamacare, management of public lands, student loans.

Appointments to all levels of the Federal courts. Supreme Court justices often start in the lower courts.

Add your own issues and ideas.


What information should be disclosed to the public, health reports, tax returns, college transcripts and or other general resume information?

A health report need to show if the candidate can handle the stress of the office. Have they sustained any injuries or been place on any medication that would slow their response time to a situation? Could it be something in the past just catching up with them due to age or environment?

Reading and understanding a tax return can be very difficult. The income of many people is in the thousands, fewer in the millions and still less in the billions. There is always somewhat of a mistrust of the wealthy.  It is a balance sheet that shows the true worth. Most recent candidates have released their tax returns.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have released their tax return, most of the income was from speaking engagements.  They were high in charitable giving to the CLINTON FOUNDATION. How much has been deferred to retirement or payments in the future? How much of this income is tied to the work of Hillary was Secretary of State? Hillary’s problem is the missing e-mails and the Clinton Foundation. Is there the appearance of a conflict of interest?

Trump’s return is probably one of the most complicated in the United States.  He is one to take advantage of many tax credits passed by congress. His return could have the diversification of the population of New York City. Who will take the amount of time needed to give an honest report on his return? Does the income of Trump have as many direct ties to government as the Clintons?


Transcripts and resumes give a background to the individual. The Transcripts will show the classes and grade point. The major can show an area of expertise if any. Having a BA or BS (not Bull Shit) says a lot.

Experience is a factor.  Education might be only book learning and theory experience gets some reality. How many employees have they managed? What did they build or create? How long have they been at this occupation? Have they worked with a lot of numbers, budgets, loans, and debt?


The issue of integrity or presumed integrity. How many scandals? How many testimonies have been proven false, and mentioned in news cast and in newspapers?

Are endorsements a matter of fact or loyalty. Those that say Trump is bad for national security, Bush loyalist. Jeb Bush was defeated in the primaries. How glowing is the Obama administration, and Hillary’s private e-mail server? Benghazi, ISIS, Iran deal, terrorist home and overseas.

Understanding the use of sarcasm. Being direct and blunt, a real dose of reality. Not hiding true facts to get elected. Trump is speaking a language many have not heard. He is still an outsider; he has not named his cabinet or list of advisers. Knowledge from the inside and working with a congress can change an outlook.

Trump has the bluster of New York. Hillary has the influence of Chicago and New York. Both cities have good and honest people, but they are not beacons of honesty.  With Trump you have a very observant person and one with some discernment, but he need to control always mentioning what he sees. Trumps issue with Mr. Khan was about the temporary banning of Muslims, not the honorable death of his son. The death was in 2004. Mr. Khan is an immigration lawyer who worked to get green cards and driver licenses for refugees,

If the matter of religion and the U.S. Constitution, and or conservatism is important, which one is closest to you?

The media will make a gaff out anything that Trump says and ignore much of the obvious. NRA and other people can vote against Hillary. If elected these people can try and block the confirmation of her judicial picks. Hillary for prison is barely in bounds, but many feel she should have been indicted. The media almost did not mention Mr. Mateen,  the father of the Orlando terrorist, sitting in a prominent position  at Hillary rally.


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