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This seems like a good time to talk about Israel…and the Jewish Vote.

Has it dawned on anyone that the enemy we said we had to fight “over there”, so we would not have to fight them here, has arrived? That’s to be expected when we sent barely enough troops “there” and tied their hands with inane regulations, like don’t shoot unless they shoot you first and our air force is only permitted to drop bombs where the enemy ain’t. I guess we are not doing a good enough job “over there”. The operative word was “fight” and we did as little as possible.  This takes nothing away from our brave military who followed without exception the American soldiers’ adage…”Ours is to do or die; ours is not to question why.” Combine that with a President who flung open our borders to all comers by edict, standing down Border patrol and used any device he could muster to allow illegal aliens preferential treatment over legal applicants, including illegal alien criminals.
So attacks  on American soil are becoming more frequent and will soon become a way of life in this country; as it has been in Israel for decades.  We will become like the loggerhead turtles who lay their eggs in the sand and fully expect that not all will make it into the surf after they hatch; turtles have no choice…Prior to the Obama strategy to never defeat “enemy combatants” the only wars fought on our soil were The American Revolution and The Civil War. The Mexican-American war was fought on Mexican Territory which became part of America by treaty after the War, including New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California and Texas…Money changed hands for parts of Western Colorado. Obama is no Teddy Roosevelt. Famously, American and UN interference in Israel’s internal affairs has ensconced their mortal enemy on their border, so that Israel will never know a day of serenity. How many Americans will never go into a public place again without a passing thought that an attack is possible? Unless we stem the tide, it will be all of us. All Israelis know an attack is imminent, they just don’t know where the next one is coming. Israeli’s go about their daily routines just like we Americans do; except they know their day may be interrupted by sirens, bidding them to take shelter until an all clear is sounded. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But it wasn’t very long ago that we boasted how George Bush kept us safe at home. Obama changed all that, with his pen and a phone.
Wasn’t it Bill Clinton who suggested that Israel give up all they fought and died for and move the borders back and give up land to indefensible positions? That grubby little Yasser Ararat refused even that, confidentiality admitting that if he made peace with Israel he would be assassinated. There will never be a negotiated peace for Israel. They must be conquered, humiliated and slaughtered in the process and not be afforded enough land or sand to fill an hour glass half way.  But defeating Israel is not for the feint of heart…or cowards. Israel retaliates in spades but in today’s Barrack led Islam dominated political environment, only to the extent that the chalk line they walk is not erased by the UN or Barrack.  Barrack abandoned our greatest ally, Israel, in favor of their Arab enemies; the very same people who sponsor the terrorism that plagues most of the world; the nemesis of all civilization. Unlike Israel we have no enemies encroaching our borders, so Barrack did the next best thing, which may work out even better for the Muslim Brotherhood and their aliases. He populated our cities and suburbs with hordes of Muslims of unknown (to us) origins  and let nature take its course. Sharia Law is is patently incompatible with Christian or Judaic Law and it is the Muslims guests who demand we do not offend by practicing our faith in their line of vision. Expose Barrack for that and know the full range of his wrath.
Here’s what I don’t understand. Jews had been “homeless” for centuries. No matter how well they integrated in the great societies in Europe, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic etc., they, to their credit, kept Judaism as their core religion, but adopted the culture of the host nations and shared in the national pride. No matter how many generations or how great their contributions to the host nations, when dictators and ideological movements replaced the milk of human kindness the Jews were sought out, persecuted, prosecuted and forced to  seek greener pastures. Then a few courageous, historic visionaries took the bare essentials, a massive dose of chutzpah and little else and wrested the Jewish Motherland from a few incorrigibles…and Israel was reborn. For the first time in 2 1/2 centuries Jews around the world had a welcoming land, with borders, language and culture, that all Jews were invited to identify with, reside within or not and never fear the prejudice of a ruling minority again; except for the US and the UN. They literally grow roses in the desert and fiercely defend democracy and produce more medical breakthroughs, inventions and patents than the whole rest of the world combined. So what’s not to love? Beats me, I’m just a goy from Sheboygan and I love them to death…no pun intended. American Jews? Not so much and I will never know how so many Americans live by liberal dogma and vote Democrat. It’s one thing to turn the other cheek, forgive and forget, live and let live and all the other self deprecating, self hating intellectual bull crap, but it’s quite another to go back for more as a matter of misplaced principles. 
As America goes, so goes the world. We are at a crossroads where we can choose to relive the torture, persecution and humiliation of a new era where Islam dominates, or we can pick ourselves up, reaffirm the difference between God given human dignity and government controlled productivity. So far as I can tell, Jews tend to support government societal limitations in utter contradiction to the human experience which would tell us to reject today’s forces and events that mimic the past.  I pray that we all come to our senses before it is too late.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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